What do you like about Pakistan?

  • There was a time when you wouldn't think twice before proclaiming loudly '"Proud to be a Pakistani"

    Events of the last few years have certainly dented that sense of pride and well-being and turned most of us into cynics of the worst kind or "Pakistani uncles" as I used to call this despicable character who would engage in non stop criticism all the time.

    Culd you please share anything you still like about Pakistan :) it could range from the teeny tiniest to something huge.... E.g. I love the Pakistani mangoes, there just isn't any other kind good enough.


  • What I like about Pakistan is that dozens of different nations -each having distinct language, culture, history and cultural heritage- come together under one flag based on ideological identity --MUSLIM


  • You are right, last few years have shook us right from the core. There are many things that I like about Pakistan:

    1. My parents were Pakistani, Its my homeland, this MUST BE ONE GOOD REASON TO LOVE IT, Don't you agree?

    2. Due to Pakistan a person like me (from a VERY poor family background) could become engineer and living a nice life,

    3. We Pakistanis have potential (trust me on this one) to do miracles, we just need some thing better at the top,

    4. LOLZ, you are right about the mangoes, I am living in middle east, and I keep on telling my kids that taste of Pakistani mangoes, grapes, cantaloupe (garma), appricot (khubani), kinos, lychees are unbeatable in taste,

    5. God Almighty has bestowed us many resources (not being tapped at the moment (like Thar Coal) or are in the hands of wrong people (like Saindak)

    I believe if we can bring the right people to the power, we can do real time revolution. This may be by revolution (hopefully not bloody). May Allah help us on this thing.

  • EVERYTHING ......

    1. an abunadance of beautiful landscapes - includes the world;s highest peaks, white sand beaches, one of the longest river systems, deserts, glaciers, lakes, forest, a variety of animals

    2. a rich history stretching back to the dawn of human civilisation - a rich mix of a variety of peoples speaking many different languages and with many different cultures

    3. some of the most talented musicians and artists the world has ever produced

    4. some of the best humanists in history (and writers)

    5. thousands of years of history of being tolerant and multicutlural as opposed to 60 years of not

    6. some of the most fantastic cuisine in the world

    7. Good looking people

    8. truckloads of entreprenurial and creative talent

    9. Social mobility

  • Love this stuff....

    Ironically, its really difficult to find this in lahore now, but the pakistani shop down my road in london started stocking it a few months ago! Whats up with that??

  • پاکستان میں آپ پولیس و انتظامیہ کی آنکھوں میں آنکھیں ڈال کر بات کر سکتے ہیں اور ڈانٹ بھی سکتے ہیں

    ولیت میں تو آپ دوسرے درجے بلکہ تیسرے درجے کے شہری ہیں کیونکہ کالے کو دوسرا درجہ حاصل ہے

  • I like the music of Pakistan. Despite of multiple negative dynamics against this art, from family values to majority religion (and even the rule of Zalim Zia), Pakistan has produced a litany of top classical and pop musicians. You can distinctly differentiate Pakistani music from Indian music.

  • @sandman

    haha Yes most of the Pakistani Restaurants I have been to in Australia also stock Pakola. I guess it's something to do with cashing in on people's nostalgia? "Ghar ki murghi dal barabar" hence why would it have any special place in Pakistan?

    In Lahore its the Gourmet Cola that seems to have taken over .

  • @Raavi

    Thanks for sharing and more importantly for the english translation of Garma 'Cantaloupe', sounds more like a reptile than a fruit though hehe.

    1. an abunadance of beautiful landscapes - includes the world's highest peaks, white sand beaches, one of the longest river systems, deserts, glaciers, lakes, forest, a variety of animals

    In terms of landscape there is hardly any comparison with the northern Pakistan, perhaps tibetan plateau is the only other place of similar mystique and grandeur.

  • Resilience

  • people .... with all the mess still QUAM Zinda hey...ajeeb baat hey.


    good one... i buy pakcola icecream soda all the time