Universe will eventually disappear: Top astronomer

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    "Human beings will look to an empty universe in 100 billion years, as all the galaxies will fade away except the Milky Way we live in," said Schmidt during the 28th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) held here from Aug. 20 to 31.



  • 100 billion years ....... u mean right after rio olympics.

  • کون جیتا ہے تری زُلف کے سر ہونے تک

  • مہدی آنے والے ہیں ، وہ چالیس سال تک رہینگے ، پھر لوگ ننگے پھیریںگے اور قیامت آجاے گی ، یہی کوئی سو سال بعد

    سائنسدانوں کو کیا پتہ

  • 100 billin years will be like twinking of an eye in cosmic time scale.

    What is important to note is that the world is going to end. Scientist satisfy themseleves with light years, billion years etc saying it is too long to worry about that but the fact remains the world is going to end.

    Our own Sun, an average star in our milky way galaxy is losing 4,000,000 tons of mass every SECOND due to nuclear reactions in its core and will eventually loose its luster but fact remains it os going to exhaust its energy and explode in a super nova.

    Super nova is a phenomenon that occurs every 400 years or so near our Sun when a nearby star exhauts its energy and explodes generating intense radiation. The extinction of dinsaurs is attributed to this phenomenon when intense radiation on large and wide bodies animals/mammals could not resist the radiation and died.

    One of the super nova was recorded by Muslim astronomers in Spain around 950 AD when the radiation rsulted in night illuninated like a day due to intense radiation.

  • http://www.space.com/17215-black-holes-seeds-found-milky-way.html

    Scientists investigated our galaxy's central molecular zone, which contains the most massive, densest, and most turbulent molecular clouds in the Milky Way. These surround the heart of our galaxy, which is suspected to be home to asupermassive black hole about 4 million times the mass of the sun.

  • oh no oh no the sky is falling!!!!

    in one BILLION years!!!!!

  • gv,

    You expressed same emotions like the atheist scientist that say billion years is too long a time to worry.

    I always remember Prof. Siddiqui of University of Colorado who was having a TV program on Quran and Science and used to say:

    "My life is few more years on this planet or few more decades. I am not not going to live long when the scientist come up with new discoveries and theories about riddles of life and universe. My life is short and it will be prudent for me to believe in scriptures revealed in Quran for ultimate salvation in this world and next. Best bet will be to follow the guidance laid down in those Divine words"

  • @AR

    heres' the thing - if i posred a scientific article giving the 'evidence' of evolution of species.. you'd say this is pseudo science and not true.. yet when you have a scientific article which agrees with your beliefs than it becomes the gospel truth... a bit odd don't you think?

    as i keep saying - all metaphysical belief is just that.. belief.. none of it can be proved.. whether you have the christians saying that Jesus is the son of god or the hindu's saying the soul is re-incarnated across time and species...

    the only truth is human's don't KNOW if anything is out there...why we are here.... what will happen when we die.. etc etc its a black hole of conjecture and opinion (and blind faith of course0

  • gv,

    You can give all evidence but if it doesn't confirm to Quran and hadith it will be rejected. And it ought to be rejected as it will not pass the litmus test.

    For the believers the proof is in the Quran. That is a LIVING miracle. Your argument assumes that whatever is out there has to be proven based on observation. You are living in the psudo science syndrome as science cannot reconcile with revelation and solely relies on observation. The modern secular education of bandar ki aulaad notion is based on that model and hence the scientists are living in utter ignorance about riddles of life and death and universe. God did not create human beings to wander around like cattle but gave guidance and set of laws thorugh messengers from time to time which secular Science cannot fathom.

  • @AR

    as you wish sir.