Failed jalsa by Imran and Raheed on the historic eve of Independence day.

  • According to PTI and Sheikh almost 20,000

    According to agencies almost 6000-7000

    According to khabrain news 10000

    According to Hamid Mir 6000-7000

    According to tallet Hussain very low crowd than expectation

    According to Najam Shati 5000-8000!

    According to my friends in Pindi which are around the jalsa 4000-5000 (mostly piad 500 rupees )But i disagree with it.

    IS Pendi remains the hub of PML N??????

  • شیخ رشید نے خان صاحب کا دو دفعہ بوسہ لیا.... روزنامہ ایکسپریس


    یہ کیا ہورہا ہے بھائی یہ کیا ہو رہا ہے

    :) :)

  • Same Bosa that Altaf Gave to Mustafa Kamal.

    This Bosa is not from Shaikh rasheed to Imran this is from Establishment to Imran because they want them to attach with Sh Rashid.

  • By the number of threads started on this topic by paid noon workers, it is easy to understand the mindset of noooora leadrship that is scared and defensive..

    Anyway, even though I didn't watch TV yesterady, it is a good message to Imran Khan by PTI supporters like me, who do not like Sheikh Rasheed, that he should stay away from such old politicians. But, I like the idea of an alliance between all those parties who are not part of the current system minus musharaf party ofcourse.

    This will also increase the religious vote for IK, as Hafiz Saeed in his recent interview said that most of his party workers voted for JI and PML N in last elections but he believe that this time his party followers are going to vote for PTI, even though Jamat ul dawah leadership give freedom to his followers to vote for any party, but this is the general mode of his party followers right now!! JI and Sheikh Rasheed also has good relations that can help in forming such alliance!!

  • In 2005

    Imran Khan= Allah don't make me a successful politician like Sh. Rasheed

    Sh. Rasheed= Imran Khan aik mamoolee Kaptaan hai.

    In 2012

    شیخ رشید نے خان صاحب کا دو دفعہ بوسہ لیا.... روزنامہ ایکسپریس

    It is called as politics of principals :)

  • In 2005:

    I will not take any one from PML Q in my party

    In 2012:

    Ameer Maqam is candidate of CM of KPK of PML N.

    It is called as politics of principals aur apnai gareban main nahin jhaaanknaa!!

  • yes noon workers is always paid.

    pml n workers or supporters never mind this

    what ever pti cheaf khan says we do not care

    as we do not think that khan as enough value that we give him hearing.

    we are proud Pakistani and we confident at our election team waiting for elections at time (not before). we are confident of getting simple majority. keep it up SS

    when i listen the admiration of your work from the mouth of jiyals that feel me happy that even jiyals can be turned around

    1.7 million votes (the largest in %age) age range 25-36 the main weapon of PML N which has increase there vote bank from 21% to 31% and it will go up to 40%+ Insha Allah! because still 6 months are there in elections.

  • Shiekh rasheed views in the past concerning IK as a only a captain, as tanga party. Well the thing is many people including media had a similar viewpoint. So too be honest there was some truth in it as well.

    Coming to Shiekh rasheed he is not corrupt, he is a patriot, no angel, everyone goes through bad patches however is better than many.

    If u nooners could take MM who accused noon league of all sorts, from corrupt to women beaters to undemocratic. What is the issue with Shieh Rasheed saab?

    well the answer to this is he did not join noon league!

  • hahahah, muzamil, thanks for the laugh!! especially the sentence where you said " we do not give value to IK", lolz, thats why we start more threads on IK than on Nooooras!! (Funny, isnt it?) This fact alone is a prooof that PML N siasat is ilzami siasat and they do not have anything to promote except their billion of dollars.

    We will see you in elections, till then satisfy yourself with these stupid calculations and please your masters!!

  • 1)Yes i am the paid worker Of Noon League

    2)Gallop survey is paid agent of Noon League.

    3)IRI is also Paid Agent of Noon League ( As per them 62% people like PMLn) I think all 62% has been died since then and no one will defend his party.

    Why you people are so much aggressive in defending his party- Just relax and read the following,

  • brother

    unfortunately i do not read those post in stats are posted mean some low moral words

    fortunately we have promise of good moral

    so i will read you if your post do not contain low moral words.

    come with some state

    we do not need to critize any one

    for us our performance and love of people for us is enough yes we are paid brother

    and we are happy for the paying as our party is the founding party of Pak and we are working on a pay to safe this Pakistan. we love our country

    May Allah bless all of us.

  • The question was "you said you do not give value to Ik yet this PMl N backed forum start more threads on IK than Nooooora achievements" Kiya yeh khula tazad nahin?

  • brother

    all the threads are at tahreer square not at khan

    every one just enjoying at independent day the tahreer square of pindi.

  • شیخ رشید جیسے بے شرم آدمی جس کو اپنے سونامی خان صاحب چند برس قبل تک اپنا چپڑاسی رکھنے کو بھی تیار نہیں تھے آج خود اسکے چپڑاسی بن کر اسکے قدموں میں جا گرے۔

    یہ ہوتی ہے عظیم لیڈر کی نشانی۔ اس بندے نے یو ٹرن کرنے کے تمام عالمی ریکارڈ توڑ دیئے ہیں۔

  • When Ptian give justification on IK's hypocrisy by stating that other parties are doing so then why the heck ptian are raising the slogan of so called "Change". Kiya yeh munafiqat nahin hai?

  • [**شیخ رشید نے کہا کہ خودکشی حلال ہوتی تو موجودہ حالات میں سپریم کورٹ کے سامنے خود کو آگ لگا لیتا، ہم کس کی طرف دیکھیں۔۔۔۔۔۔



    لوگ سمجھتے ہیں کہ میں نے عمران خان سے سیٹیں مانگی ہیں لیکن میں عمران خان کو سیٹیں دینے والا ہوں۔۔۔۔۔۔


    ;-) :-) ;-)

  • @BlackSheep,

    Adab!!! Long time no talk buddy...tried to reach you earlier but no response. Trust that you are well.

    Coming back to the topic at hand, it is clearly evident that the blind cult Mureeds of Deen-a-Z@@n have clearly lost it and are coming up with all sorts of laughable rhymes and baloneys to justify a CHAPRASI's part in CHANGE and Soo-Soonami. As for attendance, hahahahahahahahaha......the mystical persona of Tulli combined with a magical fire-power of Zakat-Khor Khan were only able to gather a few thousand Knuckle-Heads in the bastion of PML-N....MIAN DAY NARAY WAJAN GAI!!! :D

    I can't really make out the utility of Tulli to P0nka Khan except for the fact that at least Tulli can acquaint "Aunty Shamim" with Zakati Khan.....Buhahahahahahhahahahahaha!

  • express newspaper claims 4500 people attended jalsa