Who will be the care taker PM and when interim govt will form.

  • As interim govt is very important. what will be the time when interim govt will be in office. any prediction????????

  • My prediction in nov-dec and then elections in Feb-Mar

    @Muazzam bro

    Check you PMinbox

  • I second Omar on this. Around Dec. and by that time, the last rites of Deen-e-Ilzam and Zakat Chor Khan would also have been performed.

  • very interesting....as we may alraedy have a caretaker PM


    so it proves that PMLN with their astute politics not only managed to get CEC who is neutral .... but may get caretaker PM who will be neutral...more likelt that CEC will have to pick from the list of 4!

    Time to think for the thick shit head sheeps who wanted PMLN to resign

  • yes fakru din ibram is a good option

    because every one has confident at him and selected by all the parties

    so why not fakru

    and for CEC any one who fakru pick.

  • @LHR,

    The resignation mantra was something which was handed over to Zakati Khan from none other than Zardari and Gilani. PML-N understood the game that Imran Double Shah Khan is nothing but a sleazy pawn and minion at the disposal of establishment and the ruling cabal and hence, did not fall for this gimmick.

  • yes PML N did good by not resigened

  • @siddiqi

    bro...sleazy and minion are 2 words that describe him well!

  • Actually there are many other words but they would be mighty tough for the dimwits of Sheep Herd to comprehend :D

  • yaar akheer shughal laga rahay hain aap saray :P .. yaqeen karain mu dikhane wala nai chora hamain :P

  • Yakeen Karain, aap ki yeh kafiyat ab bohat ursay tak rahi gee....please get used to it ;)

  • naheen siddiqi bhai...yeh buhut samajhdar hain.....in few months they will disappear from political forums and then reappear after another few months .....supporting the next asghar Khan whoever that may be brought in by 'them'

  • wasa

    ma ak bat manta ho

    sadiqi ka aga koi ilzami nhi tikata

    specialy fantooti tsunami iftakhar alam etc

    jub sidiqi ho to comment he nhi karta

    adhar udhar ki old post la ata ha

    great sadiqi

    wasa talli la bhata ha PTI ko

  • I think if Mahmood khan achakzai is not planning to contest elections, he will be the best care-taker PM. He should actually be the strongest candidate to become next president, if PMLN comes to power.

  • The question should be who will be PM after elections not who will be care taker PM?


  • The reality of NooraKhusti:

  • I've never stooped so low and everyone is witness but someone who calls my leader a dog will get a proportionate response:

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  • @BTkhan,

    Why are you acting as a cry baby, bro? If you can't take the heat, don't give it. While your leader's corruption is famous in the world, my leader is famous for his honesty, achievements and integrity. So stop your fellows from abusing my leader first, before you lose your cool so easily.

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  • your bloody leader was part of the muk muka under the 20th amendment for the chief election commissioner and he will be part of the muk muka again under the 20th amendment for the care-taker set up so stay on the topic and share your views because your party is part of this even though its not a constitutional requirement but the pml-n was generous enough to ask you and now both pml-n and ppp feel they should take you on board...stop acting like a kid and posting doggy pictures...grow up, find a job, do something in life, be a man