"Raymond Davis Network" is behind the evil attack on Minhaas Air Base, Kamraa

  • Its purpose is to allow Kayani to burn more of Pakistan's armed forces as fuel for America's crusade at a time when the KKhilafah is imminent

    The sudden attack by an entire contingent of around ten militants on the highly sensitive Minhaas Air Base within the highly secure Kamra air complex did not have any assistance from Pakistan's rulers is hard to believe. It is as likely as there being collaboration by Kayani and his small club of thugs in America's 2 May 2011 military attack on Abottabad, 150 kilometers into Pakistani territory, in the shadow of the Kakul Academy. No aware person can believe that security is so poor in a complex, which contains not only Pakistan's newest warplane fleet but also the very important defense institution, Aeronautical Complex that attackers could enter as if they were entering a children's playground! Moreover, all Muslims are aware that such attacks, like the Abbotabad attack, are only possible because of the collaboration of Pakistan's traitor rulers with the "Raymond Davis Network" that they themselves established in the country. This is the real "terrorist network" that must be fought and eradicated, but instead Pakistan's rulers have given it "safe havens" in military cantonments as well as residential areas, such as Gulberg Lahore.

    The purpose of such "false flag attacks" which are supervised by the American kuffar but blamed on Muslims is in order to create an atmosphere of fitna so as to herd Pakistan's armed forces into the tribal region to fight their fellow Muslims on behalf of America. Prior to this evil attack, the 13 August 2012 speech of the Chief of Army Staff, General Kayani, at Kakul Military Academy makes clear that Kayani, Zardari and their small club of traitors have already made the decision to attack North Waziristan in accordance with American instructions and they are worried about the public opinion against such operations. So, just as previously the attack on the Army's General Head Quarters was used to prepare opinion for operations in Orakzai Agency, the attack on Minhaas Air Base is to prepare public opinion for operations in North Waziristan. And we must add that pushing Pakistan's armed forces further into the quagmire of this war of Fitna suits America perfectly at a time when she is fighting the imminent return of the Khilafah in Syria, whilst fearing that due to the deep influence of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Pakistan, Pakistan will unify with the Khilafah rapidly.

    The attacks on GHQ, Mehran Naval Base, Abbotabad, Salala and now Minhaas Air Base are ample proof that Kayani, Zardari and their fellow traitors in the political and military leadership must be seized and face trial immediately. How can such rulers that collaborate with America in attacks against military installations be accepted to lead the Muslim world's largest armed forces, armed with nuclear weapons? Hizb ut-Tahrir calls the sincere officers within Pakistan's armed forces to put an immediate end to the preparations for North Waziristan Operations as well as the entire war of Fitna in the tribal areas. And this is only possible if you seize these traitors by their necks and grant the Nussrah to Hizb ut-Tahrir for the re-establishment of the Khilafah.

    Shahzad Shaikh

    Deputy to the Spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Pakistan

  • wasn't RD the one that was released by Nawaz Sharif who then legged in too London?

    Also how much actual support does hizb ut tahrir got in Pakistan?

  • @ Respect

    بھائی جی

    پکڑتے بھی وہی ہیں اور چھوڑتے بھی وہی ہیں

    یہ جمہوری مداری تو صرف حکم کی تکمیل کرتے ہیں

  • No, RD is the one who murdered three pakistanies and were set free by the traitor rulers of Pakistan. As for HT, Alhamdulillah, HT has a good support in Pakistan, but because the rulers know the goal and objectives of HT, they don't allow us to work freely and to challenge their rotten secular democratic system, knowingly that HT is a political party and carries it message through political and intellectual means.

  • Ohhhh myyyyyyy....PML-N phobia at it again.

  • @revivalist

    So why do u not come through the election process? maybe then u can get exposure from media?

  • یہ کیسے ہو سکتا تھا کہ مسلمانان پاکستان امن و سکون سے ماہ رمضان گزار سکیں

  • @respect,

    We believe change could never come through elections/Democracy. Besides, what we want is a radical change a paradigm shift from secular Democracy to Islam and this could never happen through election or taking part in democracy, as taking part in a system means strengthening the system and not changing it.

  • @revivalist

    So what method do u have in plan?

    just ideas, there are pros and cons to these ideas.

    either u have a street movement that strong enough that will take these crooks out and then form the Khilafah

    or through army where there is a leader who wants the khilafah and is part of hizb ut tahrir and takes over country

    or through an election and come into power.

    are any of these a possibility at the moment, if not how will u get to that gradual plan?

  • The method is to create public opinion for khilafah through different means and styles and at the same time we are working in those circles which has power or have influence over powerful circle to get Nusrah (authority) from them to establish Khilafah. This is all done through political and intellectual means and the method is derived from the seerah of Muhammad (saw)!!!!

  • If change will not come through Elections/Democracy, then change will never come. Khilafah will remain a dream for another 1400 years, at least.

  • ریمنڈ تیرے جانثار

    بیشمار بیشمار


    تحریک جانثاران ریمنڈ ڈیوس۔


    اے ریمنڈ! تری عظمت کو سلام۔ تو ہے امریکہ کا ممتاز قادری

  • adnak,

    you need to study the reality of Democracy/elections, you will understand my point than!!!

  • Please point out a single point in Islamic History when all the Muslims of the world were united under one Khalifah?

    Why is Hizbut Tehrir head quartered in England, the country that invented the democracy?

  • تھریڈ کا عنوان ہے ریمنڈ ڈیوس نیٹورک اور ان کی کاروائیاں

    امریکہ نے وقت اور موقع کی مناسبت سے اپنے نیتوورک کو حرکت میں لیا ہے، ان حملوں کا جواب امریکہ کو خطے سے بیدخل کرنے میں ہی ہے

    امریکی اڈے و سپلائی روٹ بند کر دینے سے یہ دہشت گرد خود اپنی موت آپ مر جائے گا

  • امریکی اڈے و سپلائی روٹ بند کر دینے سے یہ دہشت گرد خود اپنی موت آپ مر جائے گا

    But who would do that? And that's where the game gets complicated, no? In this article the whole blame is put on that one bhangi Kiyani and his few fellows while the whole breed of that brass is of traitors!! Before they die they make sure new rotten eggs are already in place. Its a vicious cycle of traitor breeding interconnected networks. This whole network has to be uprooted first before(or simultaneously) talking about these traitors' sanctioned 'networks'.

    on side note: Not just Raymond-Davis, someone should get that kaliya rehman malik first...lol!

  • @Revivalist

    HT ki kahani HT ki zubani.... Fakharia paishkash.... sirf aap key liyey.