Aalim online or Zalim ONline

  • Plz comments on this video, I am not champ of Islam or Sunni shai stuff but i really like to know ur opinion on this


    Plz no Anti- MQM comments just plz stick with topic


  • @ expakistani

    It is really hard to decide who is right and who is wrong. The debate could not be concluded for the last 1400 years.

    There are very smart actors on both sides who can hypnotize the audience through their eloquency.

    Pakistan is facing bigger issues than Aamir Liaqat.

    Pakistanis are already fighting a deadly war on different sectors.

    Please keep these issues pending once the War on Terror and battle against economy is lost and won and the survival of Pakistan is secured.

    This is not related to the National Security of Pakistan.

    I understand this is not the time to make an elephant out of mouse.

  • expakistani

    I have heard this before and i really condemn what he has said. This is open MUNAFIQAT, the guy with the fake degree behaves like this in Shia Majalis and on screen he is the no. 1 champion of muslim unity.


    May be you missed the point. Its not about who is right and who is wrong? Its about pointing fingers at each other. Is this the only way left for point scoring?

    He knows that his statement could initiate Sectarian violence

    Remember Iraq.... sounds like the same.... Before US, every one was OK but after US One is Shia, one is Sunni and other is KURD.

    so this could be an attempt to initiate Shia Sunni clashes once again in Pakistan, this could help our enemies.

  • These are not new. Internet is full of such debates on religious and faith issues.

    Before the posting of this thread I didn't know that Amir Liaqat is a Shia as his TV show never reflected that impression.

    I agree with JS that right now there is no need to make an elephant out of mouse, where Pakistan is facing some very critical and serious issues.

    The Mulla's of Iraq were involved in a debate "Is Crow Halal or Haram in Islam", where Halaku Khan was knocking at the door.

    Shia Sunni controversy is already in action and will stay alive till the Day of Judgment.

  • I have friends and family in pakistani media and they told me years ago that Amir is a fake. He is a thug that uses intimidation methods. He is not the holy religious man you see on tv.

    And NO the voice he uses on Alim Online is not his real voice.

  • he is not able to discuss at all, nd no one ragards him as a schollar. his views are not important

  • The real picture of munafiq is infront of us. Every one should write to Geo, atleast an email.

    shikra and JS

    please understand the point instead of only criticizing.

    no one here is condemning here his action because he is shia and we are sunnis. I would have condemned his action even if he has used such kind of language against shias or even against the followers of any other religion. We are divided because such people are exploiting only the differences. Its ok to think different its every ones right but to hit someone others belief thinking that you are too smart is a buls**t and such a bastard should be banned from any channel.

  • @All

    thank you very much for your thoughts, I will try to keep this post up for few days so few more people can see and judge Amir liqat ali.

    what is shocking that he is Sunni and just trying to make $$$ via religious programs and gathering. We need to stop him before he turn in to another Salman Rushdi,

    @misalligned Thanks alot for your idea, i will send email and link to GEO let see how many of us can follow.

  • Yeah .... We need to stop him now because Altaf Don has ordered so ........

    Everything was hunky dory with Amir till he had not spoken against Qadianis and was a pet of MQM ...........

    For once I would have to agree with JS. Amir Liaquat is a non-entity and this is a non-issue.

  • we shud be well aware of these kind of jugglers ...who make fool out of us in the name of Islam .

    Amir Liaqat is a looser any ways...

    i never ever heard a single positive word about him from any one ,i interact with.

  • actually if some one is doing good we should appreciate this no matter we are having difference of opinion. At least we should have courage to call spade a spade. If MQM is involved in lot of crimes we should condemn it but if they are doing something good we should appreciate this.

    As far as Amir Liquat is concerned i agree he is no body but he is having a very powerful media which he could use to spread violence. Its a good idea to write an email to Geo, i will also do the same. Still this video is circulating in between educated class of pakistan i wonder what will happen when this will reach in the hands of ordinary people.

  • We need a change on our extreme approach.

    Most of the scholars suggest for very cruel remedy to solve a minor issue.

    Ban him!

    Remove him!

    Kill him!

    Let him go to hell!

    uski gardan kaat do!

    What for?

    Don't go to that bazzar for shopping where they don't sell the merchandize of your choice.

    Aamar Liaqat is not a bad man, he is sick. Make him healthy.

  • I think you are considering only the educated class who could analyze what is right and what is wrong and on the basis of this they could decide who is sick and how is healthy. In a society like US or Europe this is really a right approach. But we are talking about Pakistan.

    if a sick man is having a powerful media and he might could effect then the best solution is to ask him to gracefully not to do this job. You see this is still not a big issue because still this news is circulating on the internet which is not in access of majority of public in pakistan.

  • he is actually the product of a sunni shia marriage. He tries to play both sides for financial advantage.

    He is a phony, a fraud.

  • guys if nothing else atleast we can send petition to geo ??


  • Amir Liaqat is a looser any day.

    he mislead in the name of Islam..

    that his biggest crime....

    @Shiekh sahib,

    if he is sick...than a sick person shudnt be given a chance to expolite innocent ppl in the name of islam...its emotional black mailing ....

    he shud be sent to a phsychitrist......