Gallup chitroled

  • Please keep some money for Cancer patients .

    Don't spend all on Media ,Internet ,Mobile companies and survey firms .

  • Do you think that every one is sold out?

  • Gallup is run by Gillani a stalwart of Jamaat Islami who used to be a JI senator. JI are typically liars are hypocrites. Believe what Gallup Pakistan says with a lot of pinch of salt.

  • IRI which Pityians find credible is actually not allowed by govt of Pakistan as they don't have govt's license/permission to operate here in Pakistan. Whatever surveys they conduct here are literally illegal. For Pityians indulging in illegal activities obviously is not an issue,their dry clean plant washes off of every type of stain..

  • and whose job it would be to reprimand IRI .. I wonder.

  • This post is deleted!

  • what? where is the chitrol?

  • by the way even IRI survey puts PMLN on top in punjab (despite all the propaganda, lies and u-turns of PTI/IK) With almost same percentage as gallup. Whoever wins punjab, wins pakistan.

  • ^^^Hardly any domination in Punjab. The gap is small and it will be closed down and finished and grown in opposite direction as the elections draw near. Important thing is PTI is on the rise, others are falling.

    Main point

    • Gallup Pakistan has NOTHING to do with Gallup International, which is a reputed survey firm. So this is a "clone" which stole an international brand name.

    • Gillani is a stooge of PMLN.

  • dreaming day and night, dear ilzamIK ;-) carry on. Closing the gap, on the rise etc etc. Uth jao bhai subah ho gaee hai aur pasha mamun retire ho gaaye hain.

  • ^^^Yar Nawaz Sharif ke abbu Zia-ul-Haq to kab ke mar gayen hain, aur ab to establishment ne bhi usay disown kar dia hai. Ab to aisi chitrol ho gi jo duniya dekhay gi.

  • good that you admit that nawaz is not supported by establishment. We want such a leader.

    and also good to know that you think that after losing establishment's support, nawaz will lose. That shows mind set of your party that only those who have establishment support can win elections. I think that's why IK went for pasha/lota support kicking out old workers. Soon your misconception will be cleared :-)

  • ^^^Bro, don't be selective. I have also written that Nawaz Sharif was propped as a leader by the same establishment and his only qualification in politics has been a good bootlicker of generals. If generals didn't adopt him, he will be nothing in politics.

    Now he is disowned by the establishment because establishment has learnt its lesson after Musharraf's era. That's why Mr. Bean, the man of the establishment, was upset with Pasha and estab. and cooked up stories about PTI and establishment.

    PTI believes in coming to power on the shoulders of nothing but Awam, the public. It's leader already has more respect than your leader could get after 10 rebirths. His only goal is to bring change.

    AS for getting chitrolled, a fake party like PMLN that was run on GHQ's support, what will happen to it without estab.'s support when a genuine third political option has arisen? The answer is simple.

  • proped and disowned, better than one who is newly adopted and still being nurtured and given high potency mega mass doses via lotas ;-)

    sorry that I missed the important point.

  • ^^^A lackey of establishment who was propped by generals can never be a good leader. He took money from ISI, did corruption and harmed Pakistan.

    As for IK, if he wanted that route, he wouldn't even take the route of becoming Fiance Minister, Cheif Minister, etc, like your leader did under Zia, he woudl have been PM directly under Musharraf. But he is for change, not power.

  • Secondly, the abbu jaan of your leader Zia-ul-Haq, himself offered Imran Khan to join politics and get ministries. If IK had ever plans to come into power in this way, NS would have been working under him by now!

    Kahan tak suno gay, kahan tak sunao?

  • yeah for a change, he had his party CEC meetings in president house under able command of mush. Unprecedented in history. And unprecedented in history that a tonga party demanded 100 seats and premiership from mush but what they got was a kick . Poor souls

  • yar Tsunami bhai hath hola rakhain inki abhi tak SKMH ki chitrol se laal hai aur soojan nahi utri. :)

  • @ZSD,

    So you believe in Musharraf? If you do so, then you will also have to believe all the things he has said about NS. ;)

    IK did not take any ministry, any benefit, any incentive by supporting Musharraf. PTI supported his agenda to rid Pakistan of corruption spread by the two corrupt parties, but when he betrayed his promise, PTi rejected him and struggled against him while your leader had run away to Jaddah with his tail tucked behind his legs.

    Did you leader ever opposed Zia?