Why Nawaz Shariff avoid Facing Imran Khan?

  • Choro na yaar bas karo .. khud ko Noo0oro kee jaga rakh k dekho.

    Roz zalil hona acha lage ga? Nai bolo acha lage ga??! :P

  • Hasan Nisar forgot to mention that Imran Double Shah Khan has to win more that ONE seat again (without Agencies Help) in order to get the attention of Mian Sahab :D

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  • "I challenge Imran Khan to have debate with me" - will he accept this challenge, i think not then why should NS accept imran's challenge? Nawaz Sharif has remained chief minister of punjab and twice prime minister of pakistan, why would he appear in a debate with a person who has lost more elections than he has won and who has only ever won a single mna seat.

    He is not even ch nisar's level as the latter has been in parliament since 1985 but ch nisar has asked him to appear in a debate with him.

    when imran khan says 'mai party ke kisi chotay leader ke saath tv pe nai aaunga' to NS kyu chotay motay syaasi banday ke saath tv pe aaye?

  • suna hai pc mei heavy phaitee parri hai hassan nisar ko...badtameezi kar raha tha aik sahaafi ne tabiyat saaf kar dee hai chappairr kharkaa ke lol

  • There us an open challenge still pending by the captain of Imran , Ch Nisar .

    Let us wait for that first

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  • BT,

    I have been hearing the same news about Chacha Lassan Nisaar getting his backside handed on a platter by a Farrukh Saeed of The Nations. This hasn't been reported in the mainstream media as yet and I'm just waiting for it to be reported and get more laugh at the expense of P0TI people.

  • simple reason face equality pe hot ha bhea

    what is khan (a man lost election from ordinary worker from Pml n)

    while NZ two time PM one time 2/3 majority

    best ever long mrach in the history of asia leaded by him.

    why he will face him.

    the calibere of khan is nothing more than Sulaman Shahbaz

  • @Muazzam,

    Please don't insult Sulaiman Shahbaz's calibre by equating it with that of Zakati Khan! Even Malik Shakeel Awan's calibre is of pristine quality when compared with Tyrian's Daddy.

  • ^^

    Acha apas he main saray fesle ho gaey hain matlab ? :P

  • Bhaijaan, aap logon par faisal chor diya tu Pakistan ka sara paisa Virigin Islands say hota howa Middle East mein invest ho jai ga :D :D

  • Raiwind say bahar pesa invest ho, aap kee tabiat pe gar'aan guzarta hai? :P

  • @BTKhan,

    You forget to mention that NS became a CM and PM by licking up to Generals. He was a lackey of generals.

    What do you know about stature? While your leader is a black spot on Pakistan's name, his corruption being written about by important writers and international TVs making documentaries on it; Imran Khan is that name on which expats can be proud of.

    And today, Imran Khan has in his leadership bigger leaders than even NS - Hashmi. While your leader ran away to Jaddah to save his backside from harm, Hashmi led the party and struggled against the dictator. A real grassroot leader and politician.

    So don't indulge in this nonsense. It is Imran Khan who will honor NS by sitting with him, not vice versa.

    However, since it's a standard procedure that the PM candidates of two major parties debate with each other, Imran is willing to do it. But I know NS will keep runing away from it since it will be the end of his politics if he dares to step in with Khan - NS will be ripped to pieces.

    As for Ch Nisar, what is he besides the servant of NS? Opposition leader? But that is only because his master NS is not in the parliament and a lackey is needed to fill the space (otherwise Hashmi should have been on that spot).

    Even Hashmi honored Mr. Bean to sit with him for a debate. But the coward that PMLN is, he is also running away from it. Get your wigged buffoon against Hashmi, who has challenged him a few days ago.

  • NS fears IK like children fear injection! Enough said.

  • Lolzzzzz.......the truth about Aik Retarded Aadmi!


    Give it a rest about Daaghi...Chaudhry Nissar and Khawaja Asif still values Daaghi's association with the party spread over a number of years and they really don't want the poor soul to start frothing from his mouth, suffer a seizure followed by a cardiac arrest during this debate.

  • ^^^Kh Asif and Ch Nisar? The same beghairaats who were using their relatives and contacts to beg pardon from Musharraf, in the footsteps of their coward leader who ran away to Jaddah?

    What can they about Hashmi? They can't dare even face him!

  • Reply Please

    Is Imran Khan father of Tyrian Khan White Niazi ?

  • BTW, what happened to the dare of taking Khawaja Asif to court? Today is the 12th day, you know ;)