Najam Sethi State Departments's Man says IK

  • The great IK (Ameer Momneen):

    "Imran Khan says in a New York Times piece: Najam Sethi is "State Deptt's Man"

    I think he missed many others like

    Nusrat Javed

    Sana Bucha

    Umar Cheema


    Then what do you think about Geo TV network? I think last night he was with Ghalib for chanda collection.

  • Please add to the list of ilzam khan;

    ilzamian ilzam se jai

    par buhtan se na jaye

  • Hahahaha

    Bontar gya hai kaptaan

    Election tak poora paagal ho jaye ga

  • Buhahahahahahaha.....look who is talking!!!! And what in the cotton picking world was he doing himself at the US State Department a few months ago in the company of Dandaan Saaz Alvi and Aunty Fauzia Choori?

  • The same NYT article has exposed another fraud of P0TI Party and its Chairman Imran Double Shah Khan.......@ImranKhanPTI on Twitter is run by a chick named Anila Khawaja who is some Brit Socialite living with P0ti Khan in Banigala.

  • Ilzam Khan ki tsunami thap ho gaey ha. Tsunami hoti eh aarzi ha. Ab us ne kuch to karna ha. Sharifoon par kafi ilzam laga liey. Kam nahein bana. Sethi he sahi.

    Kuch to kaheye k log kehtay hein

    Aaj pagal ilzam sur na hua

  • Look at his munafqat; he is very well supported by GEO; Even so called religious shows (of Ghalib) gave him the air time to collect zakat (and then use this for his personal use); I think ilzam khan has become desperate

  • The unscrupulous b@stard would even sell his own mother if it is gonna benefit him.

  • Beginning of another day in the cesspool, Imran Khan obsessed tadpoles are out swimming again.... : )

  • Beginning of another day by an ilzam of ilzam khan ; this time a journalist

    ticket katao line banao ilzam lagao

  • Ohhhhh wow, an ilzami parasite has at last decided to jump in the sewer....its rightful abode :D

  • yar sub ko pata ha tsunami ki haqiaat

    sub ganda anda sath ha

    and one more talli is added

  • @Mauzzam Bhai,

    Tulli is a smart cookie. He has categorically stated that he ain't part of P0TI and while Establishment Khan would be proceeding to Tribal Areas in show solidarity with the people of that region against drone strikes; Tulli would instead go to Islamabad.

  • IK is spot on. Najam Sethi may not be an official agent, but his whole discouse is designed to benefit American interests in Pakistan.

    The noon goons don't know that IK has been saying this for quite sometime. Years on, he once referred to Najam Sethi as a "do number" intellectual.

    Geo TV is a sellout to Noon. Jang Group is fully compaigning for noon-league and we are fully aware of that. The talkshows are another cup of tea where it is the anchors who take hold and invite the guest of their choosing. We see Geo TV's agenda in its NEWS.

    The status quo is well entrenched and many elements of the media are part of it.

  • @InsaafIK Saab

    Geo is working on American agenda or Noon agenda OR both are ona and same thing? Please don't include Hamid Mir with rest of Geo lot, hearing Imran gives him a thrill up his leg ...

    What about Talibani agena? AMeer ul Momaneen Mulla Omar I humbly request to issue visa to Imran Khan ...