PTI Lahore Convenor pp155 joined pmln



    The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) gleefully accepted the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) convener for the PP-155 constituency (Cantonment) into the party fold in an induction ceremony here on Wednesday.

    Four MNAs, Senator Pervez Rashid and several MPAs were on hand to welcome Rana Muhammad Tanvir, dozens of former PTI workers and other office bearers from the Cantonment Board in to the PML-N.

    Tanvir was PTI’s Cantonment convener and as such stood to be the party’s candidate for the PP-155 constituency. He told reporters at the ceremony that he had been disillusioned by the PTI’s recruitment of veteran politicians such as Sheikh Rashid, whom he described as “the final straw” that provoked his quitting the party.

    He said that he had enrolled 37,000 youths in PP-155 to the PTI but the party had not repaid his hard work. He lashed out at Imran Khan, saying the PTI chief had no control over his party. He said Khan had become rude and the PTI was in internal disarray.

    He said that he had been a PML-N supporter before he joined the PTI.

  • ab ye kahen ge hum to isay jaantay hi nahi

  • Wait & watch !! jab yeh kahen gy ke yeh Shah Mehmood Qureshi koun hai hum to usay jantay hi nahi. Woh sahi kahtay hai wo kuch nahi jantay isliya sarab k peechay bhaag rahay hai..ALLAH hidayet dey !!!

  • it is the bad luck of our parties

    when one left them they always says he/she is nothing

    etc very bad.

    nodoubt khawaja saad working hard to maintain na-125 and pti is not fully organized in na-125 further addition of Talli hurt PTI a lot.

  • ab ye kahen ge hum to isay jaantay hi nahi

    Dil pe haat hrakh k batayen aap jaante thay inhe ? :P

    Bw its no surprise, there will be more defectees, everyoen cannot get a ticket. Its basic mathematics.

  • Between again, 4 MNA's and a senator greet an ordinary convener of a provincial constituency, .. desperation anyone ? :P

  • tsunami g dnt wory mureed hussain qureshi kya cheez tha??????? jis k ghr imran gya shuja abaad k jlse mn jo log shaml huey unki kya auqat thi bro phle apne gareban mn jhanko phr


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  • Angry young man should have waited until the intra party elections were held, chalow good addition to PMLn.

  • @all

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  • @ tsunami bhea

    I know this person very well even before his decision of living PTI.

    NA-125 a major base of PTI one of the seat if PTI not able to win from Lahore they will not win even a single seat of Provincial Assembly. Their position was good in Na-125. While Khawaja Saad Rafique a very brave and Shured Politian also know very well where he stands. His calculations says that PTI has got 45000 votes in Na-125 while Naveed Chudhary of PPPP has 20000 votes with PML Q with them pppp+pml q neat to 23000 and JI 5000-8000 (these are the calculations done by saad). I believe his calculations was right. Now he is working very hard

    Ranna tanveer is a good person and a die-hart supporter. One thing is sure if an ordinary worker may fight election he may get 45000 votes if People like Hasmhi will fight they will hardly get 5000 votes. So all depends on candidates. Hasmhmi Qureshi taren etc are bogus persons and Lahorei's will never ever vote for them

    One more thing SS govt performance is much better than PPPP performance. So Lahore's has decided to vote either for PML N or PTi. yet they are undecided. Upto now they say Punjab Govt working very well. if old candidates fight from PTI like The Land grabber Abdull Aleem khan then PML N is the most suited choice. If new faces come then they have to decide vote for PML N or for new face. So it in all constituencies where PML N vs PTI fight the PTI will be threat only in those constituencies where new faces and khan will be there. Old face will defeated in huge amount.

    Inclusion of Rana tanveer and women wing with youth wing leaders in PML N in up comming days saad will do much more.

    PTI in na-125 is reduced form 45000 to 28000-32000 votes. (saaad Rafique calculations with number of mature analysis's of the constituency)

  • tsunami g ..... why u get sielent????