Unfortunatelly . Khawaja asif and Nisar still waiting for imran khan's petition

  • Ik and his PTI are so full of lies that people are actually having difficulty catching them properly, one lie after another and so on and on and on...

  • Benamee transaction, Tyrian Khan, and gambling on SKMH money, IK is walking on a tight rope and PMLN is letting him come out before they get him for good.

    Once IK is dealt with, PTI is history! (and that will be a tragedy)

  • @Sam45 and @amir_ali

    The embezzlement in zakat funds was done in the past. We should all forget about this loss of zakat funds now and concentrate on 6 promises by IK made at last Lahore jalsa.

    Since IK never made those 6 pledges previously he couldnt be held responsible for not fulfilling them before jalsa? understand

    BTW....get your Kh Asif ready to be put behind bars before elections as IK is about to file the case he promised about a year ago on live TV

  • What happened to those $4.5 million of SKMH charity funds. I hear no follow-up to this serious story which seem to have died off after allegations and counter-allegations from both sides.

    Our media is noisy and lives by the day. There is no serious journalistic follow-up of corruption stories.