Factors Contributed To Rise Of MQM

  • Karachi has been the city of patriotic and literate Pakistanis. The Urdu speaking community of Karachi had the honour of having about 99% literacy rate. Besides, Urdu speaking intellectuals, the intellectuals from different parts of Pakistan settled down in Karachi and contributed great deal of intellectualism. The poor people from all over Pakistan found Karachi to be caring motherly city. They came to Karachi and found sources of livelihood.

    In the regime of Gen. Zia Ul Haq, the government realized that Karachi always supported strongly to the political parties of the national level for any massive political movement. Zia's government plotted a plan to eliminate the popularity of national level political parties from Karachi to deter any political movement against the government.

    Hundreds of narcotics and arms smugglers belonging to Afghani community and tribal areas were freely permitted to commit mass massacres. The govt. let the city undergo heavy bloodbaths without providing security to the defenceless residents. In Karachi, there were hardly any people who owned firearms. Large nos. of people were killed without any defence.

    Altaf Hussain was a failed politician of students' politics. He badly failed to do politics on ethnic basis. He was boosted to lead groups of activists who started protecting the common people against the blood thirsty smugglers. Altaf was given a golden opportunity to rise as a popular political leader of Karachi on ethnic politics.

    The insensitive behaviour of the popular parties like Jamat Ialami on the mass massacres caused heavy public resentment. The mayor of Karachi was Abdus Ssttar Afghani enjoying his second terms as the mayor of the city. Besides, there were JI elected parliamentarians in PA & NA. They also maintained criminal silence over heavy bloodbaths. They probably feared that their protest may cause downfall of their popularity in other parts of the country.

    In the beginning, MQM did not grow as a criminal party, but the death of Azeem Tariq and the oppressive operation of Bahadur Retd. Lt. Gen. Naserullah Baber derailed MQM very badly and made it a criminal type of political party. Bahadur Retd. Lt. Gen. Naserullah Baber caused the killings of 20,000 youths. More than 80% youths killed by the Bahadur General were innocent persons. In reaction, MQM criminalized itself to avenge the atrocities of Bahadur Retd. Lt. Gen.. Till to date, MQM is a criminal type of organization engaged in killings and bhatta collections.

    In view of the above facts, the political turmoil of Karachi can be vividly attributed to Bahadur Fauj and Jamat Islami.

  • i think you missed quite a lot here and have offered your personal views, fair enough, but certainly not looking at everything. the fact that there was a quota system and educated and capable Pakistanis were being sacked made urdu speaking feel alienated. to this day, MQM is the only party to vote against quota system everytime in parliament.

    i think the kind of situation that developed back in the day, there was no option left but for MQM to pick up weapons. the bloodshed in Qasba Aligarh or Pakka Qilla, the memories are very gloomy as often ladies would have to do namaaz-e-janaaza.

    Altaf Hussain was in no way a failed politician of student politics.... his commitment, and his bhook hartaal while kept in jail, and his refusal to give up on his mission are well remembered. what made him special was his pride in what he stood for, if you look at the photo of him being carried away by police at his protest at Quaideazam ka mazaar, he is so confident. even when military zia courts threw him in jail for first time, he was never going to surrender.

    Altaf went to Minar-e-Pakistan, made the most amazing piece of oratory speech to gather Punjabis behind him, but soon after operation was launched by Establishment and effects remain till today, MQM is unanimously thought of as RAW agents in most Punjab. so lots of factors contributed in rise of MQM, and lots of factors contributed in making it a special case party. no other party has suffered losses like MQM.

  • qkm,

    You are right that quota system caused a lot of frustration to the people of Karachi. Z.A. Bhutto nationalized all the banks,schools and industries, so thereafter no private jobs were available to the residents of Karachi. Karachi had just 2% quota. Large nos. of youths belonging to Karachi were jobless. The volatile situation of Zia's regime did not encourage the establishment of any private sector educational institutions, banks and industries.

    The activities of MQM were not subversive during the life of Azeem Tariq. He was the one who was leading MQM in a positive direction. His death and then Bahadur Fauj's oppressive operation derailed MQM from its right path. Nasirullah Baber's committed such degree of atrocities that MQM opted the path of crimes and money extortion.

    Altaf Hussain's role has never been positive in MQM. Azeem Tariq sacrificed his life for his cause, whereas Altaf escaped from the situation and opted to live in London with extravagant style.

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  • ya... you are spot on about azeem ahmed tariq. he was truely a great thinker and had a huge role in making MQM get together. cannot argue with that.

    but I do not understand why you criticize Altaf Hussain for leaving. his relatives were killed. There were attacks on his life. He was the face of MQM and went to every gulli corner of Karachi for this tehreek. I think he deserves the right to protect himself. Being the most liberal, anti-extremist political voice, I really doubt he would be safe in Pakistan. And considering how much respect he has in most sections of Karachi, they respect this decision mostly and understand the reasons behind it. It is marvelous how Altaf Bhai can lead and gain so much respect from the educated people of Karachi, certainly cannot happen on gunpoint alone.

  • Mr.Farooqi,

    Pls check your facts... Bahadur Army started operation on 19 June 1992 while Azim Tarique was assasinated once he resurfaced after operation and Altaf Hussein had left for London ~ six month before the operation.

  • Mr. KQM

    Azeem Tariq was the type of leader that MQM really required. During the life of Azeem Tariq, MQM never involved itself in crimes and money extortion. In those days, a lot of people happily contributed donations, zakat and sadiqat to MQM. There was no concept of bhatta collection with MQM in those days.

    MQM grew up as a very popular political party of the middle class white collared people. There seems to be a conspiracy hatched to derail MQM from its path. The conspiracy was successful and like all other parties MQM also went astray.

  • As long as MQM doesn't shun the violence and renounce militancy, there is little hope I see for them in the future politics of Pakistan besides some hardcore elements who believe in this ideology.

  • Dear Karim Bhai,

    So will be the case with all the political parties. All are too disappointing and frustrating to the general public of Pakistan. This state of disappointment and frustration is already intolerable and insufferable for the general public.

  • @karim,

    unfortunately there are gangs formed in Karachi, there are some in lyari, then there are some gangs hiding in mountains... so what is needed is a special forces unit (MQM)because rangers will not come out 10/10 to fix things.

    main reason for MQM militancy:

    most target killing deaths are of MQM people, stats prove it. time to take up weapons for self defense. i support it 100%

  • All the political parties including the religious political parties are armed to teeth. They all have gangs of criminals on their payrolls.

  • in all of karachi, the urdu-speaking, despite being the majority in some cases have been butchered, shot on sight, and families are left without source of income. if you speak to their families, they say they have been made victim only because they are urduspeaking, no other reason. check lyari for example, a clear case where urduspeaking nonpolitical people are killed.

    in this situation where one ethnicity is being killed, the MQM needs to form its own self defense militia, it is an idea totally supported by localities all over the city.

    as a Karachite, if police will not defend and protect me... then who will? be realistic for once and not idealistic/wishful.

  • qkm,

    Yes Friend, most of the disorders are taking place because of injustice and lawlessness.

  • Hussain Farooqi,

    The sequence of events is not right as presented by you here. Check again! Before Naseerullah Babar's arrival into the scene, we had seen many killings and even the famous speech by Altaf about selling VCRs and buying guns. My relatives were pushed out of the Urduspeaking majority areas like Nazimabad by MQM. Some settled in other parts of Karachi and there were who came to Punjab.

    Anyhow, the role of army, law enforcing agencies has been VERY disappointing and disgusting to say the least. so that is why (though hard to digest), I tend to accept the following statement by our brother QKM:

    in this situation where one ethnicity is being killed, the MQM needs to form its own self defense militia.

    Now that MQM has been in power (without a break) for so many years, now they should have disowned this militia (not the case so far).

    If it was right for MQM to form its militia, don't you see similar logic somewhere else? Scan Pakistani geography and see this logic working somewhere else!!

  • Raavi Bhai,

    If a serious notice had been taken of the massacres of Qasba Colony and Khawaja Ajmer Nagri Colony, MQM would not get a chance to rise. It was indeed the criminal silence and inaction of Zia's government and JI's mayor & parliamentarians (elected from Karachi) which gained an opportunity to Altaf to rise on the political horizons with such heights.

    It is the combined factor lawlessness and injustice in a society which causes the birth of negative elements.

  • MQM was a genuine movement. But it has lost track bigtime and unfortunately is widely perceived as anti Pakistan. I share the perception.

    I mean Zulfiqar Mirza can be an idiot but wasnt there even a shred of truth in his hour long all time famous press conference?

    If there was truth the size of a grain, then theres nothing more to say.

  • MQM derailed after the death of Azeem Tariq and Nasirullah Baber's operation.