Baton charge on Irfan Siddiqi and PMLN by Hafiz-ul-llah Niazi

  • And why a BAINOI is defending his Zakat Chor SAALA?! That's a conflict of interest, ain't it? Besides, what qualification does he possess or how did he ascend to the top spot in P0TI?

  • Siddiqi Bahi aap kis banday ki baat ker rahe hain ... yeh swwooor khan to itna Ghaleez insaan hai k iss ne apni beti Yahodiyon k gher choori hui hai nd Iss k both legal Sons bhi Jews k pass hain.... aur waisy bhi jo shaks Zaakaat choori ker sakta hia wo kuch bhi ker sakta hai .... Aap preshaan thea na k Iss zalllel khan ne Benaaami bngla kaisay purchase kiya to sir g issi zaakata choori se iss ne baaaani gala mein 300 kanal ka ghar liya tha ...

  • Chaudary Adab,

    Rozay Mubarak aur Chand Mubarak! Aray bhai hum sub ko is Kameenay Khan ki asliyat ka patta hai. Nahi patta, tu yahan mojoood Deen-e-Ilzam kay ghadhoon ko nahi patta.

  • کیا ایک یہودی یا ایک غیر مسلم اچھا انسان ہو سکتا ہے کے نہیں

    ویسے کیا بہنوئی سلے کی طرف داری کر رہا ہے یا پھر مخالفین سے حساب کتاب

  • I don't see any problem if Irfan Siddiqi sells his writings to some one.

    آخر اسکو بھی اپنی خوشحالی کیلیے مالدار آجر کی ضرورت ہے

  • @Brother adnak,

    So you are saying that BHAINOI Niazi is actually charging money from SAALA Zakati Niazi was his piece of writings? I wouldn't be surprised because the same Bhainois, Cousins and Salaas are serving on the BOD of SKMH and making a lot of Moola.

  • siddiqi jee

    میں تو بیچارے عرفان صدیقی کی ساءیڈ لے رہا تھا

  • Bazahir koi aisa column nai tha jo yaklakht badan main aag laga deta :P

    Noono pani shani peo, hosla karo, IA sab theek ho jaey ga.

  • @InsafIk

    Baton charge tyt hua hai wese :P

    Koolo pay dande bajay hain! :P

  • Oooo sirji, hum column shalam likhna bund karo tay court da rukh karo. Khawaja Asif intizar wich betha jay :D

  • this was more a baton charge on Ahsan Rasheed and Akbar S Babar who have admitted that the deal was not clean.

    Behnoi niazi saab pehlah apni party kay logon ko to saath mila lo, baqion kay damagh kee dahi baad main banana ;-)

  • Read what Akbar Babar has to say on this Grand Theft! Now then folks, who are we to believe? Zakati's Bhainoi or this fella Akbar Babar:

  • ^^^Akbar S. Babar stripping shameless noon goons naked:

    (From his facebook page)

    Attention: PML(N) Media Managers

    This piece is for the consumption of our PML(N) bloggers and media managers who, I am told, have used parts of my recent piece to try and lend credence to the PML(N) accusations against SKMT.

    As some one who has managed the entire PTI media effort for over 7 years, I realize that it is part of the professional responsibility of media managers to collect and propagate third party information that supports the party’s current policy on a particular issue. I also realize that I cannot limit access or use of information on this page. However, all of you PML(N) compatriots are reminded that the intended audience of this page is solely the PTI supporters and well wishers.

    The original PTI envisioned by its founders was to build a party true to its public beliefs and qualitatively different from the traditional political parties. Political parties are the bedrock of democracy. A structure built on weak and shaky foundations will never last for long. Most political parties including the PML(N) are in reality family owned fiefdoms where dissent is taboo and limited to whisperings in hidden private confines.

    I have issues with PTI on matters of principle which can take me an eternity to resolve. But I can never be anyone but a PTI person who as part of a collective effort raised and nurtured the PTI in its formative years. But if my page postings continue to be used for PML(N) propaganda against PTI, I would be forced to turn my focus on PML(N). If I am honest about PTI, I can be ruthlessly honest about PML(N). After all they had their opportunity to serve Pakistan.

    I know how the media works and what has news value. In happier times, I have dinned with the top PML(N) leadership along with IK when the Sharif brothers were in exile. Occasions where the PML(N) leader(s) used to open their hearts about how the PML(N) functions. But I cannot even share the gist of the discussion as it would be unethical.

    So let us collectively try and build a new political culture where the leadership of each party is questioned about it policies and dissent and discussion are no longer taboos inviting the wrath of monarchist party heads.

    So please, stop using bits and pieces of my page for PML(N) propaganda against PTI.

    Any noon goon quoting him again must be a beghairaat of the highest order!

  • Yup we have read that as well...But has Akbar Babar taken back what he earlier said about the Zakat-Gate Scandal? Hence, his earlier contention on this corruption still stands as genuine; regardless of what he says about PML-N.

    THE P0TI Egg-Head who has come up with a half baked truth deserves a size 16 Peshawari Chitrol on his kiester.

  • @ZSD,

    Our party is not a family party. Difference of opinion exist. Akbar S. Babar never said there was an iota of corruption, he simply said a more robust method should have been adopted so that the Haramkhors of PMLN may not be able to attack the hospital by making an issue of something trivial. However that is his opinion. Experts fully cleared the transaction and everything is transparent.

    You could read in the same article that SKMCH was declared one of the best managed institution by international organizations.

    SKMCH is fully transparent and everything is declared and on its balance sheets. It is audited by the No. 1 international firm and its accounts have been cleared by the same. There is not an iota of issue here. This has been explained mulitple times.

    Plus Kh Sara will be stripped in the court as well.

  • Yessss sirreeee.....That's perhaps the only reason why no audited account has been published since 2010 :D :D

    Just out of curiousity brother IlzamIK, do you pretend to be a m0ron or is it something hereditary?

  • I repeat again, dispense with this horse-$hit of yapping in talk shows through his pea-brained reps and justifying this corruption through his Mamma, Chachha, Bhatijas, Bhains and Bhainois through newspaper columns - honour your word and take Khawaja Asif to court forthwith.

  • ^^^2010 report was published a the end of 2011. The 2011 report will be published at the end of 2012.

    But it seems you can take a donkey to water, but can't make it drink. This applies on you, bro.

    Is your gaanj hereditary or a one off occurance? ;)