It should be better if we make this forum creative by talking at constituencies

  • we should talk at constituencies rather than thrwoing garbage. when we start talking at constituencies it will make this fourm creative.

    every member of the fourm should gave his/her constitunecy number and it position of the candidates of each party.

  • MuazzamAli bahi

    Ilzamians ke hotay hoye yeh kaisay mumkin ha; un ka to aik hi bongi ha

    P(O)TI will sweep 372 seats; ab un se aap kia discuss karain ge?

  • creativity and noon league, u are having a laugh, please stop joking.

    maybe i need to copy and paste some of your own posts, now watch and see takla babu will be on his way down soon and u will get your creativity.

  • Every freaking thread gets hijacked by paranoid nooray running amok on this forum. And are you the same Moazzam who started 50 threads on same topic of Sh. Rashid? charity begins at home bro, get your act together first.

  • ilzamians ki tableegh

  • there u go muzzalim u got your creativity from mango brain above

  • long as garbage is suspended in the discussion boards, it would be our national duty to dispose it and cleanse the atmosphere around here.

    As for constituencies and elections, P0TI has already been declared to be the most biggest and revered party on planet earth and their popularity and adulation has touched dizzy heights. They are now well ahead with attaining a massive majority not only in Pakistan but on moon, neptune, pluto, uranus and mars.

  • MuazzamAli bahi

    Sheeday talli ke shamal honay ke baad aur Amer Momneen ki hidayat par ilzmain ne tableegh shro kar di ha ab election ko bhool jain

  • @admin/diq73

    could we please stick with the topic, i now u are up the back end of NS 24/7 but please u have a responsibility.

  • yar koi kam nhi

    topic pe koi stic nhi karta

    hum larta zada ha

    waqt ka zada zaya karta ha

    no construtive talk

    always garbge

    we should come to constituencies.