PML N popularity increasing.basic factor diehart work f SS.exmplry behave f NZ

  • today's newspaper's

    (giving reference of just 3)



    Express newspaper

    Nawaiwaqt,Ummat,daily times,dawn, the nation, express tribune,waqt,masawat,pakistan,khabrain,c42 etc every one has this on its main page.

    1. Being the regular member of QAL i found student age from 25-36 (1.7 chore votes most votes in any age group) they are mostly impressed from SS. few of them writing voluntary on "SS is the great leader" and "SS the need of Punjab and Pakistan"..

    2. Further, people things NZ has learn a lot. earlier he do not know how to speak but now he speak like journalist. Further, he used good moral language like a mature person.

    3. rd factor. People feels Zardari the most corrupt person. so they said I.k always critise NZ but NZ never replied while i.k critize Zaradi once in a month. there they felt I.k is indirectly helping Zaradri.the image of khan as a spolier is rising which is also helping PML N.

  • come on 60% pakistan dont vote pmln gets 84 lackh votes and ppp got 1 crore 10 lakh votes so whole %39 what a tiwick ha ha ha

  • An advice for SS, do not worry about criticism

    work with more effort, complete your projects you have started the mega project. try to complete them as soon as possible

    like mass rapid transit

    8 km long over head (Longest in South asia)

    many fly overs and under pass hospitals schools tractors cars buses etc

    i know 24 hour work is going on. still improve their speed specialy mass transit should be completed before interim government.Then when people of Lahore will enjoy roads with speed more than 100 km/hr through out the Lahore . they will talk with proud.

    Hadis of Hazarat Ali

    when everybody critizie you, you are near to get some glory. criticism of all from MQM PPPP and PTI to just PML N increasing their popularity

    should complete you candidates, and order them to do work hard on grounds, because wining election is always depend on ground rather than social media or talk shows. people know very well how much paid achors are in our media.

  • man sab se zyada criticism ppp per hote hai i think they r near there glory

  • enemy bhea

    what ever you say about pml n i will put no argu on other parties it is the election which will decide and pml n is very confident to get simple majority and even polls are showing.

    i do not want to put allegation on any one

    PML N the only party to get 2/3 majority in the History of Pakistan 1997

    People know very well the historic long march delivered under the leadership of NZ

  • or lahore kay alawa bhi punjab hai kabhi south punjab gao jootey se marein gey hum sariki is showbaz lier ko

  • brother yes pppp pe critisiam just pml n karti ha

    pml n pe critisiam sub karta ha

    pml n enjoy this critisam that is why NZ never answered to pti yes he answered to pppp and his allies.

  • man u dont know anything i am from mianwale ex worker of pmln i know your strength lahore agar win kar liya toh bare baat hai pmln kay liyf

  • enemy2 --> Be realistic.. Accept the reality!!! Reality accept kerney se loog apko realistic kehenge warna KUND_ZAHEN tou app khoob lagrahe ho!!!

  • SS is a dramabaz and nothing more.

    He is worse than Zardari - at least Zardari does not pretend to be a superman. He is what he is.

    SS is a wolf in sheep clothing. Absolutely incompetent, visionless and even corrupt, but if you listen to him, there is no greater revolutionary!

    He is using governmental resources, taxpayer money for his publicity. Shame on him.

  • Shame on Shahbaz Sharif for using taxpayer money for his publicity.

    Instead, he should have used zakat payers' money for this purpose.

  • @adonis

    u see this is the kind of crap u come out with hide away SS shortfalls, and then accuse IK for taking zakat money.

  • Good governance? That is why PUNJABIS in South Punjab and bahawalpur region are shouting against injustice and want their seperate province!! Ahhh, so Lahore is Muzamil's Punjab!! Read TAlalt Hussain recent article and you will know reality of thei good governence!! It is shame that our stadards are so low!!

  • @ respect

    How can I commit the blasphemy of accusing the great Imran Khan of taking Zakat money ?

    When the great Imran Khan has himself said that he has not misused zakat money, it has now become illegal, unethical and totally haram for anyone to doubt it.

    I merely suggested one alternative for Shahbaz Sharif to use instead of using public money for his personal publicity.

  • As always, i admire the (ill)logic provided by ilzamians; According to iftikharalam there is a voice of south punjab because of the poor governance of SS. 100% agree, it has nothing to do with the loosers who have been winning from south punjab for the last 20-30 years e.g.

    shah mehmood ghaznawi

    makhdoom javaid daghi

    Awais Leghari and company

    Jahngeer Tareen




    All the above are symbol of change

  • @adonis

    Well I do not think SS can pay zakat especially with all the findling that he has done with public money.

    As for IK it is mere allegations and propaganda that his has even taken one rupee from SK

  • @ mango mam

    The leaders that you have mentioned were corrupt only when they were supporting a corrupt leadership. Once they have started supporting the honest leadership of the great Imran Khan, you can not call them corrupt.

    When the leadership is honest, these people will not do any corruption as any corruption they did in the past was only because their corrupt leadership was forcing them at gun point to do so.

  • @Adonis

    you checkmate me;

  • InsafIK is spot on line with PTI policy.

    PTI is super happy with good governance in Sindh, Baluchistan and KPK because they are not pretending to be super humans.

    The daily murders in Karachi are OK as long as some one is not saying that i am in control.....

    I love the logic.....PTI Zindabad...we need such logic to take Pakistan to next level....Well done.

  • @enemy, Dear I am from Rajan pur district of South Punjab. The work that was done during SS tenure in our area was never done before. So he is working everywhere.