Sialkot-esque incident reported in Tando Alam

  • Mob Justice - People brutally beat a youth to death with police watching as onlookers. Something is seriously wrong with our people. This is just sick and ghastly. There's a grainy footage out there that I don't wanna post here.

  • 3 youth were infact stoned by the Islamist Mob in Tando Adam-Media reports

  • Crazy and sad.

    One of the victims were allegedly involved in a firing incident that injured a little boy.

  • Very unfortunate. Terrible terrible for the families of the victims.

    But this is a banana state now. Nothing came out of the Sialkot incident either and instead we were forced to believe with time that the boys actually had a criminal record.

    A strong police that would scare hooligans is the only remedy. Like it is in the Middle East, like in the west.