Recent Update from NA-130, Samina Gurki is OUT.

  • Due to very bad performance of PPPP Gurki will remain 3rd in the race.

    I spent 2 days in the constituency, met with hundreds of Houses and few Chudary's, things has not shape up yet, most of them are waiting....

    Ijaz Ahmmad Diyal and Zain Shockat Dagra are doing massive Publicity for the National Assembelly ticket for Na-130 from PML N.

    while most of the office barair of PPPP in PP-157 has joined PTI and malik Javaid Awan will be the PTI candidate from PP-157. Sarfaraz Manwah is trying for PTI MNA Ticket.

    While Awan family of Warah consisting of three brothers

    Gulam habaib awan current mpa pppp

    Gullam Qadir awan (5 month ago thinking to go in PTI but still undecided , former 2 time candidate of PML Q and remain the looser people says his hand does not have the line of Victory)

    3rd brother is in PML N

    Sohail shokat butt locking for the ticket of Pp-158 from pml n side.

    PPPP is totally scatered

    it will remain distinct 3rd, people are very depressed from Gurki and Gullam Habib Awan is land grabber and BADMASH personality

    PPPP will also give ticket in pp-158 to another Badmash the Butt of Lakhodar

    So this time PPPP will get few votes while PML N is in most comfortable position, but the tickets distribution is very important.

    Ishqiq diyal is still undecided .

  • Muzzam

    "Ishqiq diyal is still undecided . "

    Is it Ishqiq or Aashaq diyal who is maternal uncle as well father in law of Ijaz diyal ?

  • i think ashiq dial strong canidate??

  • yes you right

    Ijaz diyal

    ashiq diyal

    both are different

    Ijaz diyal doing massive publicity for pml n ticket

    while ashiq diyal is silent

    naveed diyal is another

    these are 3 prominent figures from diyal pind each relative of each other

    like awans of wara.

  • @ MuazzamALi Bhai

    where is saadia Shabir who contested on pmln ticket last time and just lost by 3000 votes against Samina Ghurki ? Wil she or her any one frm her family contest next elections...

  • Sadia shabir is from dagra family. Shockat dagra was the taya of Sadia Shabir. Same is the case with Zain Shockat dagra. Sadia and Zain are cousions.

    As sadia is a women and last time she did not travel to villages and after election and even during election Zain complained for him. Now a tough fight is going b/w Zain shockat Daqgra and Ijaz diyal / ayshiq diyal for PML N ticket.

    Zain and Ijaz diyal bothing doing massive publicity for the ticket.

  • When PPPP Punjab President asked Gurki How many person you can arrange for a jalsa...he replied 5000 he asked why????? so less she replied PPPP did not did any work in Lahore and it will be very hard for PPPP to win a single seat from Lahore...



    Gurki two day ago came to our village and Laure us for the many jobs etc....We replied "their is no Poor Person in the Village to take aid...." Almost every Village replying in the same way....

    Right now PML N pannel is like this.....

    Diyal (MNA seat)

    Zain Shockat dagra MPA

    Tajumal ticket is also in doubt....

    Butt will be for Wagha Town...

    Awan also trying their best to leave PPPP and Join PML N but they want security of Ticket...



    Very Lethal combination that is.....Most of the pppp office barriers in Na-130 has joined PTI. It is the pure rural constituency....Nice to see PML N planing first time to defeat PPPP with more than 30k margin and with good panel they are on the way......Gurki now a says after 5 year touring again and again but every Chudhary is saying "WE HAVE NO POOR IN OUR VILLAGE WE DO NOT NEED ANY AID......HAHAHAH.....WELL DONE"