We see what we are told, why media is banned in tribal areas?

  • Whats going on there that is being hidded from rest of world?

  • ask some one who is living in those areas to get the true picture its much better than to criticize like others who dont even could locate fata in the map.

  • Its our right to know. So my question is why govt has banned the media in tribal areas? Are they hiding something from us? If not them they should allow the media in order to create an awareness about the terrorism of Taliban.

  • The journalists, camera crew, reporters are kidnapped or killed.

    Whole of the area is a battle-ground and not safe for media.

  • JS

    Oh, I forgot coz rest of the Pakistan is a safe heaven for the media. And media should be where everything is calm & cool.

    Your answer is just like as you are holding an office & you are justifying the ban. So on the other hand you are accepting that govt has failed to protect basic right of the people over there even they are not able to protect their lives.

  • My dear Asif,

    Not only Government whole of Pakistan is heading towards a Failed State.

    You are asking for an Air Ticket at the Railways Booking Window.

  • JS

    you are living in america with your family & you might have got air ticket from railway station lahore. lolz

  • http://pkpolitics.com/2008/09/25/live-with-talat-25-september-2008/

    watch this we have entered to a new era after your departure. see how Talat is grilling the self-made leaders & their so called parties.

    you left pak when ptv was the mouth piece of govt

  • Talat is seems to be the only one in the whole lot of journalists ,who actually put his own life at stake and gone there to see whats happening on ground.

    they cud have kill him .....

    but he spend a whole week or so in Fata .....TO COVER THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY.

    what they think?

    whats thier problems?

    whats thier take on over all situation ?

    whats thier take on foreign policy ?

    we only come to know by these episodes of his show.

  • This area is dangerous for the journalists only when they are kidnapped by our "friends". I know one journalist when she was kidnapped by taliban, she accepted islam. This is the tactics which our "friends" are playing to keep journalists away from this region.

    Anyways coming towards the topic, the main problem is when the so called Mullas attack our places we start yelling on our Govt saying to kill every one there. BUT when our army and US army hits innocent people there we dont speak a word against it thinking it was their right.

    The terrorism should condemned at both sides.

  • they should just carpet bomb the whole area.

  • Insider Allah made head not only to put hat on it.