13 August: An odd night!

  • Never thought that a thoroughly right winger party is going to hold an open air concert on a 'taaq' raat or one of the last odd nights of Ramzan being the 25th of Ramzan.

    While the 'status quo'jalsas play anthems and not songs lets hope that PTI does indeed respect the sanctity of Ramzan that the right wing parties are so fond on imposing on others.

    Chalo Chalo Liaquat Bagh Chalo

    Dance karo phir tasbeeh parho!

  • Chalo Chalo Liaquab Bagh Chalo,

    Corrup PPP aur PMLN ki Kabar Khodo!

  • chaloLiaqatBagh trending on twitter pindi walun kidar nahi tiger ahh raha hai