Biggest joke of century. Talli will make liqat bhag Therer square

  • sheeda talli claming the biggest joke of the year

    with therer square

    at the age of 62 with sigar.

  • Why this fear of Sheik Rasheed? This is - I guess - the 10th thread on this topic!

  • Such news must be referred to jokes corner

  • Hahaha Sheeda Talli and tehreer square. I second Volcano bhai's opinion.

  • Sheeda Tulli...the practitioner of the most insidious form of politics in our country is surely capable of turning Liaqat Bagh into a Turd Square! Just a little dose of nostalgia for our little Mom and Pop kiddos sipping on Soda Pops right now:

  • talli and tarrer square



    we just fear from ALLAH

    why one fear from talli ........

  • Tahrir Square yielded Generals and Mullahs in Power - Sheikh Saab's dream team.


  • I had the initial thought that Shaikh Rasheed - Imran tango was a waste of time. But now I realize it is a tactful distraction move targeted for N O O R A league. Loonies have something else to run their smear campaign on.

    Insaf Movement should also do something similar to bring MQM on the same line for nooners.

  • @Omer,

    and you couldn't control the urge and spilled the beans out!!! PML-N would have never figured it out...

  • tactful.........hehehehe

    bhea tactful ho ya bactful

    PML N pindi chapter do not like taali they love to fight against taali

    even a ordinary worker of PML N awan beat him with margin of more than 21k . at that time taali has all the support of governer punjab pppp JI and all others

    pml n is strengthen due to this tactful (lafz maza data ha tactful)move.

  • @Sid mere dost, welcome back!

    Sheeda Talli is a ganda chichora aadmi.

    shram nahi aati tehreer square kaa naam laytay hoey.

    IK's another blunder.

  • we are morally very loose

    tareer square is so great for great people

    and taali is

    from his tough listing tehreer square is nothing more than

    a joke of milliniam.

  • @bsobaid,

    He is no more ganda and chichora than SS and NS.

    NS was in Tehreek-e-Istiqlal and then jumped into the lap of Generals. Then he dumped Jenojo.

    Mian Sharif once said to Gen Asif Nawaz Jaunjua in the presence of SS and NS, "If they cause too much problems, just slap them on the cheek. They are like your children!" (Related by Najam Sethi).

    The most rotten creation of establishment cannot taunt Sheik Rasheed by any stretch of imagination.

  • how many more threads on shieh rasheed?. it seems this news of shiekh saab alliancing with PTI has really got u worried.

  • As far as i can gather.. if Sh. Rasheed hadn't make alliance with either PML-N or PTI, it would have been 4 way match between PML-N, PTI, Sh. Rasheed & PPP in Rawalpindi. Although PPP votebank is not much but still. With Sh. Rasheed getting into alliance with PTI, it would be 3 way battle with PPP as weaker force. And now main battle would be between PML-N & Sh.Rasheed+PTI atleast in NA-55.

    Plus the Ephiderine case would be used as an Election slogan by Sh. Rasheed against PML-N which is sure to hit them badly. PML-N would be in disadvantage and they know it but they are creating propaganda out of this alliance as they always do. Also, being in government helps in propagating their agenda.

  • ^^^^ Brother, Ephedrine is very much an establishment sponsored affair and would be nipped in the bud within the due course of time. It won't affect PML-N in anyway nor it will be at any sort of disadvantage owing to this scandal. Besides, what if by the election time; Hanif Abbasi is exonerated by the same courts and he comes out with all guns blazing? These constituencies are the bedrock of PML-N and they will remain so for many more years to come; if it ain't Hanif Abbasi from NA-55 it'll be another worker of PML-N who'll again smash this unholy alliance of Tulli, Zakat Chor Khan, Zardari and establishment.

  • ^^^ RWP City Voter turnout:

    2008: 38% ---- PML-N got 23%

    2002: 39% ---- PML-N got 8% (Sh.Rasheed got 10%)

    1997: 36% ---- PML-N got 24%

    Amazing to note that adjacent city of ISL has 50% turnout in 2008 and 2002.

    PML-N only has been winning because people don't vote here. This time, the election won't be won on historic advantage here. The one who succeed in bringing out people and youth to vote would win here.

    Ephedrine is a big scandal whether you believe it or not. It'll definitely hamper PML-N, but that is remained to be seen in due course of time, as the court proceed with the case, as you mentioned.

  • PML N is never active in the past as he is active now. Last night again proved that

    Rawalpinidi__________ is the city of lions of PML N

    None can snap pindi from the Lions of PML N

    It is the die heart effort of SS and standing of PML N pindi division not to accept people Like Rasheed in Pindi Division Make PML N massive in PIndid

    we are ready to get 40% of the total votes of Pindi and we are very confident of clean sweeping from Pindi even Raja Pervaiz will be defeated this time badly.

  • Lets see, how many are going to vote for drug trafficer in next elections!! And by joke, it reminded me of a recent profile visit of takloooo and buzurg hasti of pkpolitics.. Fidning that the guy is almost twice of my age with no hair on his head, his posts now looks like a joke and why he become angry when Shareef brothers are callen G anju or taaklooo...