Shadab Rasool proves research

  • Ladies & gentlemen, no dearth of talent in Pakistan.

    KHAIRPUR: Shadab Rasool Abro, a student of matriculation and a resident of Khairpur, was given an award as well as a scholarship worth 250,000 dollars by the US State University of New York for presenting his research in the field of Bio Chemical.

    The student of Pak-Turk School, talking to Geo New said he had conducted a modern research in the field of Bio Chemical and also worked on a project with an amazing result. Through this project the industrial world can be made virus-free and the industrial effluent recycled, he explained.

    On an invitation from the US State University of News York, Shadab Rasool Abro visited the varsity and performed a successful experiment on the basis of his research. This won him an award and a scholarship worth 250,000 dollars in the US.

  • Super like...congrats Shadab Rasool Abro

  • Provide more details and when I googled this guy name all the news articles came from Pakistan sources where is the independent or US media reports or articles about this??????

    I would like to have more details on the subject matter. Whats new in his 'research' that the rest of world was unable to see or experiment ? Is there a scientific publication to support his claims ?

    BTW Looks like Khairpur has become the scientific hub of Pakistan ... a few days back, an 'Engineer' from Khairpur was running a car on water ... now we have another 'researcher' studying in matric, who has produced 'amazing' results in the field of Bio-Chemicals. Bravo

  • PakiConsultant

    Quite valid .

  • I don't know about this guy, but have known few who can make create bio-chemical mixture of few edible and other consumable things to match the demand for those commodities, or ungrateful society instead of thanking them call them milawat-khor

  • اتنا تو ہمارا انٹر پاس افسر ڈیفنس کے ایک پلاٹ سے بنا لیتا ہے

    اتنی کوشش کا کیا فائدہ