What a pity... Hanif Abbasi goes to SHC for Bail before Arrest

  • It is comical and hypocritical that Hanif Abbasi had to go to Sindh High Court for his bail before Arrest petition in Ephedrine case.

    So what happened to PLMN's confidence in independence of judiciary especially Punjab High Court and "Punjabi" judges.

  • ڈینگی برادران جتنا عدالتوں کا احترام کرتے ہیں، اس کے بارے میں سجاد علی شاہ سے معلوم کیا جاسکتا ہے۔


    پنجاب کی قسمت کے کیا کہنے، ایک طرف نورے اور دوسری طرف سونامی برگر۔

    اب بندہ کہاں جاۓ؟

  • any source? link?

  • @SD

    Please ask Hanif Abbassi, He can confirm this as well. :)

  • I have heard he has disappeared after the bail.

  • you will hear about more disappearances from pindi on election day...pindiwaal will drown tsunami and sheeda talli in nala lai

  • has anyone found hanif abbassi?

    Maybe he is hiding behind the walls of raiwind

  • A strong rival of Sheikh Rasheed not available on any TV show on 13th August!! Ohhh Hanafi drug Smugler, where are you hiding?

  • he's busy in digesting ephidrine....

    isky khilaf koi headline nahi bnti moosa gilani ki daily headline lagg jati hai. y??

    talli is baar isski khoob talli bjaye ga with khan and khan pe ilzamat k badly k liye khan ka hathyar banyga talli....

  • here is the source


    "The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader had sought an eight-week-long protective bail through his counsel, Shaukat Hayat, on the ground that he was a resident of Karachi and needed time to travel to the trial court in Rawalpindi. He also requested the court to grant him time to engage a lawyer and to appear before the anti-narcotics court"

    what i do not understand is the reason that was given, under the grounds that he is a resident of Karachi and needs time to travel to Rawalpindi????

  • Yes sirrrr eeeeee.....At least Hanif Abbasi did not skip child support payments nor did he chicken out from presenting himself in front of the California Superior Court.

  • So ilzamiNator is Back! I can sense the ilzamis strangulating already.

  • what is the problem with bail.

    there are many types of bail

    his bail is "To avoid himself from political defamation"

    i am laughing Tsunami are so much feared from Hanif.

    you know he has faced many times cases of 302.

    He is a brave person and even ANF knows it is very hard nut to crack.

    we beleieve on justice. Courts are independent and we respect them. if any thing proved or any court order is given against them we are ready to hang up.

    be happy those who fears from hanif. no doubt he is a very brave person. As, he is "Farzanda PIndi"

  • Zakat choor khud to california ki court se bhag gia aur doosro ke legal rights par bhi ilzam

  • this thread is concerning hanif abbassi, please try to stick with topic. thanks

    so what i do not understand is the reason he gave, that he lives in Karachi and needs time to travel to Pindi?, it does seem a bit weird to me.

    secondly what the heck was he doing in SIndh High Court?

  • Repect bahi

    since u consider this judiciary as biased so it doesnot matter from where HA gets the bail; u will object

    The main point is that P(O)TI now consider CJ and judiciary as biased just like their ally PPP

    we respect ur openion but dont agree

  • So what's the big deal if he took bail from Sindh high court? He mentioned the reason that he was a resident of Karachi so that justifies him filing the bail application in SHC.

    Makhdoom Shahabuddin also took bail from Peshawar high court in the same case despite of being from Rahimyar Khan.

  • And for that matter, Monis Elahi also secured bail from Sindh High Court in NICL case. I cannot recollect Ilzamis making a hue and cry on this.


    Buddy, you don't dictate to me as to what is the topic going around and what ought to be discussed. You keep on posting your lala landish discourses and I would keep on poking holes in them, whatever way I deem appropriate.


    Hola Koma Staz Amigo!!! I missed you too buddy ;)

  • alright put some hair on, acknowledged what u have said, but was not referring to u anyway so keep on posting your rubbish, i am in NO position to say otherwise.

  • @mango mam

    where did PTI come into this, making up things yourself. I am saying this that Noon league cases are not being heard which is a fact, and why no conclusion to the case? Simple point

    My point is that why go to SIndh?

    Why not Punjab?

    as for the travelling excuse that was made, how long does it take from Karachi to Pindi anyway?

    Does hanif Abbassi live in Karachi? and how often does he visit Pindi?

    correct me if I am wrong he flippin is an MNA in Pindi, is he not?

    BTW maybe we will get too a conclusion to this case if it ever they come to a verdict

    finally CJ coming out of a nooner seems pretty ridiculous


    now whose side is who on? PPP have not gone that far yet but it seems your history is so disgusting concerning CJ, that it seems u opening your mouths with his name makes me think which BOngi world u lot actually come from