Low moral value fight of PML N and PTI helping PPPP & they r banking on it.

  • Both Parties should have to think in a wise way otherwise

    as PPPP has mojority in senate

    no one can make any change with out the help of PPPP

    and then again Zardari will do bargaining.

  • in case of understanding between pmln and pti who will be chaudry NZ or IK?

  • brother there should not be any understanding between pti and pml n

    they both are chaudry of their own parties.

    They should control their parties and their party worker use good moral language.

    PTI and PML N does not need to come on any page they should fight with each other in a good manner.

  • There should be absolutely no ceasefire from PML-N, fight fire with fire. We have to stand-up now and boot out Zardari and his little touts and minions in Chaudhrys, Asfandyars and most importantly - that phony con artist and Zakat Chor.

  • Bhagorey bhi ab fight karain gay! subhan allah

  • Kyon, tumharay leader ki tarah Musharraf kay Sajjay aur Khabbay ki polish karain.....Mashallah!

  • @ muazzam

    then please chain your gogs like mushahidullah.

  • Senator Mushahidullah did chain .......the 'teesree makhlooq' aur un ke gaane bajane wale' last night in Kashif Abbassi progrmme!

  • Lollzzzz.....Abrar Marasi ended up acting like a Khusraa of the highest order. All Heil to Guruji Mushahidullah Khan :D

  • you mean abrar marasi ended up being IK last night?

  • بزرگو ہم جانتے ہیں کے ٹکلو بدمعاش نے بہت سے پاگل کتے پال رکھے ہیں

    لیکن آپ نے سنا ہو گا کے جو بھونکتے ہیں وہ کاٹتے نہیں .

    ویسے بھی وہ آپ کے تو سینیر ہیں آپ بہتر جانتے ہیں

  • Abrar Marasi say poochi kay kis tarah say Mushahidullah Khan nay usko "Nuch Punjaban Nuch" par nachaya tha kaal raat ko.


    Buhahahahahahahahahaha.......Abrar only wished that he stuck around with his day job of being a Marasi instead of feeling like what IK feels everyday :D

  • hehe,

    aap log chen say sweep karain pareshani kya hai ? :P

  • Guru Mushahidulla doesnt want to appear in a talkshow with Inamullah Niazi

    The other guru Siidiqul farooq shits his pants upon hearing of Imran Ismail

    Maajra kya hai ? :s

  • Yaar Imran Ismail tu Imran Khan ko larkiyan aur NATO ko juice supply karta hai. Ab aisay karobari aadmi say kiya darna ju khud hee undar say gunda ho. Waisay woh bhee Shahzeb kay ilawa kisi kay program mein aata nahi.....yeh kiya majra hai?

    Rah giya Inamullah Niazi, tu is Marasi ko hamari party nay 20 saal tak kisi Talk show mein tu kiya koi akhbari bayan bhee nahee daynay diya. Ab yeh aap ki party mein aa kar bohat bara soorma bun giya hai tu yaheen say aap ki party kay level ka patta chal jata hai. In my opinion, IK should ask Inamulla Niazi to strap a harmonium around his shoulder and perform a marasi gig at a Mela in Mianwali. At least he would be able to collect a lot of money which can be eventually deposited in SKMH Zakat's account :D

  • Uski dosti hai Shahzeb say .. A/C k pass wali kursi hamesha Imran ko deta hai .. bas aur koi maajra nai :P

    Wo larkiyan supply karta hai to zahir hai Noon league k kisi kaam ka nai :P .. ANP say maloom karain shayed koi raah nikal aey :P

  • @siddiqi... jeenab naach panjaban naach toun sun liya ... zarra "JAAG PUNJABI JAAG KA TOUN JAWAB DEIN"... and please.. teesri quwat woo houta hein joo KIM BAKER koo kahey kein :"I am fat and ugly but i would like to be your freind" ....

    @ ADMIN : will you take note of the language used by the patwari s MR.AHSEN IQBAL or which ever pml-n guy owns this website?. or are all the moral restrictions only there for us?

  • @gunnerz30,

    Bro, I haven't yanked your chain in a while. I'm willing to make an exception for your sake though. Is Kim Barker related to you in anyway that you got offended at NS hitting upon her?

  • @gunnerz

    Chor yaar dafa kar har baat dil pay nai lia kar. Vote ye b Tehreek he ko dain ge, bas thori frustration hai, kher hai.

  • hahhahaha oh in that case zaroor seeta white NS kee bohat kareeb kee rishtedar houn gee na?.. tabhi app saab koo itnee ziada takleef houti hein?.... seriously is there and end to this?... can we for once stop fighting like idiots and start discussing like educated people?