India: Pakistani Hindus arrive with horror tales

  • In the backdrop of a 14-year-old Hindu girl’s abduction in Pakistan’s Jacobabad city in Sindh province three days ago, a controversy erupted when a delegation of 150 Hindus was detained by Islamabad for seven hours on Friday before being allowed to enter India for a pilgrimage.


    Before leaving Pakistan, members of the delegation had to give an undertaking to the authorities that they would not seek asylum from the Indian government and would under all circumstances return to Pakistan within 30 days, Kumar said.


    He said Hindu families were not safe in Pakistan and kidnapping of young Hindu girls and brides at gunpoint by fundamentalists had become a routine affair. “There is no law and order in Sindh and the government is watching the activities of fundamentalists as a mute spectator.”

    Kumar said the recent abduction of the teenager in Jacobabad had sparked fear among the minority community, which was now planning an exodus.

    He said it was possible that the majority of the delegation members would never like to go back to Pakistan in the prevailing circumstances. He said Hindu girls were being forced to convert to Islam after being abducted.

    Religion of peaces spreading its horror. If it’s the religion of peace then Hitler was an angel.

  • What can government do when Islamist Thief Justice himself will not provide justice to the abducted Hindu girls.

  • Do you reckon protection of Hindus would eventually win protection of you?

  • Yahya is just jealous that Islamist are NOT converting qadiani girls to Islam and not marrying them.

  • جب کوڑھیوں کی حکومت لوٹ مار کرکے سوئس اکاونٹس بھرنے میں مصروف ہو اور عابدی جیسے کوڑھی کتے اس کرپشن کو چھپانے کے لیے پریس کانفرس بلا کر قومی میڈیا اور سیاسی ویبسایٹس پر بھونک رہے ہوں تو اقلیتوں کا تحفظ کون کرے گا؟



  • اسلامی پاکستان کی يہ اوقات آگئی ہے کہ يہاں سے لوگ فخر اور خوشی سے بھارت جا کے اسائيلم لے رہے ہيں- دونوں ملک ايک ساتھ آزاد ہوئے تھے ليکن ايک نے مذہب کے نام پہ ملک چلا کے اسکا بيڑہ غرق کرديا اور دوسرا سيکولزم اپنا کے ترقی کررہا ہے- لگتا ہے آہستہ آہستہ لوگ نوکرياں لينے بھی بھارت جايا کريں گے-

    ’پاکستان میں ظلم ہوتا ہے‘

  • یحییٰ - خلیفہ بھارت کیوں نہیں گیا؟ اس نے اپنے آقاؤں کے پاس لندن جا کر پناہ کیوں نہیں لی؟

    ویسے بے غیرتی کی بھی انتہا ہے کہ جب ضیاء الحق کا سرکاری مہمان بننا ہو تو دم ہلاتے بھاگتے بھاگتے آتے ہو

    یہ تمھارے "خلیفاؤں" کی اوقات ہے

  • How Faryal meena kumari and other girls were abducted.This looks failure on the part of Hindutwa and success of Islam as religion.Why hindus failed to control their Girls stuff to marry a muslim boy.

    This phenomena is not new in Pakistan and India.In india hindu girls marrying muslim boys phenomena is much common and many times caused WAR between muslims and HIndus.

    Lets say pakistani security agencies are not paying any attention to hindus but what stops security firces in India to stop hindu girls marriages with muslims guys.

    Their is some serious manufacturing fault in Hinduism Ideology nothing else.

  • This looks failure on the part of Hindutwa and success of Islam as religion. .....................Their is some serious manufacturing fault in Hinduism Ideology nothing else

    KhalliWalli sahib

    Very interesting comment indeed. I wish if one can really demonstrate what true Islam is.

    Why are Hindu girls not converting to Islam in other parts of the world and in other Muslim majority countries?

    If Pakistan and India were not one part of country prior to 1947 or if Muslims were still ruling undivided India, I can only imagine the comments that I would have had the pleasure to read.

    By the way I am wondering "Who" was behind the manufacturing fault which made me born in a Hindu family and no manufacturing fault which made you born in a Muslim family (I am assuming you are a Muslim and hence much superior than me the Hindu)

  • KhalliWalli, on the same lines, what is happening in Burma, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Kashmir appears to be a failure of your Jihad Ideology. Instead of crying when drone hits your back side accept that your religious ideology is a complete and utter failure. There is some serious manufacturing fault in your Islamist Ideology that you never win and always get beaten up big time in every jihad, not to mention your backwardness in the whole world, begging the whole world for dollars.

  • Yahya ji,

    "not to mention your backwardness in the whole world, begging the whole world for dollars."

    Nevermind our shortcomings, I would still think our situation is better than your Khilafa as a lackey of a British Queen.

  • I cannot understand why islam is being used in this whole mess.

    Converting non - muslims is haram, just because some guy's with beards or not do this does not mean Islam allows this

  • I cannot understand why islam is being used in this whole mess.

    Respect sahib

    Seems that religion is a good facade to hide behind. It seems that religion is dragged to make a point or to counter a point.

    By the way it is not only Islam which is dragged. If we look without any bias, other religions are also being ridiculed.

  • Sweetheart, then why worry about the minorities when there is agony across the board.

  • Barackosama sahib

    Dont know if you were addressing me or someone else but my definition of minority goes beyond belonging to Hindu or Muslim .


    So its matter of respect! Isn't it the case? Interestingly above link is for Pakistani BBC Urdu readers, same link for Indians but with a different title:


  • The Hindus may be arriving at the other side of the boarder with a lot of fairy tales, ha ha ha

  • اس وقت ہندو تو کیا کوئی بھی شریف آدمی پاکستان میں نہیں رہنا چاہتا ....لوٹ مار ، دنگا فساد ، ڈاکے ، جھوٹ فراڈ، بیروزگاری ،بھوک افلاس اور عصمت فروشی اپنے عروج پر ہے ..کیونکے پاکستان کے سب اعلی عہدوں پر کرپٹ نا اہل افراد امریکا کے توسط سے صرف لوٹنے کے لیے بیٹھے ہیں. اقلیتیں ایسے حالات میں مختلف واقعات دوسرے ملکوں میں سیاسی پناہ لینے کے لیے استعمال کرتے ہیں - جس کی حالیہ مثال تھائی لینڈ میں احمدیہ افراد کو ملنے والی یونا ٹیڈ نیشن کی مراعات ہیں - احمدیہ اپنی 'مسجد' پر حملہ کیش کروانے میں کامیاب ہوگئے ورنہ گزشتہ پانچ سالوں میں مسجدوں پر درجنوں حملےہوے ہیں - پاکستان کی اکانومی کے اچھے ہوتے ہی رویے تبدیل ہوجائیں گے