Dictator zia ul haqs 24th barsi

  • Today was the day when Zia was decommissioned and sent on a permanent retirement by his masters sitting in the pentagon, a death of a fellow pakistani is indeed sad but the death of this tyrant was a pleasant surprise.

    I wonder what our leaders are doing today to remember this day and others that are simply trying to forget it!

    Zia's sinister policies have sent this country in a downward spiral and his remains still haunt us today, parliman say lay kar un buland o bala paharion kee chootion par ajj bhi ZIA UL HAQ ZINDA HAY.

  • If he had done good for the country, he would have been remembered as a hero, but today the majority of 180 million Pakistanis curse him for the wrongful decisions he made against the national interests. He was like any other bahadur generals.

  • God bless Zia ul Haq Shaheed.

    His biggest service to the nation was to provide payback to the creator of bangladesh, Z A Bhutto. :D

  • Pakistans sad romance with military tyrants began with a certain somebody called Ayub Khan, at this time in age capitalism was in its infancy and had to make its roots in the sub continent, it was just an obvious move by the US to stop communism from spreading further because india and iran were inclined towards russia and thus our lovely leader was summoned by the mighty americans and was handed billions of dollars worth of loan and massive infrastructures started sprouting all over the country and advanced weapons and communications and help in the field of medicine and science, My friends it was at this time in history that we had sold our soul to the yanks. An illusion was created an illusion of unsustainable development we lost our way.

  • @ adonis I know I shouldn't but heres a little joke i said to one of my bangali friends when i was in the UK, he pissed me off when he said WE KICKED YOU OUT OF OUR COUNTRY.

    It was something like


  • zia regime ko aj bi log bhat acha khata ha

  • Hmmm kuch is tarhain kay loog?


  • May his soul rest in peace.

    Amin. If he was alive today he would have died of shame because of what current military brass is doing.

  • ہر دائیں بازو والے ہیرو کو لوگ اس کی زندگی میں اسے خدا بناتے ہیں مگر مرنے کے بعد اسکی اصلیت کھلتی ہے اور اسے کوئی نہیں پوچھتا ہے اور ذلیل ہو جاتا ہے

    افتخار چودھری بھی آج کا ضیاء الحق ہے

  • Thanks Zia ul Haq for sending Bhutto traitor to hell

  • My only beef with Zia is that he convinced Zakati Chor Khan to take his retirement back in 1988. Had it not been the case, Pakistan would have won the 1992 World Cup without him and Pakistan would have been a better place without a two bit phony con artist who leveraged his artificial bubble fame for personal and political gains.

  • Yes and my only beef with the world is that it is unfair.

    Hay na siddiqi jee.

  • I think PML(n) guys are going too far lets accept what was intended by Allah for Imran in 1992