Azad media quiet on Daddy Zaheer's visit to Amreeka

  • Talat Umar Hussain, Al Ansar Al Abbasi Al Makhtoon and other "intellectuals" have completely ignored Zaheer's visit to Washington where CIA-ISI have reportedly moved forward on various issues including N.Wazeeristan operation.

    Just imagine if Zardari or Foreign Minister had made such visit and any such news report had surfaced, all these anchors would be jumping up and down aur sab ko qaumi ghairat yaad aajati..Most likely PTI would be demanding Zardari resignation and doing dharnay, Difa-e-Pakistan would be conducting azeem ush shaan jalsay and Talat Umar Hussain would be spreading golden words of intellect about baigharti of hukmuraan..

    but all of them are suspiciously come?

  • No news even on social media. Does that shows how much information can be controlled to reach the general public.

  • I am not on fb or twitter but I have noticed discussion on internet forums follows talk shows and news in the newspaper.

    Since media chose to not cover probably one of the most significant events, social media also kept mute.

    This is why I tell PTI lovers to read news and not just post IK's pictures with tearful emotion comments to follow. You'd expect better from supposedly educated youth of Pakistan.


    You seem to have an axe to grind against Talat Hussain, he must be doing something right.

  • Talat Umar Hussain said

    "ISI kay pass policy issues kaa mandate nahi hai. Policy issues are handled at Foreign office level" JOKE!!!

    "drones and n.wazeeristan were not discussed at that level"

    Talat Umar Hussain

    He is playing down ISI role in resumption of drones and N.waziristan and he will be blaming government on that. I bet if Zardari or Khar had visited he would be sitting and saying NRO kee paidawaar, baighairat, amreeki ghulam.

    "It was a mere introductory visit so two parties can get familiar with each other"

    anyways..his voice disappeared after 23:00 on the question of N.Wazeeristan operation so I dont know what he said there.

    It was a good show and anchor asked the right questions but non sense answers from establishment kay ghulams.

  • Spend more time eulogising the great services rendered to this nation by the likes of Najam Sethi, Babar Awan and Faisal Raza Abidi. Stop wasting time worrying about us misguided PTI 'trolls' who are naive enough to see 'establishment ke ghulam' like Talat Hussain as dedicated individuals with unmatched genuineness, patriotism and integrity. What do we know anyway, we see greatness in Imran Khan too, lo kar lo gal.

  • but tell me saeen,

    why are they mostly ignoring international and amreeki news reports and its outcome related to his amreeki visit? and if they have to take notice then they are mostly trying to downplay their role?

    koi baat tou hai.

  • And there is something...

    But it looks, no known writer offered services that THEY resorted to anybody for image building...

  • Here on bbcurdu

    امریکی وزیر دفاع کے مطابق پاکستانی فوج کے سربراہ جنرل کیانی اور جنرل جان ایلن کی ملاقاتوں میں شمالی وزیرستان میں نئے آپریشن پر بات ہوئی ہے

  • سویلین اگر ایک کاغذ پر میمو لکھ دے تو غدار


    فوج اگر ملاقاتیں کرکے جنگی منصوبے بناۓ تو اسے کیا کہا جاۓ؟

  • @BS

    What is the purpose of your tagging of Talat Hussain as Talat Umar Hussain? I checked his full name is Syed Talat Hussain Naqvi.

    Are you trying to incubate a petri dish of Green and Black bacteria on this site? Hatred, Nepotism, Cronyism, Favoritism or biases are NOT confined to a single belief system.

  • @azizi, good observation..

    I simply refers to him as such because he keeps giving examples of hazrat umar when it comes to the government but forgets it all when it comes to Ch Don.