PTI protest against loadshedding? u-turn?

  • What happened to the pti protest campaign against loadshedding? I knew he led tiny rallies in gujranwala and faisalabad? what happened? i know for a fact he only came out because shahbaz sharif was protesting but why has he gone back on it?

  • BTKHAN, kis kis U-turn to yaad karo gey bhai.... yahan to poora diwan murattab ho gaya hey.

    Ab to insaafi bachay bhi poochnay lagay hain keh.... "Aakhir humaray leader ka stance hey kia????"

  • Guys guys guys!!!!! Come on come on Now, y'all are constantly extending aches to our P0TI friends in the pie holes which aches the most. They don't have any answer to y'alls seemingly genuine queries. Like, take me for instance; I've gotta a bucket full of inquiries of my own and dunno who is gonna answer them:

    Hence the moral of the story is dear brothers - Collect money in the name of the poor, route that moola through shell accounts in Virgin Islands and bury them in a desert of Oman. The lovely part about all of this is, you still get to act all righteous and pious and the sheep herd still end up revering and adulating you! Oh I forgot; lies, deceit, fornication, half-baked truth and Ilzam.

  • ^^^ But what's the fault of that simple-minded but well-meaning youth that actually got deceived by those empty slogans and aggressive style of a veteran fast bowler-cum-playboy.

    Their believe has started to shatter after Khawaja Asif's daring act of exposing Zakat money fraud. Something that also hurt Khawaja and PMLN in the process, but finally the truth prevailed and IK got exposed. And in return, instead of answering simple questions, he gave his 11 point allegations list that truly disappointed his followers.

    "Who should we believe" these kids ask, and I can't tell them.... "look it's your own fault that you took a simplistic stance and followed a liar in the broad daylight."

    But somebody has to tell this truth to help them grow up!

  • @Dear Brother ssmpk,

    You snatched the words right outta my mouth. Dispense with queries and keep on exposing this phony and Zakat Chor. You would be doing mankind a huge service you know.

  • Liar Khan a.k.a. Tyrian's Daddy is busted further:

  • The great Imran Khan knew all these faults of Nawaz Sharif even in 2008, but he ignored it for the greater good. This proves that the great Imran Khan is not a selfish person at all and can even shake hand with the devil if it is in the benefit of the country.

    Now, the country is not facing any such situation so the great Imran Khan has started exposing Nawaz Sharif again.

  • یار یہ ہمارے بزرگنوار کو کون سمجھاۓ کے ہاتھ ملانے کا مطلب یہ نہیں ہوتا کے آپ کو سچا مان لیا

    ٹکلو بدمعاش ٢٠٠٨ سے نہیں اپنے سکول کے زمانے سے کرپٹ ہے اور اس کے فرزند پارک لین ارجمند بھی کرپٹ تھے

    ٹکلو کے ابا نے اپنے اثر رسوخ سے ان کو پاس کرواتا اور داخلے کرواتا رہا ورنہ یہ تو اپنا نام لکھنا نہ جانتا