What was in the steel boxes at fourth floor from where fire started?

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    Ask for our bottomline and it is: all roads lead to Rehman Malik and from him to his handlers in Washington and Tel Aviv.

    Will this master of deceptions explain what the US marines were doing in the hotel the night before?

    What was in the steel boxes which they carried inside Marriot Hotel wihtout taking them through scanners?

    Why does the security camera video show everything but not the truck exploding as reported?

    Security camera video has been released to TV Channels showing a truck that comes and stops at the gate of marriot Hotel. Drives is shot or he shots himself is not clear. But there is little fire in the truck. The video shows security officials trying to put out the fire. The video clip DOES NOT show the truck exploding, like the explosions that we witnessed in the case of two attacks on Benazir Bhutto. The fil ends wihtout showing the truck exploding. Instead the TV channels fade the security camera video into the films taken after the fact. So the explosion is missing. Will Rehman Malik explain this?


  • Mr. Asif,

    What you are trying to prove?

    What theory you are trying to conceive? And Why And What for?

    Why you are defending the terrorists?

    Why you are attempting to twist the reality like a fanatic Mullah?

    You are not doing any service to Pakistan and Pakistanis through spreading conspiracy theories.

    God bless you and your twisted mentality.

  • Again there is another way to divert the situation and coverup Taliban .These people always bring conspiracies ,As I was watching the interview of liyaqat balouch of JI after the blast he was also saying this bul.sh and he did not condemn the terrorist instead wohi raag paat ,USA this ,India that ....

  • pakistani govts helped US for three decades of their war in Afghanistan. And what they got in reward is that now Pakistani govt is saying that we cannot fight terrorism in our own country so we are thankful to US & India for their help in fighting terrorism in Pakistan.

    To who you guys are making fool?

  • These multi billion $$ generals(Ayub, Zia & Mush) And their multi billion $$ puppets (Bhutto, NS & Ch) are the culprits who participated in this parai war for three decades starting from 79 to get billion of $$ unaudited in return to fill their foriegn accounts.

    And now they (gen Ashraf Qazi & Rehman Malik) openly claim $$ for the petrol for fighting their own war. To whom you guys are making fool.

    Who ipmosed MQM. Taliban & JI on us? Why dont the safe exits for these culprits who are responsible for all this mess? Wheres Mush? Why he is not brought to court for his blunders? Why NS, Zardari, Ch, Altaf, Fazlu & Asfand are silent over this safe exit?

  • shikra

    you are suffering from Mulla phoebia. Sometimes use of brain is not that dangerous.

    one thing more proves this point.

    The security guards are the only judge who could tell whether the blast come from inside or from outside and fortunately one of the security guards survived during this attack as he was under cover. But look at the co-incidence he was killed in a road accident with a van, very next day. But you people beating the same bush taliban taliban.

  • I don't have any doubt to understand that how Taliban's and suicide bombers are created and cultivated in Pakistan.

    Who destroyed the Statue of Budha?

    Who attack the barber shops, video centers, Girls schools, massage parlors?

    Very soon their target will be the bathrooms and bedrooms to find out if something un-Islamic is being performed in the bed.

    lagay raho munna bhai

  • in Afghanistan these militants including hizbeislami,Taliban ,JI , etc killed more them USA and USSR ..They are evil

    Taliban are the one who same as red indians they are the one who are brought up by "maal-Haram " heroins ,riba,killing and taliban is the result of all the evil .

  • Talibaan are the cast selected and paid by the director of this Drama Uncle Sam.

    both sides ammunition has been given by US ...so thier ammunition industry is doing well ........

    no2...they can get hold of a neuclear state which is situated in the ideal location of Asia.

  • Suddenly we become incapable to fight our enemies(terrorists) in our own territory is the thing which creates doubts about whole this war on terror.

    While for three decades since 79 we were so capable that even we were the front partners in Afghan war.

    What happened overnight in last couple of years that we are now incapable to fight terrorists, how we will fight a real war if some of our enemies attacks us? I would appreciate your answer who are justifying the help of US & India to combat terrorism in our territory..

  • 1. We are so confused due to misinformation, disinformation, assumptions and presumptions.

    2. Different Conspiracy Theories have made the situation more cloudy and complicated to reach a conclusion for the solution of the problem.

    3. There is difference between a conventional War and the struggle against Terrorism.

    4. In a conventional War it is easy to locate and attack the enemy, where Terrorism is a hidden disease and the target of the enemy could not be located, predicted or anticipated.

    5. A few poisonous snakes could make the life miserable for whole of the family living in a big mansion.

    6. A divided, polarized and panicked nation cannot fight the War on Terrorism.

    7. The strategy to let the Terrorists and their supporters consolidate and unite before torpedoing the Ship, like Ata-Turk of Turkey, might work.

  • @ misalligned,

    1. Where was 20 feet deep crater? Inside the hotel or outside?

    2. Mullah, a mentally retarded creature, is the root cause of all the miseries, bad luck and frustration prevailing over Islamic World.

    3. Mullah is a symbol of emotions minus reason.

    4. Mullah works like a hurdle and speed breaker for the progress of a society by declaring all those actions as HARAM, which he dislikes or incapable to perform.

    5. Mullah is an agent to sell the opium filled in the capsule of religion.

    6. Read Allama Iqbal to better understand the damage caused by the Institution of Mullah.

  • @shikra

    while talking about mullah , why not you talk about Generals, polititions and about Public. I firmly beleive that these Mullah's are also being funded by some sources thats y they are not real muslims and not working for the cause of islam. Because Islam is not what they say.. Islam is what ends at Prophet Muhammad pbuh and the history after prophet pbuh is not Islam its just history. And this history is corrupted by all Muslims cause we are not following Actual Islam.

    @ all

    In pakistan everything is delebrately confused.

    If every thing is as it looks then

    1- Govt should have shown the clip till the explosion.

    2- Govt must explain what was the secret mission of US marines inside the hotel

    3- Why fire broke in to the uper stories and only in marriat building. If the explosion was carrying material to enhance fire why not this fire happens in any other building or any vehicle or on road or any other place.

    4- why the whole 4th 5th's or 3rd flore was burning altogether from left to right.

    5- Why Rehamn malik and pm's statements changing every two or three hours.

    there are so many things which are really confusing. no doubt the terrorists are involved in the event but there must be someother element also who was involved in making the event so harmful and fatal.

    If every thing is caused by the blast then govt must show the full version of the cctv video and other angles also to be shown , and defuse all confusions. but if Govt has to hide some facts then its ok .. keep it up with stupid behaviour which will lead eventually towards destruction only

  • this is a continuation of the shia sunni war. This was a iranian shia attack.

  • @insider

    thats baseless comment from ur side, please explain

  • do your homework. there has been a shia sunni war brewing for years now. have you forgotten the tit for tat masjid bombings in karachi?

    these perpetrators are from the same iranian shiite group.

  • @ insider

    my home work may be not complete, but you are trying to lead this issue in wrong direction, shia sunni are living in peace now , they have no confrontation now , but i think you cant see them in peace. I just want know how u link this suicide bombing to shia sunni war. Who are killed in war shia r sunni's, whoc attacked shia' or sunni's. Who provide them 1000kg explosive and why not the attack was on Imam Bargah or on sunni mosque. Is this hotels a camp for sunni's or shia's.

    Be positive man and come on with positive reply to my questions.

  • One scholar is making the incident more cloudy

    while the other has presented a unique and difficult to understand proposition.

    After reading the commentaries by the learned scholars at the Pkpolitics forum, I am waiting where a Lal Bujhakkar comes up with a novel theory:

    "There was no bomb blast at all."

    "Everything was a computer-generated concoction."

    The discussion at the forum reflects the real image and IQ of Pakistan.

  • @ shikra

    its a discussion forum and whenever you have some issues you have to discuss all related issues, but you look a bit conservative , u want people discuss the things as you desire but its not possible. and by the way IQ is refelected in ur replies, whenever ina discussion you have no points you start commenting on the participants.

  • Very few at the forum talk about the terrorists, the real culprits. Most of the learned scholars are beating about the bush.

    Criticising Zardari, Rahman Malik, Yousaf Gilani, America, India, Iran, Shia, Russia and showing a soft corner for the Terrorists, is an indication of a confused and derailed thinking.

    Primarily all such cruel acts are being conducted and executed by a group of religious fanatics.

    First of all the pick-pocket should be arrested, next comes the stage to discover the patrons and sponsors of the crime.

    I have a right to keep the discussion on the track where someone takes a wrong exit.