Abuse of Private Messaging and its future on PKP-Discuss

  • administrators

    Some members have complained that certain users have sent them PMs with foul language. The Private Messaging is provided primarily for the peer review of posts and exchange of ideas before bringing them to the front page. If the trend of abusive use of PM continues, we will be forced to disable this feature.

    Let us know how can we improve this feature and to avoid any misuse.

    P.S. Certain members have been blocked for abusing PM.

  • i guess blocking users on the base of provided evidences would resolve this issue.

  • Please don't disable this feature if other ways could be found to manage the issue.

    Blocking, of course, is suitable option. Please also see possibility of allowing members to have favorite/exception list to enable them entertain/block any member by themselves.

  • I got a foul message and I ignored it. I guess sometimes ignoring a certain behavior helps discourage a person from exhibiting the same behaviour.

    I will second EasyGo sahib

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  • @mbashir, Just to remind you, we all have to die and we all have to pay what we did in our life.

    "Shayud kay teray dil main uttar jay mari baat"

  • مشورے لینے کے دوران ہی کاروائی ڈل گیی

    :) :)

    پر اگر اس اشو کا حل پی ایم ختم کرنا ہے تو پھرفورم کا کیا ہوگا کیونکہ کاروائی تو دونوں جگہ ڈالی جاتی ہے

  • @mbashir jee (through new id)

    ہونٹوں پہ کبھی انکے میرا نام تو آیے

    آیے تو سہی بر سر الزام ہی آیے


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