Khatray kee ghanti? Kyani expresses concern over bad governance and corruption


    Awam is also concerned over our jets that dont fly when needed, about Taliban terrorist who freed hundreds of prisoners and later taunt bahadur afwajj over their failure, failure of bahadur ajwaaj to protect billion dollar aircraft "secured" in army shadi hall and the list goes on.

    bhai jaan, aap apni nokri sahee se karr lein, wohee bohot hai.

    Who has given the right to a soldier to pass remarks over governance?

    will pco Ch. Don take a suo moto?

  • When government used its right to bring ISI under civilian control tou sab ko mirchein lagg gaein thein qaumi khudmukhtaari will Al Ansar Al Abbasi Al Makhtoon and Talat Umar Hussain will do a show over illegal remarks of Kyani?

  • When there is bad governance, wide spread corruption, lawlessness, no electricity, no gas for industries, increasing MEHANGAI, Kamzor PIA, dobti Railway, unemployment, falling economy تو بھائ گھنٹیوں کی آواز تو آنی چاہیے ناں

  • haan jaisay pak afwaaj kee apni quwwat tou ghoday jaisee hai.

  • Pak Afwaj is the only disciplined institution of Pakistan despite many negative points that it may have. Eliminate Pak Afwaj from Pakistan and you will left with a situation worse than Afghanistan.

  • I dont know disciplined or not but they are unfortunately not as competent as we would like them to see.

    Jurnails are involved in corruption of all sorts. If discipline only means daddoo chaal for new recruits and fouji parade then they are disciplined, otherwise..probably not..and how many times have they broken their oath?? I dont think I need to remind you that.

    They are not even able to do their job properly, they should leave governance and politics aside.

  • اگر پیپلز پارٹی اپنے لایقء اور ایماندار لوگوں کو [جنکی کمی نا تھی] حکومت میں آگے لاتی اور روٹی - کپڑا - مکان کے وعدے پر عمل کرتی تو آج یہ صورت حال نہ ہوتی

  • jaisay jurnail baray laik faik hein.

    khaoo peoo duffer party.

  • Dirty plays of establishment ,responsible of all mess

  • All non-democratic forces from PCO Ch. Don to establishment are just scared of peaceful and smooth democratic transition of power.

    Zardari should just call elections now. He should know PPP cant perform any better (worse) than their past 5 years performance so no point in waiting another 6 months.

  • bsobaid jee

    Please read again what I said and then see your response. Get out of jurnail phobia.

  • Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani warned on Monday that if militancy is not eliminated, the country will be at risk of civil war.

    Marking 65 years of independence, the army chief said that in Pakistan the military faces an extraordinary situation of fighting its own people.

    He added that Pakistan could only prosper if all the institutions of the state, including the executive, the judiciary and the legislature worked together in unity.

    Addressing a ceremony at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul, he said: “The path we have chosen needs sacrifices but this is the only way to achievement and Pakistan is not going to fall short of sacrifices.”

    General Kayani asserted that “we are proud of our past and it is important that we learn from it. No one can help us except for ourselves.

    “It is the duty of our generation to give a better Pakistan to our kids no matter what the consequences are. After all we are nothing without Pakistan.”

    He emphasised on the fact that no country can afford to live in instability but for that it is important that everyone follows the rules set by Islam and the laws set by the Constitution.

  • کیانی یا کسی اور جرنیل میں ہمت نہیں کہ وہ دوبارہ پاکستان کو فتح کرنے کی کوشش کریں. یہ ہمت تو کریں. ان کی گاف پھاڑ دیں گے ہم اس مرتبہ.

  • Damned if you do damned if you don't.

    Finding faults and criticism just for the sake of criticisim has become the favourite past time of some of us.

    Unfortunately we don't realize there isnt a soul that has immunity from 'faults', there is enough material to slander our own charecter, our fathers and our mothers if someone so chooses to but is that a prudent course of action? Probably not....

    Purposeful criticisim is ok and leads to solutions...... incessant criticisim just for the sake of it is no different to a bakree's BAY BAY BAY :)

    Pak Fauj Zindabad, Pakistan Zindabad!

  • Army's Pakistan

    Okara to Attock .