"Straight Forward" --- A Nice Show [ Imran Khan Sheikh Rasheed Jalsa Coverage ]

  • http://waqtnews.tv/episode/straight-forward-13-august-2012

    Wow. A good addition among anchors. This girl is making quite a few waves.

  • Insafi crowd should not pay any attention to this reporter. She seems to be a newcomer unaware of tsunami. Imran Khan has made PTI proud by recruiting an accomplished figure like Sheikh Rashid. They should mark this jalsa a resounding tsunami and move on.

  • The "guard of honor" given to Sana Bucha by 'educated' tsunami supporters should have been a lesson for any wannabees. But looks like this girl has not learned a thing from that episode.

  • Is she the first recruit after heavy investment by Mr. Sharif? Pardon me for commenting w/o watching the show.

  • I am sure that obscure blog 'pak destiny' is the most credible source of all news, as is its sister blog "critical ppp". So the stories imagined by that blog writer against Chief Justice must also be true?

    But of course if tomorrow the great Imran Khan says anything against PPP and this blog publishes "factual reports" exposing him, it will all be a pack of lies.

  • hahaha

    good video

    brother Khan has damaged himself a lot

    but he found Man with spicy talk

    now taali kharak kharak bola and hum enjoy kara ga

    the people who came in jalsa are just come for entertainment

    no chance for sheikh in NA-55

    Mubussar luqman the founding father of the party

    is the cheapest journalist of the World and the Channal for which he worked he equally responsible

  • after listing the comments of the people

    they really make me laugh

    again well done to pml n pindi district team

    by rising voice not to include sheikh in PML n as he is a Mahnosat and man with low moral value like a joker

  • Adonis, Just watched the first few minutes and I failed to understand what compelled zealous Nawaz Sharif supporters to turn up at a rally being held late night to grab the front row seats? I don't know enough about the lady to declare her a partisan hack, but the way she was conducting the interview made it seem like a set up. I hold my judgement for now until I know more about her.

  • brother

    you are distorting facts

    pindi tahree square was floop

    our Leaders are liar

    khan said Tsunami aya ha

    jamma gafeer ha

    bhea hardly hundards log to shemale akata kar lata ha

    PML N played well to put khan in anger and in anger khan did a very huge mistake.

  • @ msohail83,

    Jalsas are always good entertainment. It is very common for people supporting one party to go to the opposing party's jalsa to have a listen and anyone who regularly goes to political jalsas in Pakistan will testify to this. Jalsa atmosphere and political speeches are fun even if one does not agree with these.

    I have seen active workers of one party in the jalsa of another party and vice-versa. Usually a tell tale sign is that if it is actually a jalsa of the party you support, you'll be waving party flags, raising slogans or at least applauding. Otherwise, you'll be standing on a side passing snide remarks.

  • Sheikh rasheed in k hawaas se kb utrey ga?

  • It’s just amazing how awam are giving chitrool to two great leaders like Sheeda Tally and Ilzam Khan in their own jalsa.

  • @fighter,

    Kabhi nahi. Ye us ka naam le le ke mar jayen ge. Akhir love story jo kamal ki thi:

    Sari umar Nawaz Khugho se chumian leta raha, aur akheer mein usay hi ungli kar di? Ye khula tazaaaaaad Noon walay Nahi mantay, nahi mantay, nahi mantay!


  • Ha ha!!, got to see a few real burgers and boy are they burgers or what. Its clear that most of the pashtoons were supporting Ilzam Khan purely because he has Khan attached to his name. They all said they wanted to try some one new, as if they were in their favorite restaurant and wanted to try a new dish. If NS added 'khan' to his name, he would sweep 100% of Pashtoon regions, by the looks of it.

    It seems half of the couple thousand that were there were PMLN supporters. Which other Parties supporters are that bold as to turn up to watch a flop show of another party? that's confidence!

  • @InsaafIK

    Haan, aur ab tum Nawaz Sharif ka thooka huwa chaato.

  • nawaz ne thooka (99) imran ne chaata (mushy mere superhero hai aur sheikh rasheed mera hero) phir imran ne thooka (mai isko chapraasi na rakhun) phir imran ne dobara thooka (mai fail ho jaun sheikh jaisa syaasatdaan na banu) aur phir imran ne chaat liya (liaqat bagh ki tareekh ke sab se sharminda jalsay mei)

  • شرمندہ جلسہ ہاہا

    لیاقت باغ میں زیادہ لوگ مسلم لیگ کے تھے جو صرف میڈیا کے اینکروں کی وجہ سے گئے تھے اور خوب بزتی کر رہے تھے ٹلی اور زکات خان کی

  • Even though PTI cadre from as far as Charsadda were there in the jalsa and forcing their way to talk on camera in this show, but still it is the magnaminity of PTI supporters that they are giving all the credit for "historic" attendance at jalsa to their partner 'Awami Muslim League of Shaikh Rasheed".

    Can any other party present an example of such selflessness?

  • pti charsadda, pti mirpur, pti sialkot


    sheikh ka apna to aik banda nahi tha lol

  • Aur tu Aur....Sheeda Tulli aaj hee UK bhag giya hai...buhahahahahahaha!