Why are agencies compelled for extra judicial activities?

  • As the system of judiciary is very defective and inefficient in Pakistan, the law enforcing agencies feel frustrated to realize that culprits are not passed through any adequate trials for punishment. Agencies arrest culprits and register cases against them. Very shortly, culprits get released on bails. Later, nothing gets substantiated against culprits and they go out free again to resume their illegal activities. Culprits backed by influential personalities, political parties, power groups and foreign NGO's easily get exonerated in judicial trials. When our agencies find themselves helpless then they also tend to carry out extra judicial activities. These extra judicial activities often victimize innocent people.

    In order to avoid the involvement of agencies in extra-judicial activities, a perfect system of trial and punishment need to be established by the judiciary of Pakistan.

  • @HF

    This is nothing but excuse for being too thick head and lazy.

    These duffers are too busy enjoying luxury on public money and becoming real state tycoons instead of defending the country from terrorism (young officers and soldiers are exception who are laying their lives in the cause... and we salute them).

    When this intelligence, that cost billions to taxpayers money, fails to break terrorist networks, and can not preempt any strike, then they start maligning courts for letting the suspects free. What is their own performance is the real question we should be asking.

    Let CJ be their gadfly!

  • کراچی اور بلوچستان مین ایجنسیون کے علاوہ کون مائی کا لال یہ کام کر سکتا ھے

    agencies are first line of destruction, not first line of defence

  • Institutional selfishness at the cost of public. Difficult to exonerate or even exclusively blame any one institution.