Zardari loses all credibility in NY

  • He met with the republican vice presidential candidate yesterday Sarah Palin and made numerous comments about how "gorgeous she looked". He shook her hand and wouldnt let go. Why must he sell himself out like this on camera. Is this what is expected from the president of the ISLAMIC republic of Pakistan?

    It was so noticeable that CNN made special comments about it and laughed at him. It is a shame how pakistanis go outside their own country and then lose all self respect.

  • he already has no credibility, leave it man we all know him very well.

    Now he is our president and we have to face these things. you know a palmist says he will marry in next few months,,, lets see who will be that luckiest lady....

  • "If he's insisting, I might hug," Zardari said. Palin smiled politely in response.

  • i find thread name a bit confusing ...

    cud anyone explain to me .///?

    How can one loose the thing ,which he never ever had?

    Zaradri never had any credibility inside & outside Pakistan.

    as long as his marriage is concern.

    why u want him to go back in his past 1987 status?

    marrying with BB was his biggest effort ..he has made .

    after that he got all he wants ..........

    Asif Bhutto wont marry ...

    yah ...he loves women ...

    but why made anyone wife ????

    knowing him......he can go ahead without a wed lock/

    so why bother ?

  • @beenai

    true there is no question of losing anything which u dont have at all.

    as far as there mariage was concern I think it was good match (u know rishte usmano per bante hain) they were same minded. BB never complaint about his activities, they were business partners as well.

    and they were living together even when she was alive and zardari was out of jail.

  • @azeem,

    yah..i agree ..i never said anywhere in my previous post that they were unhappy with each other...

    she use to call him Nielson Mandela of Pakistan...(how sweet ...every woman shud love her hubby like that )