One of the most hotly contested seat of Lahore. NA-130

  • 2008

    Samina Khalid Ghurki PPPP 44692

    Ch. Muhammad Ashiq Dyial PML Q 12613

    Sadia Shabir PML (N) 41041


    MR. Ijaz Ahmmad diyal PML Q 33491

    Sammina Khalid Gurki PPPP 46095

    khadim hussain bhatti PTI 1346

    waqar nadeem warich Muthada majlis amal 3146

    NA-100 Lahore – IX

    Ch. Muhammad Ashiq Diyala IND 28.589

    Shaukat Ali PML(N) 28,089

    Ch. Khalid Javed Ghurki PPP 19,804

    1. Ch. Khalid Javaid PPP 38,433

    2. Ch Muhammad Ashiq Dial PML(N) 38.361

    3. Aazi Hussain Ahmad PIF 11,107


    1. Muhammad Ahshiq Ali Dyyal IJI 46842

    2. Meraj Khalid PDA 34.289

    3. Abdul Qayyum Pahat PAT 2,088


    1. Safadar Ali IJI 2,191

    2. Meraj Khalid PPP 33,903

    3. Muhmmad Ashraf PAI 11,358

    Major power holders are Diyal, Gurki, Butt, Awan, Dagra, warich

    Gurki husband is dead now, butt and Gurki are arch rivals. murders are common at election days.

    My two villages Chaapa and Manhala(the largest village of Lahore and most developed village with more than 4000+ votes) chaapa has 2000+ votes may dada and nana remain chairman of these respective consuls for many years.

    votes on the basis of personality rather than party.

    the largest constituency in terms of area.

  • sadia sabir (2008) ka taya abo shokat dagra(1997) ha.

    Ishaq diyal is a Muslim league from diyal village

    butt from pussian village

    Dagra of dagra village

    Awan of wara village

    Gurki of Gurki village....

  • Gulam habib awan

    rana tajamul

    sohail butt are the major mpa candidates 2 mpa seats

    gurki dagra and dayal 3 major mna candidates

    last time 500 rupee was the rate set by the ashiq diyal he came with the bags of money last night he buy almost 5000 votes.

    current mpa gulam habib awan pppp and rana rajmul pml n

    rana tajumal is comfortable for a win

    while awan has three brother one in PML N other in PPPP and one in PML Q.

    current mpa gulam habib awan want to join pml n but with the surity of MPA ticket.

    diyal wants to join pml n with surity of National assembely ticket.

    butt dagra and tumjul already in PML N .

    all amjor players except gurki are in hands of PML N

    but the issue of tickets is serios.

    one who will not get ticket will be the candidate of PTI to expoil the vote of PML N

    other MPA candidate of PTI will be Sarfaraz Manwa.

  • i think hamza shehbaz run election here all,,,dial,,butt,,awan suport him....

  • interesting...

  • Hamaza shahbaz should contest from here

    and mpa ticket should be given to

    Rana tajummal

    and current mpa of pppp awan or his brother but (with the full consensus of butt's)

    Diyals should be given the wagha town seat

    while if hamaza shahbaz then veacte the seat this should go to Zain dagra (shocket dagra nephew)

    if they fallow this strategy

    there will be a comprehensive defeat to Gurki

    a defeat with more than double votes

    from pppp gurki baber butt and awan (if not join pml n)

    from pti sarfarz manwa and diyal (if pml n does't accoumdate them)

    upto now awan diyal butt warich tajumal all on board

    butt and gurki are murdering each other.

    most of the votes is for personalities.....

    only seat of Lahore in 1997 election won by independent beating both PML N and PPPP.

    at election day i will enjoy in NA-130. because election ka maza rural areas ma he ha

    jub samina diyal butt awan sub ata ha wada karta ha narra lagta ha paisa kholta ha........

    but it is not my constituency.

  • this is the most boring constituency of Lhr i think ppp have no chance this time but if diyals join pti then it will be a great match between pti and pmln.

  • I can pridict that Either Maryam or Hamza will contest frm Here... Most probably Maryam Bibi will contest frm here ...

  • @ chaudary

    yes hamza from 119 and maryam frm 130.

  • @ Ali Bhai...

    I guess Hamza Will also contest on MPA seat coz according to my Perdiction he is next CM punjab if PMLN wins in Punjab...

    While Maryam can Also contest frm NA 21 and NA 83...

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • sarey lafangay badmash hain.

  • Hamaza should contest from this seat

    while maryam should from na-119

    Gurki is a senior political leader

    one need experience to beat gurki

  • @chaudary801

    Most probably Maryam Bibi will contest frm here ...

    How about Maryam Bhabi from here and Safdar bahi from Hazara?  
    Safdar bahi's brother from Hazara and Maryam Bhabi's cousin Humza bahi from Lahore. Safdar bahi already announced enough with Sabir Shah and Mehtab Abbasi, KPK affairs will be handled by me. I hope soon Maryam Bhabi will take over PMLN affairs like Dr. Faryal took over PPP.
    We need this young blood to ensure our future remains in safe hands.

  • We need this young blood to ensure our future remains in safe hands.

    Shirazi sahib

    Young and warm blood else the future is doomed.

  • @hypocrite Saab

    Can't say about others but Capt. Safdar's blood is more than luke warm. It's boiling and we saw that in NA. If he was at helm he 'd have manhandled Obama to stop drones and get sister Aafia back.


  • Blood is luke warm for now .. but Swati is controlling the temperature .. it will boil very soon.

  • NA-130 is the rural constituency of Lahore and consist of areas spanning along Wagha border upto Barki. The only constituency of Lahore where party vote does not count.

    This has been traditionally a Ghurkis and Dayals constituency both of them winning and losing regardless of their party affiliation. The only constituency from where PPP won its single seat in Lahore in 2008.

  • @ dar bhea ap galt ha jee

    PPPP won two seats from Lahore

    one Na-130 and other and other is NA-129

    both rural constituencies

    Diyal Gurki are power holders Dagra are also powerfull

    for mpa's awan butt and tajmul powerful

    This time PPPP has only chance in Na-118

    Na-130 and na-129

    PPPP has no chance now

    but samina is a sharp personality

    due to death of his husband he lost good chunk