Here we Go.Long awaited "Nuskha"

  • Get your hair black Again.Proven results for many of close friends.Never avaiable any where but only self experimented method.

    Getting black hair again,a Bog No.

    But its possible NOW.

    Green Amla:Grind it first,without seeds.(2Kg)

    Mustard Oil:(2kg)

    Mix both and put it for cooking.Amla will turn out to be black.Its ready now for use.

    Apply this daily(reasonable amount of oil and black traces of Amla.within two to three months get your hair black again.


  • This post is deleted!

  • can you share us a nuskha for hair fall too?

  • Fighter bhai,

    I have an amazing Hair oil too,for falling hair.And used during last year for my falling hair.

    It stops falling hair within 72(as claimed) hours and take month or two to get it filled with hair again.

    This is my personal experience with this oil so i can share with you..

  • خلی ولی صاحب

    کیا آپ حکیم تو واقع نہیں ہوۓ

    لگے ہاتھوں سدا جوان رہنے کا نسخہ بھی بتا دیں

    ہا ہا ہا ہا

  • کیا آپ حکیم تو واقع نہیں ہوۓ

    Muhammad SAWW Hadees e Mubaraka:Pray To GOD even for as small thing as Lace for your Shoes..

    Kisi ko kaha ta mery baal safaid ho rahy hain dua karain.Farmaya ALLAH rasta nikaal laye ga.

    Phir ik retd major doctor mila.who developed this oil itself from natural herbs and i got it back Again.

    Phir farmaish ki k ab baal safaid ho rahy hain Dua karain.Farmaya ALLAH rasta nikaal le ga.

    An Indian colleague Told me the Above Nuskha for white hair and got it Black Again...

    Nigaah e Mard e Momin Se badla Jati hain Taqdeerain

  • اگر آپ حکیم جی کے نسخے میں آدھا کلو کلونجی بھی شامل کر لیں تو اسکا اثر دوبالا ہو جاءے گا

  • mashaALLAH to jnab girtey balu ka koi ilaj humain b bta dain phr ;)

  • لگے ہاتھوں سدا جوان رہنے کا نسخہ بھی بتا دیں

    Extreme TAwakkul i-e Zero future worries BUT excellent Life Standard despite of zero future worries.

    "Indeed there is no fear upon the (awliya) of Allah, nor shall they grieve; those who believe and used to fear Allah much. For them are glad tidings in this life and the Hereafter…" [Soorah Yunus (10): 62]

  • merey baal :(

  • Kalliwalli sahib

    Your nuskha of black hairs, is it dyeing hairs or actually hairs becoming black again.

    waise aap jaane pehchaane lagte hain. Aik sufi saahib zehn main aate hain ;-).

  • fighter Ji,

    Contact the Dr Sb for your problem of falling hair but remember one thing he has a separate oil for Ladies falling hair also

    .Note that he is having only the solution for falling hair,get it black again is not possible through this.Use the other one NUSKHA above.

  • kalachitta Ji,

    No dying but get your already white hair,black..

    Prayers needed,


  • نسخے میں آدھا کلو کلونجی

    Plz No..

  • حکیم محترم - ایک پاوء ؟

  • ایک پاوء ؟

    khabardar jo is gustakhi k murtakib huay..Hamary NUSKHY me hargiz mudakhilat bardasht nahi ki jaye gee.

    hamary dost CJ aap k khilaf suo moto bhi le sakty hain..

  • آملہ ،ریٹھے ،سککائی کے بہت سے فارمولے ہیں اور کسی سے بھی سفید بال کالے نہیں نکلتے ہیں . اگر ایسا ہے تو کسی ساٹھ سال کے مرد یا عورت کی مثال پیش کی جائے جسکے سارے بال کالے ہو گئے ہوں

  • حکیم محترم - ایک چھٹانک؟؟ اتنی سختی تو نا کریں

  • Zalaan,

    NUSKHA is should start it.Its very easy while we use mustard oil in our routine for hair.

    By the way till u get it black i have another CHEMICAL FREE NUSKHA for hair colouring.

    Indigo powder+Mehndi powder.Make a paste and apply to get it black and to avoid chemical added hair colours.

    But one thing to note that Amount of indigo powder relates to the colour u want to get.

    Variation of Indigo powder in mehndi is your owon practice.

  • "اگر ایسا ہے تو کسی ساٹھ سال کے مرد یا عورت کی مثال پیش کی جائے جسکے سارے بال کالے ہو گئے ہوں"

    zalaan jee. There are thousand of such 60 year plus men and women who, after applying the nuskha, have complete black hairs now. But they cannot be brought to public because there can be a sazish by yahoodis to steal the formula. Samjha karain.