Pak terrorist attacks killed at least 3,898 in 2012

  • Islamabad: At least 3,898 people have lost their lives in terrorist violence in Pakistan during the first seven months of the year.

    The deaths include 1,705 civilians, 485 security forces personnel and 1,708 terrorists.

    This sounds like much bigger figure than Burma deaths. Why no outcry on this? Oh, OK these terrorists are our Mujahideen so no complaint against them.

  • یحییٰ - کوئی خلیفہ تو نہیں مرا؟

    سوری، میں تو بھول ہی گیا تھا کہ خلیفہ اپنے آقاوں کے پاس لندن میں محفوظ جگہ پر ہے

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  • Fair point Yahya.

    More people die in the world of hunger and disease why the mightiest and piousuest of the powers, the torch bearers of human rights, declared a war on terrorism and not on hunger and disease first?

    Terrorism, a menace as it is and must be stamped out, should have come after the VICTORY against hunger and disease? Thori guidance farma di jiye please, oh the enlightened one :)

  • Answer: 9/11. You guys like to kill everyone and asked for it. Hindus are leaving the country in numbers, what have they done to you? You are just evil and vile and asking for it from the whole world.

  • Yahya..

    Thanks to America, the paymasters.

  • I was expecting an intelligent answer, wasn't to be. Disappointing indeed.

    Aap to foran Ronay Dhonay pe agaye....

  • Bhaartee qadinai nasoor sirf rona janta hai

  • qadiani nasoor pakistan kai wajood ko hi tasleem nai kurta tu inn se pakistan kai baara mei aor kia khair ki tawoko ho sukti hai

    aap log kab tashreef lai jain gai apnai barai ghar qadian, yayaha qadni sahib ????

    ya phir apnai khalifa  ki tarah sab taj e bartania kai saya e rehmat talai rehnai kai liye UK hijrat kur jain


  • 1,705 civilians, 485 security forces personnel and 1,708 terrorists


    Figures are definitely sad.

    They dun include Qadiyanis.