NA 123 - Lahore VI

  • will it be PMLN vs Makhdoom Javed Hashmi ???

    comments please.

  • Lollzzz.....ZSD Bhai. Aik Daaghi Aadmi is already clinically dead and on ventilators at the moment. NA-123 would see his janaza passing through the streets of Gawal Mandi. He would never take such a risk.

  • i think JH is confident to win this seat as he thinks that he can win NA 55 again .

  • Yeah right, but I'm sure that he isn't confident at all about his own seat.....NA-149 :d

  • if it is b/w hashmi vs pml n (i believe hashmi will lost badly


    if it b/w hamid miraj va pml n (PML N will win but with less margin)

    Hamid miraj is much much better candidate for PTI in na-123 as compare to Hashmi.

    i believe if hashmi fought form this it will be "Zamanat Zabat"

    Miraj will give good fight.

  • i dont think JH will contest from 123 or 55 he will fight from multan 149 and 150.

  • i think u-turn khan always say that they will give tickets to new commers on urban seats but with the introduction of talli it seems that he lost the confidence; my be he will force JH to contest but i think JH will not contest from any seat in the next election; On multan his daughter or son in law will contest

  • Hashmi from multan will fight from one seat

    while Qureshi from two.

  • I second Mango. JH knows that his days as a Baaghi are numbered and his health is too debilitated to withstand the humiliation of loosing an election. Hence, he would just sit on his arm chair and does what he does best; cry over NS and SS's treatment meted out to Daaghi.

  • @ muazzam

    i think hamid meraj got less than 1000 votes as an independent candidate but on pti ticket he got 10000 votes so there is no brotheri factor in 123. JH is the best candidate for pti on every lhr seat

  • both hashmi and daghi/his nominee are set to loose; bosan has a chance if he contest independently

  • hashmi from 149 and 150 and qureshi from 148 and 201 or 200.

  • i think people should understand the difference between daghi and smq; the votes of daghi are pmln; large amount of votes of smq are his mureeds;

    smq has better chance but seems very dificult considering the result of bye election

  • brother i am the local person

    miraj ko ager 10000 milta

    to hashmi ko 2000 milta

    Hashmi kabi us halqa ma bi nhi aya

    last time pml n ki ticket pe wo na-123 ma ak dafa bi nhi ya and jeeta

    pml n pet votes there.

    Hamid miraj a local man so will get more votes.

    Hashmi will be a total flop show.

  • why ilzam khan accepted talli if JH could win 55; he cannot get more votes even than jazi khan

  • PML N lahore chapter president

    He blongs to Arain Family (The largest populated family of Lahore )

    And his family is one of the most educated family from Lahore.

    He is too a very nice and active person with great moral values.

    will be the candidate form PML N

  • who is PMLN's candidate here @muazzam

  • Pervaiz Malik

  • Mohammad Pervaiz Malik was born in Lahore on November 18, 1947. He was elected to the National Assembly for the second time on a PML(N) seat. He was previously elected as MNA for the term of 1997-1999. Mohammad Pervaiz Malik is also a member of the Parliamentary Task Force on WTO issues.

    An Industrialist by profession, Mohammad Pervaiz Malik completed his B.Sc Engineering from Aston University, UK in 1970, and is a member of the Lahore Gymkhana Club and the Lahore Businessmen Association for the Disabled. Married with two sons and a daughter, he has traveled extensively through numerous regions of the world. He has previously served as a member on the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on Labour and Manpower.

    His father brother wife every won very educated and professional.

    He became the president of Lahore chapter with out any lobing and it is good pml n slected a noble person for this.

  • election to hone do jawano, tum logo nay abhi say sweep kar dia hai :P

    saath he, koi ek seat jo N kee pet seat na ho ? :P Matlab koi to seat aisi hogi jo Noon mushkil say jeete gee? Haaray beshaq na!! :P