NA 79 Samundri

  • In samundri pti is getting popular day by is the result of mr anwer chaudhry campaign.he organize pti well.Also in previous elections zail gujran played a vital role . this time zail gujran become one to support anwer chaudhry. also he is the most educated person among the candidates of all parties.

    many prominent figures of jat ,arain and rajpoot families are supporters of anwer chaudhry

  • in smd here is no name of pti n pml is only name of pml n & pml n only has a strong candidate of na 79 he is CH MUHAMMAD SHARIF & he is very well known in na 79 bcoz all the people of every caste like him very much coz of his great works in samundri......Inshaallah he is next MNA of Samundri

  • Pml n is gone story in Samundri.It is a time for change in Samundri.PTI will win One NA and 2 PP seats .

  • pml n have very strong canidate,,,,so it is very difficult to beet him

  • Anwer Ch will be our next MNA from Samundri.We will support him by all means.The best thing is that he is from us like a common man.Another quality is that he is a soldier of Imran Khan.

  • I belong to 176 G.B tehsil Samundari.I made 500 hundered members of PTI in Zail gujjran.All these 500 active members are supporters of M.r Anwer Chaudhry.We want to see our next MNA Mr.Anwer Chaudhry in Na 79 Samundari.

    Best luck for him.

  • لگتا ہے سمندری کا نام بدل کر ذیل گجران رکھ دیا گیا ہے

    ویسے کیا سمندری کے نئے سیاسی ورکر سمندری کے اس ایم این اے کا نام جانتے ہیں جسے مارشل لا دور میں سیالکوٹ میں کوڑے مارے گئے تھے اور وہ چند ماہ بعد فوت ہوگیا تھا؟

  • Engineer Ch. Khalid Mehmood Independent 5747

    Ch. Hammad Muhammad Khan PPPP 27078

    Ch. Safdar-ur-Rehman PMLN 27869

    Ch.Muhammad Naveed Iqbal Independent 75

    Rana Muhammad Farooq Khan Independent 58563

    Fakhar Mehmood Independent 268

    Muhammad Safdar Shakir. PML 29267

  • Looks like this guy Rana Muhammad Farooq is a strong candidate and currently he is still with PPP.

  • PPP is being hated by common man due to its corruption all over Pakistan.Therefore PTI and Anwer Chaudhry is the best choice for NA 79.