Disgruntled Karachiites ransack MQM office : 2 killed during forced Fitra Khori

  • Disgruntled Karachiites(especially brave women and youngsters) took matters into their own hands and ransacked an MQM office after MQMized bhathakhors(extortionists) killed 2 people when they refused to pay fitra(bhatta)..


    MQM office ransacked as anger runs high in Orangi


    KARACHI: In an unusual turn of events, citizens fed up with forced collection of fitra ransacked the office of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in Orangi Town on Thursday.

    Earlier, some people were accused of killing two men for not paying extortion money. However, it could not be verified if these men belonged to the MQM, whose office ultimately bore the brunt. On Wednesday night, 22-year-old trader Muhammad Shahid and Ikhlas Rasool, 13, were shot dead in a brawl between Shahid and some people, who had come to collect fitra. Another youngster, Danish Saleem, was injured in the clash.


    While the men took the dead for burial Thursday afternoon, women and youngsters besieged the office, which had already been abandoned.**

    “Shahid was being pressured to pay Rs40,000 as fitra,” said an official of Pakistan Bazar police station. “When he refused to comply, a heated argument ensued and some gunshots were also fired.”

    Shahid was a garments trader and used to set up stalls in different areas of the city. **People of Orangi Town, especially Al-Mustafa Colony where the deceased lived, are known to support one political party. But after the incident, people took to the streets to voice their anger and started shouted slogans against the party.

    “This incident probably tested the patience of the residents,” said an eyewitness. “When you kill an innocent person, political inclinations don’t matter. You can’t see a son or brother being killed and not do anything about it.”**

    A senior police official said this has happened before. “We have seen how people who support a particular political party can turn against it if the activists turn rogue. But the Orangi Town incident has amazed me as well.”

    Extortion has become an everyday reality in Karachi. Police say rouge elements within political parties and Lyari gangsters extort money from traders and businessmen.

    The funeral prayers of the victims were offered at Al-Habib Mosque where Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s MPAs Manzar Imam and Saifuddin Khalid were also present.

    No case was registered until the filling of this report.




    ‘Forced fitra’: Orangi residents attack MQM’s office


    Karachi: Residents of Orangi town ransacked an abandoned office of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Thursday after two people were gunned down Wednesday night over not paying extortion money.

    The Express Tribune reported that Muhammad Shahid, 22, and Ikhlas Rasool, 13, were shot dead after they refused to give fitra. It is not clear, however, which group or political party, if any, the extortionists belonged.

    Danish Saleem, another youngster, was injured in the incident.

    The MQM’s office was attacked on Thursday afternoon when women and youngsters surrounded it during the funeral.

    “Shahid was being pressured to pay Rs40,000 as fitra,” said an official of Pakistan Bazaar police station. “When he refused to comply, a heated argument ensued and some gunshots were also fired.”

    An eyewitness said: “This incident probably tested the patience of the residents. When you kill an innocent person, political inclinations don’t matter. You can’t see a son or brother being killed and not do anything about it.”

    It was not the first incident of its kind. “We have seen how people who support a particular political party can turn against it if the activists turn rogue,” a senior police officer told The Express Tribune. “But the Orangi Town incident has amazed me as well.”



    MQM is collecting Zakat fitra in the name of their absconding "Baap"


    MQM have illegally encroached hoardings and billboards on all major roads(advertising agencies protested as well but are powerless against these terrorists)

  • Both Sunni Tehreek and MQM are trying to outdo each other in Fitra khori this year..

  • These jahil people deserve bhatta khors

  • Volcano

    Why don't u 'Educated' people leave these millions of 'Jahils' in their world for 'suffering' :)

    They are better judge for themselves .

  • زرداری کی کرپشن کی بات کرو تو جمہوریت کو خطرہ

    الطاف حسین کے ظلموں کے خلاف بات کرو تو مہاجروں کو خطرہ

    عمران خان زکات صدقات کھا جائے بات کرو تو شوکت خانم کو خطرہ

    مولوی کی جاہلیت پر بات کرو تو اسلام کو خطرہ

    ایڈمن کے خلاف بات کرو تو پی کے پولیٹکس کو خطرہ

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • اور شاہ صاحب اپ کے زرداری کی وجہ سے آج ایم کیو ایم کراچی میں بدمعاشی کر رہی ہے

    بزدل کسم کا زرداری ایم کیو ایم کے تلوے چاٹ رہا ہے پچھلے تین سال سے

  • The problem is that the residents of Karachi have no political choice other than MQM. No political party even dares raising a voice of protest whenever any massacres are committed. MQM rose as a result of insensitive behaviour of JI at the time of massive killings. Their mayor 'Abdus Sattar Afghani' had no moral courage to even raise a voice of protest.

  • As I already mentioned 1000 times, the real political situation of Karachi wil only be revealed of there will be fair elections without rigging. If such thing happens and if election comission guarantees that, i can bet anything if MQM win more than 10 national assembly seats. Most anti MQM people who are now in majority in Karcahi do not come out on the election day as they know that elections will be rigged so whats the point of coming otu and to risk their lives.

    @Hussain Farroqi.. The problem is resolved now, PTi is our new choice. My whole family including my lot of uncles and their families will vote for PTI in next elections who never voted for anyone else than MQM in their whole life.. I know that Punjab becomes a focal point for political movement right now, but believe me, MQM is losing the support and their vote bank with the same ratio as PML N is losing in Punjab. The difference is, PML N is shouting, while this is happening silently in Karachi.

  • iftikharalam

    The majority of people in Karachi are tired of the criminal activities of MQM and the other political parties. As soon as they get a choice, they will shift to the new choice. PTI and the other political parties are not yet able to get the public confidence in Karachi. Despite, all their criminal activities, MQM somehow assures protection of Karachi residents against PPP, ANP, Jiyee Sindh and Talibans

    Had the political parties played a responsible role at the time of mass massacres in the period of 1985-1988, MQM would never gain popularity. They became popular by protecting people at that time.

  • I can sense the wind of change.

    People should raise above their ethnic prejudices and collectively choose a future for themselves that is free of fear, death and destruction.

    Otherwise, they should accept their fate without complaining about it.

  • Dear ssmpk

    We all know that all our politicians are extremely dirty people, but the nation has yet no choice for any better politicians. All are more or less alike.

  • @HF

    This is an excuse to hide our own misdeeds. We are all corrupt, liar, lethargic, fraud bunch of people who do not get tired calling themselves a nation. So naturally our leaders are from among ourselves, we can not import them from Mars or Jupiter.

  • It seems even after last week's ransacking of MQM's office by brave women of Karachi after MQM had killed few people who resisted their bhatta collection, MQM still haven't mended its ways and continue to kill karachiite during its forced extortion(bhattakhori) drive..(maybe Qaddafi like fate of absconding Altaf might help improve things?)

    Now once again MQM killed few more people while they resisted bhatta collection..


    Violence erupts in Orangi after killing over Eid donations


    KARACHI: A young factory worker was killed, three other persons were wounded in firing and two buses and a shop torched on Thursday in Orangi Town violence that erupted after a man was killed in a clash over collection of Zakat and Fitra in Bangla Bazaar, police said.

    The violence was sparked on Wednesday evening when three people, including an activist of the Pakistan People’s Party, were attacked in the market in a dispute over collection of money by a group distributing Zakat and Fitra slips in the market, said a senior police officer of the area.


    “The dispute was over how another group was distributing slips of ‘Fitra’ to collect money from the market,”** the officer added.

    Karachi PPP leaders said that the party worker, Javed Behari, was shot dead for refusing to take the slip for payment of Fitra.

    Immediately following the incident, the area reverberated with intense firing forcing closure of all markets within the remit of the Pakistan Bazaar police station.

    In the early hours of Thursday, Mr Behari died during treatment at a private hospital.

    In the morning, almost all the markets and shops remained shut and as the news of the death spread, violence broke out in the area. Sector 13 and 15 of Orangi Town were the worst-hit areas, with reports of complete market closure and heavy firing.

    Three passengers and a pedestrian were wounded in firing on a bus, the police said, adding that one of them, Adil aka Bablu, was shifted to Qatar Hospital where he died.

    The other victims — Farzana Naseem, 35, Rani Bibi, 20, and Mohammad Naeem — were rushed to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where they were admitted for treatment.

    Adil was a resident of Orangi Town Sector 13-G and heading to a garment factory, where he used to work, when he sustained fatal gunshot wounds, the police said, adding that his family took away the body from the hospital without completing medico-legal formalities.

    Following the gun attack on the passenger bus, a tailor’s shop, a bus of Z-4 route and a 7-star coach were set on fire near Islam Coach. Around a dozen of pushcarts were torched in Sector 15.

    Karachi Division PPP General Secretary Syed Najmi Alam strongly condemned the killing of the party worker, Mr Behari.

    He said ‘terrorists’ were distributing slips for Zakat and Fitra in Bangla Bazaar and they opened fire on him when he declined to accept the slip.

    Mr Alam said that every citizen of Karachi knew who distributed and collected Zakat and Fitra here and those refusing to pay were murdered. He called upon the law-enforcement agencies to rid the people of the menace of extortion in the name of Zakat and Fitra. He also demanded immediate arrest of the ‘identified’ suspected killers.

    Following the funeral at a local mosque, Mr Behari was laid to rest in the Orangi Town Sector 15-D graveyard.



    Tension grips Orangi after local PPP leader's killing

    Various localities of Orangi Town remained tense on Thursday following the death of a local Pakistan People's Party (PPP) leader, Javed Bihari. Bihari, who was severely injured during a clash with the workers of a political party on Wednesday, succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital on Thursday.

    On late Wednesday night, workers of a political party came to the house of Javed Bihari and demanded him to pay Fitra. Reportedly, on his refusal they shot him and fled. The injured Bihari was taken to a nearby hospital where he died during treatment on Thursday morning. Following his death, unidentified people started aerial firing in Bangla Bazaar area and Orangi No 13.

    SHO Pakistan Bazar police, Raja Ulfat Bihari, said that Bihari received bullets in his abdomen when a clash took place between PPP and Muttahida Qaumi Movement's workers over market stalls. Police said angry mob set ablaze three mini buses, two shops and 15 push carts in Bangla Bazaar area of Orangi. They said four persons including two women namely Farzana and Zainab were injured by the firing of unidentified armed men.

    Meanwhile, Adil alias Babloo, 19, son of Anwar Hussain, was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Orangi No 13. The body of the deceased was shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for autopsy. General Secretary PPP Karachi division Najmi Alam said that supporters of a political party were distributing slips of Zakat and Fitra in Bangla Bazaar area. When Javed Bihari refused to take a slip they shot him and fled, they added.


  • According to few businessmen friends things have become even more severely worse and both MQM and sunni tehreek's worker are aggressively engaged in collecting bhatta,compared to previous year they're demand 3x(3 times) more. (Maybe millions and billions which MQM made during last one decade all dried up and went down the drain? or maybe it'll be election year so these criminals have been given higher targets to achieve by their absconding criminal leadership)

  • جو قوم زکات اور ٹیکس نہ دے وہ پھر بھتہ ہی دیتی ہے جس کا معاشرتی فائدہ ہے نہ ثواب

    کسی نہ کسی طرح سے پیسہ تو نکلنا ہی ہے

  • کراچی تمھارے باپ کا نہیں

    رہنا ہے تو ایم کیو ایم کے نیچے اور کراچی کے لوگو کی

    خوہشوں کے مطابق رہنا ہوگا

    یہ رونا پیٹنا بند کرو کمی کمینو اور کوئی کام کی بات کرو

    کراچی کے تاجر ایم کیو ایم کے ساتھ ہیں


  • Rehna hai to MQM ke neeche? Acha

    Par MQM ke 'Rohani Bappu' to Rehte hein David Cameron ke neeche? :S I am confused....

  • Agar aap ka khayal hai k Zardari, Gunnjja ya koi or leader iss mulk ka azad hai tu aap ki aqal ko saath topon ki salami