Unfortunatelly . Khawaja asif and Nisar still waiting for imran khan's petition

  • 6 days gone when khan in emotional manner said A to Z

    and promise to go into court in next 2 days

    khawaja asif and nisar well comes it

    but unfortunatelly it seems to be another u-turn.

    every one should learn to keep oneself in a circle a circle in which what ever you say you able to full fill.

    today's asif again state that i am waitng egerly as i have made a very sound case. i hope khan will does make it another u-turn.

    neither tallat hussain has thrown light on it why khan is again moving towards a u-turn.

    as he is the spokes person of pti with mubasr luqman and hassan nisar.


  • Bro, if he has such a strong case, why isn't he going to courts himself? Or rather, get the PMLN led Punjab government to investigate SKMCH? Do you really think he means business?

    Anyway, his wait will be over soon. A writ petition will be filed in SC (ee Imran Khan in the last night In Session program).

    There is no running now.

  • ^^^^ Yes just like a petition was filed against Hanif Abbasi as well :D How many damages were slapped against Abbasi? BTW, your arguments smacks of "Sawal Channa Jawab Gundum." The onus ain't upon Khawaja Asif or Chaudhry Nisar to go anywhere. They have levelled serious allegation against Zakat-Chor Khan and its his backside which is supposed to sue the living daylights out him for defamation and libel. All said and done, we are not one bit surprised by P0nka Khan's inaction hitherto; after all he isn't called U-Turn Khan without a reason ;)

  • IK even announced Salman Akram Raja as the lawyer in the press conference. Later on Zakat Chor realized he would be exposed much further, so best thing is to shut up

  • intelectal at ground not at soicl media

    believes khan is explioter with a aim to damge pml n to give edge to zardari

    people like the hard work of SS

    and nice diciplined language by NZ

    good to see khosa's out coming of faisl shala hayat katak and hoti form kpk and nationalist of balochistan and sindh in pml n fold

    after eid major announcement will be made

    PML N and PML F allience is also very important

    furhter intelectual believes khan only do talking to remain the blueeyed boy of media now polls are reflecting the efforts of pml n and pml n are very confident.

  • Khawaja Asif is an old hand when it comes down to shoving an opponent's face inside a toilet bowl. P(O)TI Khan knows this and is aware of the cunning abilities of Khawaja Asif to make a monkey out of his opponents. Hence, y'all can be rest assured that Lota Khan will never even dare to challenge this defamation in court and would only force the likes of political garbage like Aik Retarded Aadmi to defame PML-N in press and electronic media instead.

  • @IP,

    Bro, I expect better from you. Don't engage in stupidities otherwise I will most appropriately refer to your leader as HaramKhor Sharif (which he actually is, as opposed to your allegation).

    Please watch the last night In Session. A writ petition will be filed against Kh Asif.

    On two things Kh Asif will be nabbed - money laundering allegation and allegation of investing Zakat money. He knows he can't defend them, and we know his face will be blackened to the whole nation.

  • ^^^ Why last night's In-Session only? POTI Khan declared rather vehemently that Khawaja Asif will be hauled in a court of law and that was last week. Why hasn't the same been done as yet?

  • Siddiqi73:

    "Khawaja Asif is an old hand when it comes down to shoving an opponent's face inside a toilet bowl."

    This is what you call shot of the day in cricketing terms!!

  • Ok I'll take your word and will wait for that petition to be filed in SC. On 3 Aug press conference Zakat Chor even said that all his party leaders will declare and post their assets on the website within this week. Brother its 10 days now. I think the party leaders gave P0ti khan a cold shoulder, let the dog bark, who cares

  • brother yet nothing is filled

    jsut tv talk

    khan as accepted all the allegation by khawaja asif and nisar

    at only two allegations of asif imran has some reservation that is why is only going at these two allegation

    asif with a strong case is waiting for the notice. we respect courts yes in past pml n did bad with courts but it is the long march of pml n with civil socity which restored the respected judicary.

    as sa pml n na apni galti ka kamaza bught kar judicary ko azad karwaya.

  • IP sahb:

    Khan sahb said he will not take any members unless they declare assets: Sowwaaar khan's speech on OCT 31, 2011 Lahore.

    And what about the civil disobedience movement.

  • Omer I think we should compile a full book on this zakat chors u turns

  • @IP,

    You are gonna run out of paper and your vocab will be exhausted but this book on Zakat-Chor and his U-Turns would still not finish :D

  • lol @arguments by PTI trolls. So IK was again lying when he said he will take him to courts. Now PTI kids saying PMLN should take IK to court - hilarious :D


    welcome back :-)

  • Sid what drama Arif Alvi created last night to pacify ilzami kids who were hiding their faces in wc by claiming no alliance as such made till now?

  • @Binary,

    Thanks Bro!! Feel rather reinvigorated after a long time and I would celebrate my return to PKP by bashing the knuckle-head brigade left, right and centre. Trust that you would do your bit in exposing the lies, deceit, u-turns and hypocricy of P0nka Khan and the immaturity of the cult followers of Deen-e-Ilzam.

  • @IP,

    Poor Arif Alvi! After all, he is the father of that idiot Awab Alvi whose only talent is to manage Sheep Herd's Social Media Degenerates. Mind you, he ain't even good at that and gets caught and ridiculed by Nusrat Javed all the time.

    But for real, Sana Bucha had the Older Alvi by his pair last night. Poor fella!

  • Petition will be filed very soon

    They are just waiting Imtiaz Haidri's letterhead

  • ^^^This is not even needed. You see, Kh Asif will be busted on two points. The other points are a red herring (if you know what that means).

    To all the paid supporters of PMLN speaking nonsense here -

    What if the petition is filed? Will you take your comments back and apologize? If you have any shame, you would commit suicide if now the petition does get filed!

    But don't worry, I know you are shameless.