When will pakistanis take responsibility?

  • when will pakistan accept the fact that there are terrorists inside pakistan that dont care about muslim life or non-muslim life. All they care about is murder.

    when will the mullahs come on tv and denounce these suicide attacks?

    On GEO (amir liyaqat hussains show) yesterday they had the mufti of pakistan come on and blame musharraf for this attack. he said that all of parliament should get together and pray for pakistans forgiveness.

    It was the most absurd thing I have ever heard. How can this person who is supposedly an alim not come and denounce the taking of innocent life? Why did he not say that these attacks are not from Islam.

    In fact he did the opposite, he encouraged these attacks and gave terrorists justification for more blasts.

    Pakistan is coming to a dangerous point. Dont be surprised if something big happens soon.

  • No, but how can we kill our own "people" and our "brothers" the Taliban and Al Qaeda!!!

    Kill Musharraf and all the bombings will disappear!

  • In Pakistan many people ,politician and religious groups protect taliban by saying that becasue of certain issue talibans are doing this or becasue of USA presence talibans are killings and doing suicide bombing .

    the truth is there have been issues and foreign aggression since this world is and will ramain but countries and people tacle it differently .

    UK ruled subcontinent for 300 years and people fight with them ,Qaid-e-azam fought with them but there was not taliban amoung us ,Cuba ,china ,USSR etc are having problem with USA but they do not have talibans type groups in their country .

    Every murderer has excuse for his act and every one justified his action .but since 25 years we made every resource dispute with other country made islamic war .

    People say that USA attack is causing taliban to resist but tel me then what happened in Swat was cause of US???? .these talibans captured the area ,impose their own law and start killing people .

    People used to say that if mushrraf will leave this will stop but i used to say that it will never stop untill we change their mind set or punish them and it happened now .again other people are saying that if USA leave then problem will be solve but again this is wrong no it is nothing to do with USA presence ,democracy,islam etc even if usa leave then taliban would be more strong and create their own law and would say that we have defeated usa then will will rule the world .

    talibans are monster ,this is the evil which we have to stop .we have to fight with them for the sake of humanity ,for the sake of islam otherwise if talaban seceded them we will be destroyed and there will be no ending of killings ,if they got success then they will kill every one who oppose them ,they will kill shia ,jamati ,politician etc .

    Allah ham sab ko is fitnay say nijaat dilayeh

  • Pakistanis need a leader badly and desparately..who can guide them to a path where they can take a stand .

    we can see awam force with CJ IFtikhar chudhry.

    a right man in the right place made a difference.

    ppl made him thier leader and supported him like anything.

    thats another unfortunate story that ppl like Aitzaz Ahsan back stabbed the revolutionary movement of lawyers ....after reaping all the benefits for his own party out of this lawyers movement.

    my whole point here is that ///

    if we find some one ..we will follow him.

    right now Pakistan has been under attacked by internal and external terrorists.

    and all the so called leadership is in London,USA ,Jaddeh or Dubai.

    we have nobody to look upto.

    whom to follow?

    where to go from here ?

    who will come and tell us ??????

  • where are all the mullahs now? where is the muslim leadership in pakistan?

    I dont see anyone condemning the attack. All I hear is excuses and justifications.

    Those security guards and workers at the hotel did not deserve to die. They just finished their fast and probably just got done praying magrib.

    Is this the new Islam? If Islam was "spread" this way during the prophets time, it would have never spread across the world the way it has.

    I am sick of the fake muslim leadership in Pakistan.

  • @ Insider

    Do you have any idea why these people are giving their lives and why are they exploding themselces. for money no body kills himself, people give life for some cause but these people dont have any cause. secondly if these people are anti pakistan or anti islam why this all happen after us attack on afghanistan and our own operation in FATA. what these people are doing is not justifiable in any way ... but why not to look into the causes of these attacks.

    In Pakistan there is no problem except our nuclear program and no foreign country likes it, so after we go for nuclear test , which we had to at any cost, they started planning from that day , they pin point in which area we are weak so they can start our destruction.

    so they find Extremist Mullahs, Greedy generals and polititions and start implementing their plan. So far they are going well and all these elemnts are playing in their hands .

    Our awam is also Murdah , so dont expect any good news ... we will loose our occupations and our nuclea program as wel many lives. Our future is destructive and we can hope for good but in my foresight we have no chances.

  • these people are giving their lives because their lives suck right now. and mullahs are giving out "get into jannah free" cards.

    They are brainwashing these jahils into becoming "shaheed" by killing pro western targets. What they forget is that these attacks go against everything the prophet (saw) preached.

    Do you think he would have supported a suicide bombing in a crowd full of muslims?

  • @insider

    u are right

    But who is brain washing .... and why ..... u think a person having knowledge of islam ,is brain washing people to die .... i dont think so even a Mullah can do it ,,, first of all the one who gets money for brain washing should not be called as MULLAH, since it leads towards bad image of islam.

  • we need good leaders ...

    ohh ...i am asking a bit too much .

    we need a single good leader atleast .

    no islami topi ...no militry hate ...

    no Mr.10 % badge ...no US stooge label.

    Mr leader ...

    can u hear me ????

    we all r looking for u ..

    desparately waiting for u ...

  • I ll say to PPP who is saying that this is our ´Jang´ that Perhaps U have low memory

    Just look back seven years;nine eleven which was not done by Taliban bcz its proofed and U can see the irresemlance of 911 videos also there r a lot of books written on it which proofed that it was not done by Taliban i means how some persons from the cave of Afghanistan can do attack of such type of 911 on one of the strongest country of the world it was a conspiracy against Muslims and Any Muslim Who has some sense can feel and watch it what is happening in the world against the muslims and After 911 when America Threaten Mr Musharraf He Gave Full support to America and A NAMNIHAD ´War on Terror´ began this was the base of todays Suiside Attacks in Pakistan Becz When We burn Our Neighbour´s home the fire definately comes to our home and thats the whole story

    Pak Army is killing innocent People in Trival areas and Taliban or may be other Forces r attacking in Pakistan Both r same and the dying People r Pakistani and innocent civilians

    So, for God Sake HOSH KARO nahi to DIN GINAY JA CHUKY HAIN

  • msjatt, you sound like the same old tv pundits who blame musharraf instead of blaming the perpetrators of the attacks.

    even if the army is killing taliban in tribal areas, that doesnt give them the right to blow up innocent people in Islamabad or Karachi.

    if it wasnt for musharraf, the US would have done to Pakistan what they did to Iraq.

  • another fear mongerer

  • Zia did a blunder in being the front partner in Afghan war (praii war) just to get $$ in return & later everyone followed the same path for $$ & threw Pakistani people in a mess where they even fighting for aataa other than bleeding for these hungry ELITE(Generals & their long time puppets).

    Zia invited Global volunteers to fight Afghan war after giving it religous flavor.

    Taliban(Global volunteers) is production of BB&NS era to get control of Afghan.

    Mush owned the war on terror by being front prtener.

    And all of the above did it for $$.

  • Asif can you prove that Musharraf personally profited from this war against terrorists? If so, I would like to see it. If you dont have any, please shut your face.

    And its not fear mongering, its the truth. If america started carpet bombing the pakistan border after september 11, what would pakistan do?

    NOT A DAMN THING! Their bombs cant reach America, they cant even afford to cut off Americas funding because their defense budget would be drastically reduced. You act like pakistan actually had a choice.

  • @insider

    lions one day life is much better than 100 years life of ......

    shame on you man ... how coward are you ... if you are afraid of america then y you are builing ur army and have nuckear power,... armies are to save own people not to sell. Why would have america bombed us after 911. at that time Al quida was not in pakistan. Man if you still support Musharaf we all will beleive that you are anti pakistan. . . so if you have to give such comments then please keep ur mouth shut.

  • @pkimage ,

    dont ask evidences & proves from insider ....

    he wont do that ...

    and why u r bothering so ?

    go ...grab Muharraf s Great Great memoier from any shop ....

    its self explainatry .

    no one ever had provided proofs in written than Mush has done in his book....

    go and prefer to borrow ...

    dont make this looser general a penny out of his bundle of crime stories ....

  • @Beenai ,

    Aap tu phely proof do naa about 140% polling in Karachi ? U left that thread altogether becaz u were doing Galat Biani.

  • pkimage you can call me anti pakistan all you want. i think all pakistanis are anti pakistan today. you cant even walk down the street talking on a cell phone without fear of being robbed.

    what a great country.

    if you really want to go to war with the US, more power to you, but i hope you dont forget that India is right next door and there is NO one that will come to pakistans help. Pakistan would be an occupied country today like Iraq and would have had its nukes stripped years ago.

    Sometimes you need to put your pride in your back pocket and think reasonably, not like a jahil hothead.