"New provinces in Punjab" commission created.. But no commission for Sindh?

  • Speaker assembly on advise of Zardari created a 14 member commission to create new provinces inside punjab. MQM too had been demanding creation of new province inside Sindh but Zardari just created commission for punjab.

    Zardari regime's mala fide intent is clearly apparent..

  • It is good thing going, it will break the knee caps of pmln. Dude, you better walk the line of your great 'chay' leader, who opposed the division of sindh and hired 'bharay kay tuttos' like marvi memon and mumtaz bhutto. Btw nice to see punjabi pakhtoon itehad coming out of the closet:)

  • MQM too had been demanding creation of new province

    Is there any official statement or demand by MQM ?

  • Only doctor had that angelical revelation. He is doing it for quite sometime at his shop in rainbow centre, sadar under the disguise of aamil bangali bawa.

  • zalaan

    A massive rally in red zone(where such events are banned) under direct patronage of criminal MQMized governor and MQMized unit and sector criminals and their law makers made their demand amply clear..

  • آپ بھی چہیچہڑوں کی ہی تلاش میں رہتے ہیں آ س لگائے بیٹھے ہیں کب پنجاب ٹوٹے کب ہزارہ صوبہ بنے اور کب کراچی کی با ری آے کب لانڈھی صوبہ بنے اور بیت الحمزہ چیف منسٹر ہاؤس بنے

  • Bo

    Bait-ul-hamza is no more, yes there is a park. Probably zalaan can put flower on its memories, RIP:)

  • Creation of new provinces is the need of the time n

    but .this should not be politicized .

  • agree

    New provinces are the need of time

    it should not be politicized

    first commission should be formed

    they distribute the resources all paper work should be completed

    then division should be done

  • I am too arguing since long on this issue . This matter should be handed over to the provincial assemblies .

    We are putting every thing on Pakistan .