Sohail Waraich's analysis on PTI-SR understanding

  • جتنا گڑ ڈالیں گے اتنا ہی میٹھا ہو گا

  • انور کمال بھائی

    کس کو گڑ کہہ رہیں ہیں جناب

  • گڑ جو سب کھاتے ہیں

  • I have no love for either IK or sh. Rasheed but I agree with Sohail Warich. Politically it's beneficial for both. Javed hashmi is just feel good factor but sheikh Rasheed 'can' actually win seat.

  • Given his three straight defeats, I doubt if Sheikh Rashid can sway a lot of votes. However, he is good at talk shows and may throw some jibes at his opponents. But he usually gets way offline with his language which may not help, because PTI is already overstuffed with big mouths.

  • I totally agree with Gujjar Talwar but an addition that he lost four times. two times in NA-56 (Jan 2003 & Feb 2008) and two times in Na-55 (Feb 2008 & Feb 2010)

  • agree with sohail on this one it benefits both shieh rasheed and Imran khan

  • out of sheer curiousity are any of the PK based PTI supporters on this forum going to go along on the Peace Rally to Waziristan?

  • Sohail Khurpainch is very funny

    Claiming a Jalsi be very beneficial for both

    Better if he looks after his business of Tandoors

  • جیو چ سیاسی محاذ اور متحدہ جسٹس پارٹی دونو تحریک انصاف کے لیہ مہم چلا رہے ہیں

    دفا پاکستان کونسل کی ناکامی کے بعد ،شیخ رشید کا جلسہ ایک اور ناکامی ہے مگر میڈیا یر خاص طور پر جیو اسے کور اپ کرنے میں لگا ہوا ہے

    میں خیال ہے کہ پنجاب کی عوام پڑھی لکھی اور زیادہ سیاسی شعور رکھنے والی ہے مگر ساتھ ہی انہیں آسانی سے بیوقوف بھی بنایا جا سکتا ہے

  • If Shaikh Rasheed can win from Rawalpindi now, then Ijaz ul Haq can also win from Larkana !!!

  • NA-53 is long gone from Ch. Nisar.

  • yeah long gone, since 1985

  • ^^^Keep living in the past.

  • Sheikh rasheed will get some benefit in terms of no. of votes but this benefit will not be enough to win him the seat. As for as PTI is concerned it is a total loss

  • In all fairness, Sheeda has gradually gained ground since current PMLN's MNAs in office. This is owing to Ch. Nisar's increased influence in the politics of urban Rawalpindi that has put off people in these constituencies.

    If elections are held tomorrow, it is likely that Sheeda will win from his constituency, and IK is tempted to bet on this winning horse!

  • Oh serious baat ho rai hai?

    Sheeda gets his seat is immaterial. But hes an insider, hes going to spew alot of venom come elections.

    To top it off, Musharraf is going to do the same.

    Victory for both these dudes is not escalating to the highest echelons of power, but rather in dragging NS down to their level since they have a 'thing' for NS now.

    NS will be fighting alot people. And if u ask me, Noon league doesnt have the wherewithal nor the people to stand when sh!t hits the fan ! :)

  • ^^^ I disagree, Sheeda can not win elections by raising anti-NS sentiments, but only through projecting his development work that he has done for Rawalpindi. He is the only politician in the area who connects to common people like a common man, and this is his hidden weapon.... not bashing PMLN.... as IK does.

  • Sheeda is playing his last round of political survival. He is too smart to play in the hands of IK, who is still an infant in front of Sheeda.