What was criteria to confrred Hilal E Imtiaz to Dr. Ishrat

  • The president of Pakistan confrred highest civilian award Hilal - E - Imtiaz to current governor Sindh Dr. Ishrat ul ibaad for his excellent services. And MQM chief currently residing in Britain also congratulated him for acheiving this award. But my question is what did he acheived as governor.The bhatta culture has been finished No kidnapping in Karachi, No land grapping, No target killing,contrlled load shedding,price hike, gas managment, water problems etc etc. If all these still exists,so what is the reason for this award. The only thing he did is keeping MQM part of present corrupt government. If this is the reason , so give to their Don Altaf Hussain( a british national).

  • کراچی کو دنیا کے بدترین شہروں میں سے ایک شہر بنانے پر ڈاکٹر عشرت العباد کو ہلال امتیازدیا گیا

  • To all the screwheads, review before you post. According to you, he is Governor of Karachi not Governor of Sindh. Governor of any province is more or less is a figurative head, he or she comes with limited powers, where for your information, more power goes to Chief Minster. If you have to wring someone's neck, go get Qaim Ali Shah for it, old geyser, not good for anything.

  • @Rizwanaimkhani

    30-40 % population of Sindh live in Karachi

  • Kamyab bhatta khori per shayad diya gaya hy......


  • Ever since Rehman Malik was conferred honorary PHD, such news just doesn't shock or even slightly disturb anymore.

  • @Rizwan Qaimkhani

    I think you just like to oppose the issue,without going in deep.Would you like to tell the readers, that what are the responsibilities of Governor. I never mentioned him Governor of Karachi, but what are his other acheivements for whole Sindh. As far as referring to to Qaim Ali Shah. Why a common man to go and ask CM, So what Dr.sb is doing, just sit and watch all wrong doings. where was he on 12th May? Should i give you some other eye opening facts.