Why Shia Sunni fight all the time in Pakistan

  • Why Shia Sunni fight all the time in Pakistan

    The other day I asked my Shia friends about the root cause of recent (I meant the last forty years of) violence between the two groups in Pakistan. Even though I consider my Shia friends highly articulate, I felt, they were all shy in telling me the truth. When I asked my Sunni friends of their grievances about Shia, they mostly complained that Shia do not respect the companions of the Prophet. They believe in this, they believe in that, they do this and they do that.

    As far as the issue of companions of the Prophet, I have not heard any of my Shia friends saying anything good or bad about them (exclude Ali, Fatima (r) and their children). I do not think someone’s belief is major cause of rift between the groups.

    I compiled the following splits between the two groups but I believe none of them is the actual cause of the problem. I would like someone to help me educate to the core:

    1- Wrongful succession of Khilafa right after the death of the Prophet. This argument is obsolete in the current context as there has been no Khilafa in the Subcontinent in the past and I do not see it in future either. On the other hand, the majority of spiritual guides (Murshad) in the Subcontinent claim to be direct descendants of the Prophet while their followers are Sunnis.

    2- Bitterness about the killing of grand children of the Prophet by Jazid, a Sunni ruler. This is also a non-issue as I have read that Sunni consensus of then and now condemn the incident. Even the son of Yazid refused his succession because of his worst deed. I have seen Sunnis participating in the yearly mourning event in Pakistan.

    3- Sunnis believe that Shias are wrong and the Shias think that Sunnis are misguided. If this is the cause of killing then there should be carnage everywhere all the time where people of differing point of views lived. After all, Muslims have been living with other faiths since last thirteen hundred years in the Subcontinent.

    4- Fear of conversion of Sunni to Shia or vice versa and hence losing a demography. I do not see any evidences of this either.

  • My naive brother, please do not attempt the topic that you do not have the background. There is established history with centuries of feud, fitnah and bloodshed between the two sects to the extent that condemnation and bashing each other is part of belief system now. You can't resolve it with logic.

    Do some net surfing and read some good books to enlighten yourself, but do not open pandoras box here.

  • Why Shia Sunni fight all the time in Pakistan?

    Answer is very simple. Because religious leaders of the two sects motivate their followers (directly or indirectly) to do so.

  • proxy war of saudi arabia & iran.

  • شریف آدمی صاحب۔۔۔۔۔۔

    بہت اچھا نکتہ بہت کم الفاظ میں بیان کیا ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔

    میں نے بھی کہیں پڑھا تھا کہ آج پاکستان میں شیعہ علماء حضرات جو لباس زیب تن کرتے ہیں وہ انقلابِ ایران سے پہلے نہیں پہنتے تھے۔۔۔۔۔۔

    دوسری طرف اہلحدیث اور دیوبند حضرات کیلئے پیٹرو ڈالر تو اب شاید کھلی حقیقت بنتے جارہے ہیں۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • Cuz they hate each other cuz of their parents,friends,teachers and whatnots taught'em silly asses.

  • Azizi Sahab is baat say qatah nazar kay hamari poori muslim history main laaa tadaad martaba sazishain iran say howein islami caliphate kay against , main sharif admi ki baat say kisi had tak ittefaq karta hoon kay sara masla tab bana jab khumeini nay pakistan,saudi arab, iraq , syria kay awam ko mukhatib ho kar kaha kay apne apne mulkoon main inqalab lay ayo hamari trah.Is ka jawab Saddam Hussein nay apne mulk main shioon ko daba kar diye.

    Is maslay ka doosra pehlu ek bahut important drug route/gaddi nasheeni kay ooper ijara dari thi jis ki wajah say jhang main kusht o khoon ka bazaar garam howa.

    Magar mera sawal aap sab say yeh hay kay aik aisay mulk main jahan 80=90% ahl e sunnat hain aur jo apnay sahaba say be panah muhabbat rakhte hain us mulk main sahaba kay khilaf naa zeba zubaan aur un kay ooper bhonknay waloon kay khilaf koi qanoon kion nahin pass karti.Akhir kaar yahan jamhooriat hay aur sara masla yahin khatam ho jaye agar aisa qanoon ban jaye.

    Aur jahan tak azizi sb is baat ka taluq hay kay woh log sahaba ko kuch nahin boltay us ka saboot main is liye pesh nahin karoon ga kion kay yeh bhi gunah kay zumray main aye ga , par itni baat zaroor samajh lain kay shia us waqt tak nahin ban sakta jab tak kuch sahaba pay tabbara na bhejay (Nauzobillah) aur doosra woh log bahut sari ahaaadees kay munkir hain khasoosan jo Abu Huraira(R.A) say riwayat hain.

  • Azizi Sahab jahan tak aap kay point number 2) ka taluq hay kay Yazeed sunni tha yeh qatan ghalat soch hay. Is muamlay main bas itna arz karoon ga kay yeh do arab qabeeloon ki chapqlish thi banu ummayyah aur banu abbas.

    Jin ki fiqah ko sunni hazraat follow karte hain imam abu hanifa, imam malik,imam shafi etc woh sab ke sab banu umayyah kay jabar ka shikar rahay.Balkay hajjaj ibn e yusuf nay tu sainkeroon ulema ko shaheed kiye. Agar Yazid jo kay banu umayyah main se tha sunni tha tu banu ummayah ki hukmarani main aisa qattan na hota , aur aap ko yeh bhi arz karta chaloon thori tareekh parhain yazeed ke betay nay jab iqtadar sanbhala tu us nay takht pe beth kay rona shru kiye aur apnay darbarion ko bola tum logon nay kiya kia? ek traf hamaray Nana hazoor (P.B.U.H) ki aulad ek traf mera baap koi match hey nahin , ek pooray jahan ka sardar ek traf mera baap is iqtadar ki lanat nay tum logon ko mere baap ka sath dene pay majboor kiya main aisay iqtadar aisay takhat pe lanat bhejta hoon aur meri jagah kisi aur ko yahan bitha do main tu is se panah mangta hoon yeh kaha aur rote howa takht chor diye. aur 6 maah baad hey us ki death ho gaye.

    Maksad sirf yeh hay kay kehnay ka kay Nauzubillah Summa Nauzobillah ahl e sunnat hazraat yazeed kay is ghinaonay fel ko bilkul bhi theek nahin samjhtay.

  • @ssmpk said: "You can't resolve it with logic".

    Other than agreeing on who is the best abuser or luch talnay wala, I do not think anyone has solved any issue here.

    My naive brother, please do not attempt the topic that you do not have the background. Do some net surfing and read some good books to enlighten yourself

    Some of us do come here to learn and share. I have Googled a lot on this topic but I do not think most of the people like me know about the real cause of the issue in the Subcontinent context.

    The Saudi-Iran politics are very obvious but they are a recent phenomenon. I have read about riots and curfews in Pakistani cities because of this issue even in the 70s. Here is a snippet from the history.

    “By the year 1500, Persia was a seat of Sunni Islamic learning, but all that was about to change with the arrival of Azeri conquerors. They established the Safavid dynasty in Iran and made it Shiite. The Safavid dynasty, who came out of eastern Turkey, made it its political project to convert Iran into a Shia country. Shiism gradually became the glue that held Iran together that would prevail into the 21th century.”

    I do not think the [forced] conversion of Sunni Persia into Shia Iran is the cause of current killing either.


    Thanks for your efforts but I could not understand any of your posts. Please either type in Urdu fonts or write in English.

  • proxy war of saudi arabia & iran.

    بہت اچھا نکتہ بہت کم الفاظ میں بیان کیا ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔

    Agreed with both points. Quite correct.

  • Even if they do say bad things they do so in private gatherings and behind closed door.

    They do not knock your house doors and curse religious personalities.

    This is just pure madness.

    Secondly, succession of khilafat is not part of fundamental islamic belifs. If they do have diifferent opinion, then so be it.

  • Shia sunni sectaria. Issue is much older than saudia and iran. It is true that saudi ghulam and irani ghulam cause serious issues in pakistan.

  • It should be noted that Iran was a Sunni country until 15th century and then the Safavids Shias assumed power and re-introduced the slandering of the pious Sahabas and other pre- Islamic pagan customs. They made Shias into a cult that venerates Imams more than Allah thereby commiting blasphemy. Calling the Imams as masoom-infallible is pure blasphemy. The Safavids prevented the unification of Ummah and acted as monkeys wrench in between great Sunni powers-Ottoman and Mughal Empire. Ottomans have to fight numerous wars against the Safavis and lost lot of territories in Europe as the Shias were always atabbing the Ottomans in the rear.

    As one Muslim scholar said recently-Shias never shed and will never shed a drop of blood for liberation of Muslim lands especially Bait al Maqdis. They always cooperated with outside powers. They recently facilitated the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan

  • dear bro Azizi,

    You have to go further back into history and search on "Fatimid Caliphate", "Seljuk empire", "Hasan-e-Sabah", and "assassin". This will give you some sense of root causes of conflict.

    For more recent times, you should read about Allama Majlisi the most influential religious leader during Safvaid times, who is known for his controversial influence, believes and introducing/reinforcing certain rituals in Shia islam including mourning "maatam", and "taazia".

  • proxy war of saudi arabia & iran

    کاش سعودی عرب ایک خودمختار ملک ہوتا، وہ تو برطانوی پیداوار اور امریکی کالونی ہے

  • Yaar hasan sabah nafsiyaati ko kahan se shia bana diaa?

    Even shia does not accept him as a shia...

  • There is a history of Shia Sunni fight and unfortunately there seems to be no end to it in future.

  • Should there be shias and sunnis? should they not be just Muslims?

  • "Should there be shias and sunnis? should they not be just Muslims?"

    Yes, there should be just Muslims. But on the ground realities had been just opposite in our whole history. Thus it is wishful thinking now.

  • Primary Reason:

    Ignorance about True Islam and Message of Prophet (pbuh) and lust of power that overtook real message of serving the poor & needy, right after Prophet (pbuh) left this world.