An eye opener, rely on your resources and capabilities!

  • An eye opener? Where have you been last few years, in a cave? In this age of media by now everyone should know most of what is worthy to know. One can then draw one's own conclusions from there. No eye opener, sorry. Talat plays on fake patriotism as usual. If Mullah/Military alliance, who is in power for decades even when they are not apparently, are really that patriots then how come it’s such a mess? The likes of Talat only provide cover for an already failed system, being run as a Mullah/Military enterprise. Military will get all the aid from US (as well as a big completely unaccounted for chunk of national budget) while have people like JI/Difa-e-Pakistan/Imran Khan/JUI-F/Talat to raise their dollar rate with US under pretext that people are very anti US and it’s hard for military to comply in the circumstances, but at the same time making clear to US that its only Military who can deliver in such environment and US should only deal with military, undermining any civilian government brought about by people of Pakistan. People like Talat only serve to strengthen the enslavement of people of Pakistan and are part of the problem not part of the solution although their glossy false patriotism obfuscates that from the naïve.

  • O Bhai you were declared by not any Mulla or military as non-muslims but a democratic leader.And you are big fan of democracy....


  • Mr. Yahya, yes I just crawled out of my cave and now its your time to be out of your manhole. Its an eye opener for many who really want to learn something but you are blindfolded in the love of your big daddy USA so for you its waste of time to even try. But I must congratulate you for issuing Fatwa on fake patriotism for the people like Talat, you are one step close to be a self-appointed GOD. Self-righteousness, that's the way to go.

    Now I acknowledge your total inability to read between the lines, its a genuine male species problem but you are just hopeless. Okay let me help you, try reading again what title says. The message was, "Relinquish yourself from the slave mentality or atleast try to be fugitive, rely more on your pocket and be a true beggar who wears all colors fearing none". Moreover, I don't support army in current circumstances, in-fact I hate their current role. BTW, is PPP your saviour party in current scenario? Oh man you are doomed.

    I met with one US Federal Officer on a flight. On questioning him about war of terror, he said, "Well we pay Pakistan for what we want for their better". I said, "US can't be fool to pay us for our better, we don't need your money, your AID is a curse on us". And he said, "We are sorry for your losses as a nation but it is a price that Pakistan has to pay to win the war". I further said, "Suppose, the actual terrorists are based in Washington and then Pakistan decides to strike them down, would US nation be ready to pay such a price?", he could never reply and later he changed his seat.

    Be rational in your words, rationality costs you nothing but need a overtruthful heart. I don't trust USA and I won't do until I see a change but USA is hopeless case like you.

  • @yahya

    Mullah ko gali dena ab fashion ban chuka hy, what this post has to do with mullahs. Anybody with a reasonable level of mental capability can not disagree with @Desi Baji. I also have posted a chunk of this video in another thread.