Saeed Anwar...about imran khan

  • An Example of Deen-e-Imrani:

    Saaed Anwer was better Cricketer and Now a Better Muslim compared to Imran Khan but he commited a grave mistake by saying something against Imran Khan.

    Read the comments on video to witness the Blind Followers of Deen-e-Imrani.

    Although, not all of PTI followers are Deen-e-Imrani Followers but Deen-e-Imrani followers are 99% in PTI.

    Shameless or what?

  • سید انور صاب نے ہاتھ بڑا ہولا رکھا ہے

    میں تو یہ بھی پوچھتا ہوں جو بندہ اپنی بیٹی کو انصاف نہ دے سکتا ہو اور اپنے بیٹوں کی پرورش یہودی گھر میں کروا رہا ہو وہ پاکستان تو کیا اپنا گھر بھی ٹھیک نہیں کر سکتا

    لعنت بیشمار

  • Saeed Anwar...awesome player, awesome person.

  • یہ ڈارمے باز سلیبرٹی طارق جمیل کے تربیتی یافتہ تبلیغی ہیں ورنہ پہلے تبلیغی کسی پر طنز نہیں کرتے تھے

  • Zalaan bhola bhatka tablighi lagta hy....

  • He may be talking about AMIR SOHAIL (PML-N) or Zaheer Abbas (MQM)…we can’t say that he was talking about IMRAN KHAN specifically…

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  • “Maulana” Saeed Anwar doesn’t realise that doing gheebat is also a grave sin.

  • Against Leaders Gheebat is never a sin...(an Update hopefully)


  • کسی لیڈر کی نجی زندگی کے بارے میں جملے کسنا نیے ڈسکو تبلیغی طارق جامیل کے نزدیک گناہ نہیں

  • Gunah Factory is Failed this time..Gunah hy hi nahi to Tariq Jamil pe kiyun Ghussa????

  • اس میں شک نہیں کے کھلاڑی بہت اچھے درجے کے تھے

    اور اس میں بھی شک نہیں کے بیوی کے ساتھ زندگی نبھانا بھی ایک سنجیدہ کام ہے

    مگر بیوی نہ سنبھالنے والا ملک نہیں سنبھال سکتا یا راہنما نہیں بن سکتا تو جناح صاحب ، گاندھی اور نیلسن منڈیلا صاحب بھی رہنما نہ ہوتے

    ویسے میچ فکسنگ کے الزامات میں جن کھلاڑیوں کا نام آیا تھا ان میں کون کون شامل تھے اور کن کن کھلاڑیوں پر بھری جرمانہ لگانے کی سفارش کی گئی تھی

    تم کو یاد ہو کے نہ یاد ہو

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  • we need a leader having some weaknesses within.PLUS

    Honest and kind hearted and social worker and smart and popular and anti statuesque etc etc


  • Guess who's life story is this?

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  • Even Saeed Anwar is on the payroll of PML-N :D

    Osaka Jaani,

    A gut wrenching, sombre and poignant summary of your leader there. But you forgot to mention this:

  • The biggest manifestation that PTI supporters are actually followers of an "Imrani cult" is the fact that they consider Imran Khan to be the "only hope"(نعوذ بالله).

    A true Muslim never despairs the mercy of Allah as s/he only directs hope to Allah.

    Imran Khan was not; is not; and never will be conditional on this true hope.

  • Immy Dimmy even does not has support of his opening pair.

    "A player cannot change his wife but claims to change 20 crore people", Saeed Anwar.

    "Javed Miandad was brain behind world cup victory", Amir Suhail.

    And what no 3 thinks,

    "Imran did not like me because of my ethnicity", Javed Miandad.

    And poor Qasim was abused with racist slurs by immy

    "Imran openly called me son of a Negress ", Qasim Umar.

  • The actual followers of the cult are the tadpoles who excessively fuss and obsess over him all the time. They chant his name in a hypnotic ritual tht continues day in and day out on these forums, posting thread after thread post after post about IK.

    If your leaders are so great and worthy of a mention why not focus on them instead? Why is IK the centre of your universe? :)

  • ^^^ Quit worrying about us and open your Potli of choicest abuses and expletives and start hurling them at Saeed Anwar. As for chanting Zakati Khan's name in a hypnotic ritual - It really sucks to be IK.