Turkey: Gender-based violence leading cause of death for women

  • The number of women who die due to gender-based violence surpasses the number of women who lose their lives due to cancer, traffic accidents, wars and malaria, revealed a study by the Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Policy.


    ترکی کی اسلامی حکومت کی کارکردگی سامنے آگئي- جہاں ملا آتے ہيں وہاں اور باتوں کے علاوہ عورتوں پہ ظلم شروع ہوجاتا ہے- ترکی کے وزيراعظم کی مائی برما جاکے تو بڑے مگر مچھ کے ٹسوے بہاتی ہے پر اپنے ملک ميں اسکو عورتوں پہ ظلم نظر نہيں آتا کيوں کہ يہ اسکے اپنے خصم صاحب کی اسلامی جماعت کی کاکردگی ہے-

  • کتے کی دم سو سال بھی بانس میں رکھی جائے تو یحییٰ کی طرح ٹیڑھی ہی رہتی ہے

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  • Shame on you Mr. Yahya, read between the lines, try hard this time, this is the excerpt from the same news link you posted:

    "The United Nations also recently conducted a study on violence against women on a global scale. The UN study revealed that 8 percent of women in Canada, 11 percent in Sweden, 14 percent in Italy, 15 percent in Japan, 20 percent in Denmark and 27 percent of women in Australia had been subjected to physical violence at least once in their lives. The UN described violence against woman as an act that physically, sexually or psychologically hurts or might hurt a woman, or threatening a woman with such acts, forcing her to do something or depriving a woman of her freedom."

    Also read:

    "The ministry (from Turkey) announced in July that they would soon be implementing a national action plan to combat violence against women. The national plan announced by the ministry also included important statistics regarding gender-based violence."

    You are sickening. I thought you might have some class but how wrong I was. Very shameful indeed. Get a life.

  • Here are a couple of points to think about;

    a. How many of the above mentioned countries have gender-based violence as the leading cause of death for women that is in Turkey?

    b. The announcement by the Turkish government is just white wash so far. Why did the government let it come to that in the first place?

  • I thought you might have some class

    Why? This is pkpolitics. If anyone had any class that's long gone by being dragged into mud by the pkpolitics regulars.

  • Yea, thoughtfulness only comes to the liberals like you, any empirical data to support your argument, Mr. thoughtful? Or you used your mental anguish to reach to this verdict. Or you believed UN reports as your scientific bible. Don't play with words especially with a woman.

    I don't ignore the fact to favour my biases and I clearly see the message from news that there is violence against women. Now answer me:

    1- Does report say anything related to Islam or Mullah?

    2- If report doesn't mention deaths in other countries, does it imply there was no death?

    3- How do you know the Turk government is trying to white wash the report findings?

    You are more hasty than a woman to make up your mind, you even didn't bother to read news fully and worse part is the obsession with your self-proven theories against Islam as depicted in your above statements. Clearly you have an Islam phobia. Please try be truthful to yourself. Islam is very different than what you see in it. All you need to do is to take off your prejudice and see with open eyes. May help reach you, aameen.

    P.S. Class or grace is not subjective to the people. Its just a quality that one possesses all the time. Using bad words against those who were foul-mouthed against you, leaves no difference behind. If you respond verbally in equal manner then there is no difference left between you and the abuser.

    P.S.S. Think before you write next time bro, so that you don't have to re-edit your post. Anyway, thanks for removing the non-thoughtfulness part related to mrs. mullah.

  • Or you believed UN reports as your scientific bible

    Desi Baji, I am a researcher, My test subjects are people like yahya. I tried harder and harder on these subjects. Yayha believes UN reports as divines revelations and what makes him to believe??? there is whole history behind it. He would reject God's word against these revelations because it is his faith to put trust on higher powers. Don't believe me let me solve this puzzle for you.



    "No doubt my faith and doctrine, which I stress, is that Islam is composed of two parts. One is obedience to Allah and the other is obedience to the Government which has created peace and under whose protection we are safe from oppressors - that is the British Government.

    (Shahadat-ul-Quran, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 6, P. 380;

    Shahadat-ul-Quran, P. 86)


    Now if we interpret the above statement of Promised Missiah in modern times, Offcourse the Britisher aren't in Powers but UN and UN, the clown.. I don't want to go into detail of it.. Who is controlling this UN.

  • Of course an "isalmic" govt under leadership of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmed would not have let such thing happen.

  • @Fear, epistemology, if I may say. :)

  • A man killed 12 people in USA during a movie show, than another rascal kill 6 people at Sikh's temple in another city in United States, and today, another sick minded person (Like Yahya) killed 2 more at an American University,

    Now, my thoughts about this mentally retarded yahya guy.. The guy is not posting anything mentioned above if he values so much life. Why? I don't know, may be he is not paid for that..Or he is among those mentally sick people who justifies killings if done by American Passport holder.

    but he is interested in pulling up news from different unpopular sources that has a hint of linking violence to Islam. Why? Oh yes, because he is qadiyani as it satisfies him why he is following a religion that doen not make sense..

    Now, think about the mental state of this cheap fellow, who spend his whole day searching such news and to paste them on forum, while ignoring all other killings that do not have anything to do with Islam. Ohhh Qadiyanis, bhutto did good!!

  • "Now, think about the mental state of this cheap fellow, who spend his whole day searching such news and to paste them on forum"

    Bhai ji, is shakhs ki dum agar 1000 saal bhi zameen mai rukhee jaye tau tairee hi niklay gi. Bhutto khandaan kai lotairon ka yeh porana shaiva hai

  • Desi Baji

    You can say it epistemology....but...

    Yayha is my test subject in this foram for last two decades, although I haven't met him in personal and even I haven't seen his face. I observe him through his postings. His postings make image of blood thirsty monster in my brain.. By this I have some clues how he really look like... He has desire to learn knowledge but he favors only that version of information which confirms his beliefs or hypotheses. Like UN reports, He prefers UK/USA Jewish newspapers and their propaganda for his version of knowledge. The reason behind this is his faith which was given through messages of Promised Missah. For this Yayah shows his bigotry and he gathers or remembers information selectively, and this makes him to interpret it in a ways which was given through Mirza Ghulam..