NA-72, Serious Rift b/w PTI candidates for the ticket of PTI.

  • Which candidate will be the most effeicient form PTI fot this constituency.

  • one important thing

    difference of opinion among part member is the beauty of democracy.

    SO must take this thread positive and come which will be the better candidate.

  • how about ayla malik?

  • Lolzzzzz.....InamUllah Marasi was in PML-N for 20 odd years and we never even got to see his ugly face in those 20 years. Now all of a sudden, Zakati Khan's cousin has strapped a harmonium around his shoulder and has started to perform in Melas.

  • Sab lanati aik platform par unite ho rahay hain;

    par lagta ha ticket aur.. ayla malik ko milay ga

  • yes ayla malik____ A galomourus Lady (2002-2007 during musharaf regime selected on womens ticket under pml q)

    also in run form NA-72

    the sister of Summara malik (A MNA elected on pml q ticket through votes has joined PML N)

    BOth are daughters of Nawab of Kalabagh.

    so have well deserve approch in all parites

    and a strong candidate for MNA ticket of NA-72

  • Mr. Rind a renowned political figure form Balochistan recently married Ayla Malik (MNA). Ms. Ayla is grand daughter of the late Nawab of Kalabagh,Mianwali and niece of former President of Pakistan, Mr. Farooq Laghari

    Rind is minister for food and agriculture.

  • how about ppp, pmln?


  • MuazzamAli

    i think they seperated? or not?

  • yes seperated but divoce nhi howi.

  • sidiqi yar shadi khal ki story kaha tc phonchi....

  • @Muazzam Bhai,

    Naveed Chaudhry bhai bata rahay hain kay it is still under process.

  • BTW, if Shadikhail contests on PML(N) ticket; Zakat Chor Khan would be out of Mianwali as well.

  • I used to see Barrister Umair Khan and only barrister umair khan under the pti flag standing under the old tree in the yard of the high court and participating in all rallies for the restoration of the judiciary. This was in 2007-08 when pti could not gather more than a dozen people even when khan saab was arrested. This is the fate of old party workers.

    i see pti bachas demanding "send inamullah in all talk shows" hahahahaha did you not see how he was knocked out by rana sanaullah without the rana even raising his voice? inamullah promised in the show that imran khan would accompany rana sanaullah to a mosque and hold the quran and swear that all his assets were halaal...hahahaaha major fail inamullah bringing imran down to the level of rana

  • ayla malik is also promised by the khan for NA-72 ticket.

    PML N wants Shaadi khal from their ticket negotiation are going b/w pml n and shadi khal

  • @BTKHAN bhai

    can u sent the link from that video !!

  • BT Khan Bhai,

    What surprises me the most is that Inamullah Marasi was with PML-N for 20 years and no one ever saw his face, PML-N made sure that they hid his ugly face from the glare of public for fear of embarassment. The only utility this Loser Niazi can be is to strap a harmonium around his shoulder and sing "Mundhar da Thainwa" at some Mela at Mianwali.

    Lolzzzzz at Rana Sanaullah putting this marasi in his rightful place. BTW, the sheep herd is of the opinion that if Inamullah Marasi is sent on talkshows, Mushahidullah Khan Guruji would run away.....Buhahahahahahahahah!

    After the KuTtay wali of Abrar Billu from 14th August, Mushahidullah Khan has become untouchable.

  • Sir aap hamara shaq dur kar dain .. guru jo say kahain k Inamullah k saath ek talkshow main beth jayen .. :P

  • Hum nay kub roka hai....Guruji tu Imran Double Shah Khan Niazi kay saath bhee bethnay ko tayar hain. Musla yeh hai kay Zakati Chor samajhta hai kay Allah nay usko bari fursat say banaya hai isi liyeh woh insanoon kay saath nahi bulkay sirf Sheeda Tulli Kay saath Jhuppi aur Pappi dalay ga :D :D

  • iron rod to khan ki neck me bi ha,......

    anger and iron rod always damage a party

    in anger you always do mistakes in last week khan did many mistakes.........