Dr. Amir Liaqat (Ghalib) Kal Aur Aaj; Dedicatied to Ilzamians

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    Imran Khan embarrassed by Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain in the National Assembly

    ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan, staunch opponent of President Gen Musharraf, faced embarrassment in the National Assembly on Tuesday when Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain, state minister for religious affairs, reminded the house of the cricketer-turned-politician’s “illicit relations” with Sita White. Imran had made a speech critical of the government, but drew the state minister’s ire when he said that Aamir Liaquat held a degree from an institution that had been registered five years after he had been awarded the degree. “The state minister, sitting beside the prime minister, also got his PhD degree six months after doing his master’s,” Imran said. The prime minister was seen whispering to Aamir Liaquat, who immediately went to his seat to respond to the allegation on a point of personal explanation. “My educational competence will only be determined if they who doubt my qualification come face-to-face for a debate with me. But I assure the house that after the Hudood bill is passed, Sita White will also get justice,” the minister said, drawing a round of desk-thumping and laughter from treasury members. He said Imran Khan would have to explain the nature of his relations with Sita White. Imran wanted to respond and the opposition urged National Assembly Speaker Chaudhry Amir Hussain to allow him to do so, but the speaker asked Imran not to indulge in controversy. “If you level an allegation against someone, you will receive a response,” the speaker said. Earlier, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Dr Sher Afgan Niazi interrupted Imran Khan and said he would not have won an NA seat had “hidden hands” not supported him. “I challenge him to resign and contest a fresh election against me from Mianwali,” he said. Imran seized on the minister’s statement as an admission that the elections were rigged. “He has admitted that the elections were rigged. If I was elected by rigging, the treasury members were elected by rigging. The minister is accusing the president of rigging the elections,” Imran said. shahzad raza and mohammad imran

    Pal bhar main kia majra ho giya


  • Not to mention that Amir "Ghalib" Liaqat's ex-party did this to Baighairat Double Shah Khan:

  • Lagta ha Talli ki tarah ghalib bhi koi jalsa karnay laga ha;

    chalo ilzamians ab ghalib ki shaan main qaseeday parho

  • Shughal hai k khatam hone ka naam he nai le raha :P

    Aap ki sehat pay kya farq parta hai Amir liaquat aye na aye .. aap chen say sweep karain :P

    tailor ko sherwani ka order de dain, kal sherwani silwa k half b uthana hai .. k ayenda dus saal Pakistan nai aun ga khuda ka waasta hai muje kutte kee maut na maaro :P

  • @Mango,

    جو بےغیرت انسان ٹللی کو چپراسی اور مشرف کا ملشیا بول کر اس کو جھپپی دل سکتا ہے اور اس کی گیلی گیلی چممیاں لے سکتا ہے، وہ حرام خور اور زکات چھوڑ انسان غالب کو بھی اپنے ساتھ ملا سکتا ہے

    Politics of CHANGE....BABAAYYYYYY!

  • In yesterday's Pechaan Ramadan, Amir Liaquat Hussain specifically apologized for what he said in the assembly against Imran Khan. And Imran being a great man forgave him.

    Yesterday's marathon transmission shows the popularity of IK in Karachi, where PMLN has no existence.

    It is bound to give rise to pain in every body part of supporters of the corrupt Gugho of Raiwind. We are so sorry for giving rise to this much pain.

  • Even Musarrat Shaheen still has a massive following and popularity among the Pathans of Karachi. Nuf Said! :D

  • LOL the lengths these tadpoles go to In manufacturing crap against the Legendary Khan.

    Poor maggots will keep rotting in the corpse of status-quo but not open their eyes to the Greatness known as Imran Khan.

    Rot away! :)

  • Politicians and Islamic anchors, birds of a feather!!!

  • @Saeen77,

    Bro, I love your vocabulary in describing these creatures!

  • Actually

    Amir liqat pe bat nhi karni chahya

    dum damba ka bhag gaya tha

    now for raitings he is trying these tactics

    otherwise he is bad than veena malik

  • پٹی پٹائی کا نیا طریق کار

    اب بے نامی شمولیت

    کوئی لوٹا نہیں کہہ سکے گا

    شیخ رشید کے بعد

    شیخ عامر لیاقت

    جس کی ڈگری کو عمران نے جعلی کہا

    غلیظ لوٹوں کا اجتماع


  • Veena Malik k whisper soonghne walay tanay de rahay hain .. zamane k andaz badle gaey :P

  • After Veena Malik and Sheikh Rasheed, another "jewel" in PTI's crown..Amir Liaquat..


  • hehe .. aap ko pata to hoga he jawab main konsi video anay wali hai ? :P

    Kawa khanay kee tyari karain:P

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSJUuWmtMO0

    yeh lo, kawa fry .. meethe main Veena k whisper laun ? :P

  • hehehehe

    mango man thanks

    for making such thread which

    will hot tsumani like jamima become hot when gurant enjoy with him at atlantic ocean

    thanks brother

  • I was approached by "pml and Islamic jahmori party.." isn't it obvious that drama queen being PTI member was just doing drama and trying to defame PML and some unknown non existent "Islamic party"

  • Aamir Liaquat ko aap he fry kro.. ya boil kro jo marzi karo.. after all now he is all dry-cleaned and kosher..

    Aamir Liaquat did it again.. Forcing and insisting that a mentally challenged woman curse her son on live tv.. Result..